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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    i wonder if the 4Lz is a physical or mental issue now
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    I’m the same age as Nathan, in fact he’s a couple months older so for me it’s ok, but i can see why people have an issue with it
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    i thought it was jason too:s
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    What is Shirota’s role? like is she his manager or
  5. Yuzuru's chances at the Olympics: second OGM

    I also think proving a point to the people who have doubted him means a lot to him, there’s a lot of people that have said he’s too old, or he’s a has been or that the newer skaters like Nathan/Vincent are better etc. and I think showing people he’s still at the top of his game / the sport will mean a lot
  6. [TV Broadcast] NNN Documentary

    ok thank you hopefully someone will be able to sub / translate it
  7. [TV Broadcast] NNN Documentary

    will someone be able to upload it later? I won’t be able to watch it live
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    @Hydroblade hope your grandpa makes a fast recovery 💕💕 https://goo.gl/images/awFWRa
  9. i vote skipping men's discipline at olympics, i dont think i could bring myself to do it
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    depends completely on how he feels mentally // how he reacts to not being considered a contender by many & how everyone else do.. a lot of his rivals have never competed at the Olympics so olympic nerve might come into play whereas yuzuru has experience // Nathan bombed worlds and whilst part of this illness down to his boot programs etc, I’m willing to bet a lot of it was also pressure / nerves, now that he’s thebfavourite, I’m curious as to how he’ll compete
  11. my us predictions 😂😂 hope you’re feeling better :))
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    i understand no japanese but you can best believe im watching the documentary live and squeling
  13. I HEAR MY BOO SAM SMITH - memories of jason’s amazing sp