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Never seen this before.


Google Translated:  August 5, 2011 Athletes with ties to Tohoku participated in a talk event at the Michinoku United States stage. Hanyu-kun’s situation when he was affected by the disaster, his future goals, and his thoughts on Tohoku and sends a message of encouragement. Hanyu-kun, who also produces curry using Tohoku vegetables  , also eats curry



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During the period from September 25th (Monday) to October 15th (Sunday), you can apply for one item for every 15,000 yen purchase of Phiten products (some exclusions apply) at Phiten shops and official mail order sites nationwide on November 4th.・A total of 100 people will be invited by lottery to the Saitama performance < and SS seats > to be held on November 5th!
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On 9/21/2023 at 7:06 AM, fuzz_ball_21 said:



Q34 made me: :LOL: 

(his lottery win comment)


On 9/21/2023 at 3:22 PM, rockstaryuzu said:

And I love that he says the PyeongChang SEIMEI step/choreo was the most fun he's ever had


I absolutely agree. The answer surprised me, but made me feel incredible happy:SunFace:


Q41: has me a bit confused....is there a mistake in the question and it should be "three things he doesn't like about himself"?

Otherwise his answers are quite....well....interesting😅

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A very strong statement from the photographers. 


“From our industry's point of view, I would say it's a 'historic achievement'. Before Mr. Hanyu's appearance, sports newspaper photographers have never been recognised and supported by fans in the past.”


Well, we know the likes of Noto, Kogaito, Yaguchi, Tanaka all thanks to Yuzu. 



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