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  1. does anyone know if the practises are open? also, i am section r for both Saturday sessions, and m for Friday and Sunday 😊
  2. Skaters find out when isu publicly release the assingmnents, they aren’t told in advance
  3. im probably gonna fly London - Lyon and then get a train from Lyon - Grenoble, doesn’t seem to be too expensive.. I’ve never travelled before on my own and I think Paris would scare me 😂 but I’ll look into it, I never actually thought about the eurostar tbh
  4. I’ll cry too bc i have tickets for IDF and getting to Grenoble is so difficult from London, whereas Milan is nice & easy :(
  5. yeah as much as i'd love to see him live, i can't see him coming but france is the most i can travel for a comp rn and i'd rather see some skating than none
  6. im section m for friday and sunday and r for both of saturday sessions...// is there any possibility yuzu is doing idf? i thought w all the tickets going on sale prior to assignments, that swiped any chance?
  7. Hi! I'm trying to make a big playlist or document of iconic programs from over the years to show new fans, or just to marathon in general, and I would love if other people could suggest some? It can be any discipline from any generation! Thank You So Much <33
  8. how much do i have to pay for a queen program?? (show must go on/we are the champions/who wants to live forever)
  9. not yuzuru-related but does anyone have a link to patrick's fs from sochi? preferably bbc or Olympic channel commentary?
  10. SP - Tango? or something dramatic or a Jazzy rock peice like PW - Jeffrey Buttle [please lord let it be Roxanne] FS - Choreo'd by SLB - movie soundtrack? EX - Let's go Crazy? or a new program choreo'ed by David Wilson? maybe J-Pop? or J-Rock?
  11. does anyone remember the statistic of how many houses tuned in to see yuzuru win? can’t remember if it was Sendai or Japan, need it for a school project
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