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[2017/18] Senior Men of the Grand Prix circuit

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Welcome to our thread for discussing Senior Men at their GP events of the 2017/18 season!



Senior Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2017/18



ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating is a series of invitational senior internationals that will run from October to December 2017. We hope to introduce you to all the participants as the events are happening, and we invite you to please come join us in the discussion about them and their achievements as the Grand Prix events unfold!


The location and dates of the Grand Prix events are as follows:



Date Event Location
October 20 - 22 2017 Rostelecom Cup Moscow / RUS
October 27 - 29 2017 Skate Canada  Regina, Saskatchewan / CAN
November 3 -5 2017 Cup of China Beijing / CHN
November 10 - 12 2017 NHK Trophy  Osaka / JPN
November 17 - 19 2017 Internationaux de France Grenoble / FRA
November 24 - 16 2017 Skate America Lake Placid, New York / USA
December 7 – 10 2017–18 Grand Prix Final Nagoya / JPN
  • Links in the Event column lead to the appropriate start of the competitions in the Space Battles: Event Discussions subforum for easier access
  • Links in the Location column lead to the intro post in this thread


Skaters are eligible to compete on the senior Grand Prix circuit if they had reached the age of 15 before July 1, 2017. They are also required to have earned either a minimum total score or minimum technical elements scores (TES) at certain international events:


Discipline Total Score*

Short Segment


Free Segment


Men 192.95 36.47 75.67

*Total scores: ISU Championships, Grand Prix; Challenger Series, Junior Grand Prix in the 2016–17 season.
TES: ISU Events or selected international competitions in the 2016–17 or 2017–18 season

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ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2017

Men entry list


No. Name Country
3 Yuzuru HANYU JPN


5 Denis TEN KAZ



Dmitri ALIEV

10 Nathan CHEN USA


12 Misha GE UZB


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Welcome to the Cup of Russia, which takes place on October 20-22 and is the first Grand Prix event! This year, it’s held at Megasport Arena in Moscow







Cup of Russia is an international senior-level figure skating competition held as part of the Grand Prix of Figure Skating series since 1996. Since 2009, it has also been known as the Rostelecom Cup, because it’s sponsored by Rostelecom Co. The Cup of Russia is a successor to the Prize of Moscow News, an annual elite international event held in Russia from 1966 to 1990.


Among male skaters, the holder of the biggest number of wins by far at the Cup of Russia is Evgeni Plushenko (1999-2005 and 2009), who has 8 CoR gold medals under his belt. Javier Fernandez, who has won 3 gold medals at the CoR (2014-2016), comes a distant second. Alexei Urmanov and Brian Joubert won two each, while Alexei Yagudin, Johnny Weir, Tomas Verner, Yuzuru Hanyu, Patrick Chan and Tatsuki Machida won one each.


This year, there are 12 slots for male skaters at the Cup of Russia. We will shortly introduce the skaters competing in this competition.

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Andrei Lazukin RUS (19 y.o) (World Standings #82)




A Russian skater, the 2015 Bavarian Open champion, 2017 Triglav Trophy silver medallist, and 2014 ISU Junior Grand Prix in Germany champion. He placed 4th at the 2017 Russian National Championship

Andrei is coached by Tatiana Mishina and Oleg Tataurov

Andrei was born on November 19th, 1997, in Samara and started skating in 2000. In 2010, he moved to St. Petersburg to train in Alexei Mishin’s group. He turned senior in 2014.

An elegant skater with impeccable lines and nice skating skills, Andrei stands out among the current batch of Russian skaters, but his career has been hampered by jump inconsistency and lack of stamina and by back injuries. He’s been able to land 4T and 4Lo at a competition within Russia last season, and is said to be currently practising 4S.

His personal best total score is 202.68, personal best SP score is 68.73, personal best FS score is 133.95. He achieved all of these results at the 2014 Junior Grand Prix event in Germany.

His SP is Spanish Flamenco choreographed by Misha Ge and Ramil Mekhdiyev


His FP is Masquerade Waltz by Aram Khachaturian choreographed by Adam Solya




Denis Ten KAZ (23 y.o) (World Standings #31)




A Kazakhstani skater, first and only major skater from his country. 2014 Sochi Olympic Bronze medallist, 2013 World Silver medallist, 2015 World Bronze medallist. 2015 Four Continents Championship Champion, 2017 Winter Universiade champion, five-time national champion. He also became the first Kazakhstani skater to win an ISU competition at a Junior Grand Prix event in Belarus in 2008.

Currently coached by Frank Carroll. His previous coaches were Nikolay Morozov, Elena Buyanova and Tatiana Tarasova.

Denis was born on June 13th, 1993. He’s a descendant of famous Korean General Min Keung Ho, who was a famous Korean independence fighter general during the time of the Korean Empire when Korea fought for independence from Japan.

Denis started skating at an open-air skating rink in Almaty and then practised at a shopping mall skating rink. In 2003, he won his first competition in Omsk, Russia. He then moved to Moscow to train with Elena Buyanova. In 2010, after competing at Vancouver Olympic Games and placing 11th there, he moved to the USA to train with Frank Carroll, who he stayed with until last season, when he moved to Nikolai Morozov.

Denis is a gorgeous and expressive skater with a charismatic presence on ice. But, unfortunately, his last two seasons were not as successful as his peak period of 2013-2015 when he was known as the skater who took part in only a selected few tournaments, but knew how to peak for the most important competitions of the season, the Olympics or the World Championships. He was dogged by injuries and had to withdraw from quite a few competitions. Let’s hope he finds this season more fulfilling and satisfying.

Denis competed at the Cup of Russia in 2012 where he finished 9th.

His personal best total score is 289.46, personal best SP score is 97.61, personal best FS score is 191.85. He achieved all of these results at the 2015 Four Continents Championships in Seoul, Korea.

His technical arsenal includes 4T and 3A, and last season he tried landing 4S at several competitions.

His SP is ???


His FP for the season is S.O.S by Dimash choreographed by 


Denis is also a passionate amateur musician and has a pretty active social life in his country. In 2013, he began producing his own ice show, "Denis Ten and Friends". In summer 2014, he announced his co-operation with All That Sports management company established by Kim Yuna. He’s also interested in photography.



Nam Nguyen  (CANADA) (19 y.o) (World standings #26)




A Canadian skater of Vietnamese origin, 2014 Junior World Champion, 2015 Canadian national champion, 2014 Skate America bronze medallist.

Currently coached by Tracey Wainman and Gregor Filipowski in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Last season, he was coached by David Glynn in San Jose, and in 2012-2016 he trained with Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson in Toronto Cricket Club along with Yuzuru and Javier Fernandez.

Nam was born on May 20th, 1998 and started skating in 2003. When growing, his skating idols were Evgeni Plushenko, Stephane Lambiel, and Jeffrey Butler. He also looked up to Yuzu and Javi as his skating inspirations. Nam’s sister, Kim, is also a competitive skater.

Nam looked like a rising star of Canadian male skating winning his first major competition in 2007. Ngyuen won three consecutive national titles, being the youngest athlete so far in each category: He won the Juvenile title in 2007 at age 8, the Pre-Novice title in 2008 and the Novice title in 2009. He became also the youngest Junior Men's Champion when taking the title in 2011 at age 12 and youngest National Champion (senior level) in 2015, at age 16. He was going strongly up to the season of 2015-2016, when a sudden growth spurt seems to have derailed him in his development as a skater. We wish him well in the coming season! He's done quite well at the recent Skate Canada Autumn Classic, where he finally placed fifth

This is Nam’s first time at the Cup of Russia.

His technical arsenal includes 4T and 4S 

His personal best total score is 242.59 at the 2015 World Championship. His best SP score is 79.62 at 2016 Skate America. His best FS score is 164.86 at 2015 World Championship.

His SP is Over The Rainbow choreographed by ???


His FP is An American in Paris+ Love Is Here To Stay choreographed by David Wilson




Grant Hochstein USA (27 y.o) (World Standings #22)




An American skater, the 2016 Nebelhorn Trophy bronze medallist and he finished fourth twice in the US National Championships (2016, 2017). He has finished in the top ten at three ISU Championships, including the 2016 World Championships. He won silver at a Junior Grand Prix event in Budapest in 2009.

Currently coached by Peter Oppegard and Karen Kwan-Oppegard. His former coaches were Lindsay O'Donoghue and Maria Moscato.

Grant was born on July 17th, 1990. Grant started practising taekwondo as a child but switched to figure skating when he was nine years old, inspired by the performances of Michelle Kwan at the 1998 Olympic Winter Games. His younger sister Veronica is a competitive skater as well.

This is the first time Grant has taken part at the Cup of Russia.

His technical arsenal includes one quad, 4T. 

His personal best total score is 237.25 at the 2016 World Championship in Boston, his personal best SP score is 81.94 at the 2017 Four Continents Championship, his personal best FS score is 162.44 at the 2016 World Championships.

His SP is Your Song (from Moulin Rouge) choreographed by Peter Oppegard


His FP is All I Ask Of You and Music Of The Night (from The Phantom Of The Opera) choreographed by Peter Oppegard


He works as a coach in addition to competing. On April 5, 2016, he announced his engagement to fellow figure skater Caroline Zhang. Grant has announced his intention to retire after the coming season is over: "So, as I bring this long journal entry to a close, I am ending my season feeling satisfied. I’m not overjoyed and on top of the world like I was last year, but I know I’m ending this season wiser and with a better grip on my career. I’m looking forward to going home and getting back to work for next season. It is important to me, not only because it is the Olympic season, but because it is my final season. I’m going to approach this year by skating from the heart and skating because it is what I love to do. "



Misha Ge UZB (26 y.o)  (World Standings #21)



An Uzbekistani skater, four-times national champion, who has won seven international medals. He has finished in the top-ten at four ISU Championships, including 2015 Worlds (6th), and competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics, finishing 17th.

Currently coached by his father Jun Ge and helped by Alexei Mishin. His former coaches include Frank Carroll and Larisa Ge.

Misha Ge was born on May 17th, 1991, to Larisa and Jun Ge, both skaters. He’s of Russian, Chinese and Korean descent. He started skating when he was three and a half, but he started training seriously when he was 10, after he moved from Moscow to Beijing, China. He started representing Uzbekistan in 2010.

Misha has twice been to the Cup of Russia: first time in 2013 (his final placement was 8th) and in 2014 (4th).

Misha is an incredibly fine and expressive skater with beautiful lines and very concise and exact choreography, but he has been held back by lack of quads in his arsenal. He tried to overcome this drawback by including 4T into his layout last season, but it may have caused his health problems in the second half of it. At the end of last season Misha hinted he was considering retirement, but fortunately he seems to have reconsidered, since he has taken part in Skate Canada Autumn Classic.

His personal best total score is 243.45 at the 2017 World Championship, personal best SP score is 82.25 at the 2015 Four Continents Championships, his personal best FS score is 163.54 at the 2017 World Championship.

His SP is Massenet’s Meditation


For his FP he opted to go back to his old 2014-2015 program Ave Maria.


Misha choreographed both his programs himself.

He speaks Russian, Mandarin, and English, so we’ve seen him do some work as an interpreter for Boyang Jin at the Helsinki World Championship. He often also offers thanks and says hello to his fans in these three languages at major competitions.

Ge has taken choreography courses at the Beijing Dance Academy and the Hollywood Dance Academy. He’s known to choreograph his own programs, and lately has been choreographing for quite a few competitive skaters, among them Anna Pogorilaya, Elena Radionova, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Kevin Reynolds, Gracie Gold, Alexander Petrov, Sergei Voronov etc



Deniss Vasiljevs LAT (18 y.o.) (World Standings #20)




A Latvian skater, the youngest skater at this competition, the 2017 Cup of Tyrol champion, the 2015 CS Tallinn Trophy bronze medallist, and a two-time Latvian national champion. He finished in the top ten at the 2017 European Championships. He finished 14th at the 2017 World Championship, thus providing Latvia with a spot for Peyongchang Winter Olympics.  Vasiljevs is the first Latvian skater to win medals in the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating (silver at JGP Riga and JGP Torun in 2015). 

Currently coached by Stephane Lambiel. His former coaches were Alexei Urmanov, Ingrida Snieskiene, and Elena Ivanova.

Deniss was born on August 9th, 1999. He started skating in 2002. As he was sick, his parents decided to involve him in a sport and he ended up choosing figure skating. His figure skating idols were Stephane Lambiel, Patrick Chan, Daisuke Takahashi and Javier Fernandez.

Deniss skated at the Cup of Russia last year and placed 11th.

Deniss is an expressive and gorgeous skater with excellent spins and admirable skating skills and flexibility, but the most difficult jump he's got under his belt is 3A so far. 

His personal best total score is 239.00, his personal best SP score is 81.73, and his personal best FS score is 157.27, all of which were achieved at the 2017 World Championship.

His SP is Recondita Armonia by Giacomo Puccini


His FP is Put the Blame On Mame by Doctor 3 + Anyone to Love and Sway by Michael Buble


Both his programs were choreographed by Stephane Lambiel

Deniss enjoys drawing and he speaks three languages – Latvian, Russian and English.

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Keiji Tanaka JPN (22y.o) (World Standings #17)




A Japanese skater, the 2016 NHK Trophy bronze medallist, 2017 Winter Universiade silver medallist, 2011 World Junior silver medallist, and 2017 Japanese national silver medallist.

Currently coached by Yusuke Hayashi, Utako Nagamitsu and Sayaka Yodo.

He was born on November 22nd, 1994. He started skating in 2002. He trains in Osaka and Kurashiki. He turned senior in the season of 2014-2015.

He took part at the Cup of Russia in 2016 and placed 7th.

Keiji has been hampered by his own inconsistency. He's got 4S in his technical arsenal and when at best, he's capable of landing quite high in the ranks. 

His personal best total score is 248.44. his personal best SP score is 80.49, his personal best FS score is 167.95, all of which were achieved at the 2016 NHK Trophy.

His SP is "The Prophet" by Gary Moore


His FP is Fellini films medley


Both of Keiji’s programs were choreographed by Massimo Scali



Dmitri Aliev RUS (18 y.o) (World Standings #16)




A Russian skater, the 2017 World Junior silver medalist, the 2016–17 Junior Grand Prix Final champion, the 2015–16 Junior Grand Prix Final silver medalist, a two-time medalist at the 2016 Youth Olympics (bronze in the men's singles discipline and gold in the team event), and a two-time (2016, 2017) Russian national junior champion.

Currently coached by Evgeni Rukavicin, his former coaches were Lidiya Rodionova and Vyacheslav Maksimov.

Dmitri was born on June 1st, 1999, and started skating in 2005. He trained in Ukhta until he moved to train with Evgeni Rukavicin in St. Petersburg. He’s a late starter compared to most Russian male skaters and couldn’t master his triples for quite a long time, but his musicality and his expressiveness make him stand out among the rest of the field. He’s been developing by leaps and bounds these couple of years, and though he’s dogged by inconsistency issue, he’s a dire threat to other top Russian men. He’s also developing his technical arsenal and could be a contender at this GP event.

This is Dmitri’s first senior season and the Cup of Russia will be his debut senior Grand Prix event.

Dmitri has 4T and 4S in his technical arsenal and has been practising 4Lz, which he intends to include in his programs this year. He said he is going for 4 quad LP. 

His personal best total score is 247.31, his personal best SP score is 83.48, and his personal best FS score is 163.83, all of which were achieved at the 2017 Junior World Championship.

His SP is Masquerade Waltz by Aram Khachaturian 


His FP is To Build A Home


Both his programs were choreographed by Olga Glinka



Daniel Samohin ISR (19 y.o) (World Standings #15)




An Israeli skater, the 2016 World Junior champion. He has won two ISU Challenger Series medals, including gold at the 2015 U.S. International Classic.

Currently coached by Igor Samohin, his father, his former coach was Igor Pashkevich. He lives and trains in the USA. His skating idol was Evgeni Plushenko. His brother, Stanislav, is 7½ years older and competed in figure skating for Russia and Israel.

He was born on March 12th, 1998 and started skating very young. He could have skated for the US team, but he chose to skate for Israel in the end. He started to compete internationally in 2013, but it was only last season that he moved on to the senior circuit. Unfortunately, the season of 2016-2017 put a bit of a damper on his ambitious plans, as he was dogged by inconsistency and sometimes by bad luck – everyone is sure to remember that his skates got lost with his luggage just before the 2017 European Championship, and he had to skate in a pair of skates he borrowed from his brother, and as a result, he didn’t make it into the free program skate. But nevertheless, Daniel is one of the few skaters to have landed two quad jumps in a short program, three quads in a free program, and five quads in one competition, which makes him a contender for a medal at this event.

This is Daniel’s second senior season, and he has never previously skated at the Cup of Russia.

His technical arsenal includes 4S and 4T. 

His personal best total score is 236.65 at the 2016 Junior World Championship, his personal best SP score is 83.47 at 2016 Cup of China, and his personal best FS score is 165.63 at the 2016 Junior World Championship.  

His SP is It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World choreographed by…


So far his free program doesn't seem to have been revealed 



Nathan Chen USA (18 y.o) (World Standings #7)




An American skater,  the 2017 Four Continents champion, 2016–17 Grand Prix Final silver medallist, and 2017 U.S. national champion. Earlier in his career, he won bronze at the 2014 World Junior Championships and gold at the 2015–16 Junior Grand Prix Final.

Currently coached by Rafael Arutunyan. Genia Chernyshova, Karl Kovar and Marina Zouyeva were his former coaches.

Nathan was born on May 5th, 1999, and started skating at the age of three. He moved to Arutunyan in 2011. His junior years proved he was about to become a major threat to all the elite skaters, but he has been dogged with injuries and has had to undergo a couple of surgeries.

Nathan is the only skater in the world who landed both the quad lutz and quad flip jumps in competitions. He is also the first man to land five quads in the free program and is the current record holder of scoring the most amount of points on one element (the quad lutz-triple toe loop combination). His technical prowess made him capable of beating the other top senior figure skaters, which he decisively proved by finishing ahead of Yuzuru at the 2017 Four Continents Championship and winning the gold medal there. This season, he has debuted 4Lo, which makes him the only skater to have landed 5 quads in competitions. 

This is Nathan’s first time at the Cup of Russia

His personal best total score is 307.46, his personal best SP score is 103.12, and his personal best FS score is 204.34, all of which were achieved at the 2017 Four Continents Championship.

His SP is Nemesis by Benjamin Clementine choreographed by Shae Lynn Bourne


His FP is Mao’s Last Dancer by Christopher Gordon choreographed by Lori Nichol


In addition to figure skating, as a kid, Chen trained in ballet with Ballet West Academy as well as competing in gymnastics at the state and regional levels for seven years.



Mikhail Kolyada RUS (22 y.o) (World Standings #6)




A Russian skater, the 2017 European bronze medallist and 2017 Russian national champion. He has won six senior international medals, including two on the ISU Challenger Series.

He’s been coached by Valentina Chebotareva ever since he was five. He has also been uncommonly loyal to his choreographer Olga Kliushnichenko – the fact which drew harsh criticism on him last season. 

He was born on February 18th, 1995. He won Junior Nationals in 2013 and ended up 6th at the Junior World Championship the same year. 2014-2015 should have been his first senior season, but he broke his right ankle in 2014, which led to two surgeries and five months off ice, so he withdrew from the GP events and Russian Nationals. The season of 2015-1016 proved to be a rough experience at first, but to everyone’s surprise, he ended up 4th at Boston World Championship ahead of such skaters as Patrick Chan and Shoma Uno.

This instantly made him the principal hope of the ailing Russian male skating. He’s arguably the closest Russian skaters have got to the idea of an all-round skater – his beautiful skating skills, flexibility in spins, musicality and charisma, his powerful jumps (especially his trademark 3Lz) made him stand out among the rest of the field. But he struggled throughout last season with the new jump he tried to incorporate in his program – 4Lz, but he successfully landed it at Ondrej Nepela Trophy this season and earned high GOE for it. He also intends to include 4S in his FP this season. 

He lives and trains in St. Petersburg.

This is the second time Mikhail has taken part in the Cup of Russia.

His personal best total score is 279.41, his personal best SP score is 95.37, and his personal best FS score is 184.04. He achieved these results at the 2017 World Team Trophy in Tokyo.

His SP is Piano Concerto no. 23, Adagio movement, by Mozart + Tango choreographed by Olga Kliushnichenko


His FP is Elvis Presley medley choreographed by Olga Kliushnichenko and Stephane Lambiel



Yuzuru Hanyu JPN (#1)




A Japanese skater we all love and adore. He doesn’t really need introduction on our planet, does he? But we’ll just remind you of the impressive array of titles and medals he’s won and of the figure skating feats he’s achieved.

Yuzuru is the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games champion, two times World Champion (2014 and 2017), a four-time Grand Prix Final champion (2013–2016), a three-time Four Continents Championship silver medallist (2011, 2013, 2017), the Junior World champion, the 2009 Junior Grand Prix Final champion, and a four-time Japanese national champion (2012–2015). He has also medalled at three other World Championships, taking bronze in 2012, and silver in 2015 and 2016.

Yuzuru has broken world records twelve times, and currently holds the world records for the highest short program, free skating, and combined total scores. He is the first man to have broken the 100-point barrier in the men's short program, the 200-point barrier in the men's free skating, and the 300-point barrier in the combined total score, as well as being the first Asian figure skater competing in men's singles to win the Olympic gold. At the age of nineteen, he was the youngest male skater to win the Olympic title since Dick Button in 1948. At the 2015–2016 Grand Prix Final, he broke the record for the largest victory margin, with 37.48 points. At the 2016 CS Autumn Classic International, Yuzuru Hanyu became the first skater in history to successfully land a quadruple loop in competition. He is the first men's singles skater from Asia to win multiple World Championships. He also became the first skater to complete three quadruple jumps in the second half of a free skating program, at the 2017 World Team Trophy.

Yuzuru took part in the Cup of Russia in 2010 when he placed 7th and in 2011 which was the first time he won a senior GP event.

Yuzuru trains with Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson at Toronto Cricket Club.

He’s got an otherworldly set of personal bests: his total score is 330.43 achieved at the 2015 Grand Prix Final and his SP score is 112.72 at Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2017, and his FS score is 223.20 set at the 2017 World Championship.

His SP is Chopin Ballade No. 1  choreographed by Jeffrey Buttle


His FP is Seimei choreographed by Shae Lynn Bourne


If you interested in Yuzu trivia, you’re welcome to read everything in this forum. :) 

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16 minutes ago, sublimeskating said:

THIS IS AN AWESOME THREAD :2thumbsup:  :goe:

THANK YOU FOR WRITING UP ALL THIS AWESOME INFO!!!  :tumblr_inline_nhkezsTB3v1qid2nw:


Thank you for appreciating it so highly, we'll be adding on the information about the other coming GP events as well!

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Adding the information about Moris now 


Moris Kvitelashvili (22 y.o.) (World Standings 41)






A Georgian skater, 2015 CS Mordovian Ornament bronze medallist and the 2016 Santa Claus Cup gold medallist.


Currently coached by Eteri Tutberidze, his former coaches were Marina Selitskaya and Elena Kotova.


Moris was born March 17th, 1994, and started skating in 2000. Up to the season of 2016-2017, he skated for Russia, starting with last season, he started competing for Georgia. He was notorious for his inconsistency while he was competing for Russia, but his release to represent Georgia seems to have worked wonders for him, since he performed quite  well in the 2017 European Championship, where he ranked 6th, and the 2017 World Championship, where he finished 13th overall. Moris has got two quads – 4T and 4S in his repertoire – and landing these successfully allowed him come 11th in the free at the world championship last season.


His personal best overall score is 239.24 at the 2017 World Championship, his best SP score is 76.85 at the 2017 European Championship and his best FS score is 162.90 at the 2017 World Championship.


I haven’t been able to find out much about his programs this season, so if anyone can help, I’ll be grateful.

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