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  1. does anyone know if the practises are open? also, i am section r for both Saturday sessions, and m for Friday and Sunday 😊
  2. i mean yeah im sad about no yuzu BUT JASON
  3. lilsailor

    2018/19 GP Assignments

    Skaters find out when isu publicly release the assingmnents, they aren’t told in advance
  4. lilsailor

    2018/19 GP Assignments

    im probably gonna fly London - Lyon and then get a train from Lyon - Grenoble, doesn’t seem to be too expensive.. I’ve never travelled before on my own and I think Paris would scare me 😂 but I’ll look into it, I never actually thought about the eurostar tbh
  5. lilsailor

    2018/19 GP Assignments

    I’ll cry too bc i have tickets for IDF and getting to Grenoble is so difficult from London, whereas Milan is nice & easy :(
  6. yeah as much as i'd love to see him live, i can't see him coming but france is the most i can travel for a comp rn and i'd rather see some skating than none
  7. im section m for friday and sunday and r for both of saturday sessions...// is there any possibility yuzu is doing idf? i thought w all the tickets going on sale prior to assignments, that swiped any chance?
  8. Hi! I'm trying to make a big playlist or document of iconic programs from over the years to show new fans, or just to marathon in general, and I would love if other people could suggest some? It can be any discipline from any generation! Thank You So Much <33
  9. lilsailor

    Guess the New Programs! (and win nothing if you do)

    how much do i have to pay for a queen program?? (show must go on/we are the champions/who wants to live forever)
  10. lilsailor

    Media Link Requests

    not yuzuru-related but does anyone have a link to patrick's fs from sochi? preferably bbc or Olympic channel commentary?
  11. lilsailor

    Guess the New Programs! (and win nothing if you do)

    SP - Tango? or something dramatic or a Jazzy rock peice like PW - Jeffrey Buttle [please lord let it be Roxanne] FS - Choreo'd by SLB - movie soundtrack? EX - Let's go Crazy? or a new program choreo'ed by David Wilson? maybe J-Pop? or J-Rock?
  12. lilsailor

    General Yuzuru Chat

    uh personally im ok w it? like i dont get why its offensive?
  13. lilsailor

    General Yuzuru Chat

    does anyone remember the statistic of how many houses tuned in to see yuzuru win? can’t remember if it was Sendai or Japan, need it for a school project