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[2022] Skate America

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  • 1 month later...

Ilia's doing 4A's in practice. There's no reason for him to do it in this competition (his biggest competitor was probably Yuma who is is out) so I can only surmise he is doing it so it can be seen on national tv. I don't really blame him since the last time he landed it in competition was in an empty arena, but it's clear he wants to show off here. 

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14 minutes ago, rockstaryuzu said:

...looks like Malinin heard me when I said at Worlds that he needed to grow and mature as a performer. That was a great program.

His performance was way better than what he did at the International Classic, I could definitely see some improvement there.


Jun's SP also looks much better - if only he could stop telegraphing that 3A...

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Guest Mary_kyo

That was extremely well-deserved by Kao. I’m glad he got this opportunity; he has higher potential than Yuma.

Jun’s long setups for his jumps visibly affects the cohesion of his program. Not my favorite for this season. Anyway, happy birthday Jun :flowers:

I’m sad for Roman and Koshiro, hopefully for free they can redeem. The rest weren’t to my interest at all.

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