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Yuzuru Hanyu ICE STORY 2023 'GIFT' at Tokyo Dome


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Takebe-san was special guest on Yuming's radio show yesterday. He also talked about GIFT




From Sarah’s blog


Q: Although it was held in a dome, the sound was very clear how did you manage it?

T: I didn’t have much experience performing in Tokyo Dome either, however the staff members who prioritised that Hanyu-san could skate smoothly. So that they monitored sound on the rink or adjusted sound so that the resonance or reverberation would not come back to the rink easily. Also the members of the public address who worked with Hanyu-san often joined it, so it was because of the teamwork.

Y: He (Yuzu) is really particular about anything even worry about 0.some seconds.

T: Yes, he was at that time too. “This part a bit different. . .” “Could you play one beat faster?” or “Would you play this part with not three fortissimos but 5?” like that, so many requests. . .

Y: I also went to enjoy the show, I was somewhat proud of you playing there.

T: Oh, thank you.



Thank you to Sarah for the translation.:2thumbsup:


Source: https://ameblo.jp/jicecdnsarah/entry-12815881964.html



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