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  1. Hello ! I'm looking for any ticket for Saturday and Sunday . Just contact me if you have anything not expensive
  2. Bonjour ! Est ce que vous comptez partir aux championnats du monde?
  3. Guys !!! I've been accepted as a volunteer !!!! And I was wondering if anyone has been contacted too and doesn't have an accommodation so we can stay together in the accommodation that are adviced by the comittee. I still can't believe it.
  4. Can someone please send me a link? I don't have a laptop and being on holidays, it's so hard to search for links
  5. I applied to be a volunteer I can't believe I actually did it. I will be dreaming about a lot of crazy scenarios tonight. Thank you for all your advices !!! Whatever will be the answer, I will buy individual tickets, I hope they won't be too expensive (Helsinki prices are good to me, but the Milan all event tickets are more expensive than Helsinki ones, I hope individual ones won't be too expensive ToT)
  6. NHK Trophy 2015 FS Eurosport France. (00:00) The olympic champion and world vice-champion Yuzuru Hanyu, who had to be content with a second place at Skate Canada after Patrick Chan and we don't see anything that can prive him from a victory here at Nagano, because after the short program, the japanese possesed 10 points more that Boyang Jin and he will try to confirm this first place on the music of Seimei written by Shigeru Umebayashi. (5:17) And it's without a doubt a historical performance that we assisted to, an exceptional moment with this performance of Yuzuru Hanyu in the form of a message addressed to his opponents in Barcelona. He will be hard to beat if he renews with this perfection this program. (5:36) Incredible, incredible, unbeatable, it's this simple. 118.76, it can evolve more, obviously, but the technical score and the artistic score that will go out and the FS skate and the total score of this competition will be just staggering. His physical condition is incredible. I'm losing my words. It's really like a dream. Everything passed, a millimetric technique and in front of his audience. Yes, yes, I don't know if it's very cold inside the ice rink, but he surely did give chills to the general public. He was magical today. (6:23) There is a lot of work to be done to pick up everything that lands on this ice rink of Nagano. (6:31) So now we already know that the world record will be beaten. World record of the free skate, which is for the moment, between the hands of Patrick Chan. (6:48) Patrick Chan who achived it in 2013. 295 points which will, without a doubt, be widely surpassed. (6:57) Yes, 295 points on the overral, 196.75 on the free. He will, for sure, explode these scores, on the free and the overral. We already said it, he beated it on the short yesterday. He will break the bar of the 300 points, a bar that seemed unreachable. It was already incredible to approach it. (7:21) And this trophy, the NHK 2015, will stay in the annals like the one of this astounding performance of Yuzuru Hanyu. (7:32) Yes. (7:37) I don't know if he's capable of doing programs of this quality during practice, but here, it's just incredible, not a single hitch and more than that... (7:46) With an incredible impression of ease. (7:49) Yes, yes. And the choregraphy extremely interesting this year with Yuzuru Hanyu. He really progressed with his interpretation, his ability to temporize too. We saw it on this step sequence where he arrives to calm the game a little bit for a moment and accelerate during others, whereas before, it was a little bit going in every direction, a little bit thick sometimes with his choregraphies, but this year, he highlights his strong moments and calm himself during weak moments. Well, "weak moments" in inverted commas, the longer times. (8:28) And this is the first year, like we said, when he opts for a pogram of 3 quads on the free. Obviouly, it will work for him. (8:41) We can be impressed face to a Boyang Jin, but, obviously when we see after Yuzuru Hanyu, we mesure the progress that the young chinese has to still release. (8:52) That's sure, it's something else. There is a dimension that's added, the artistic one. (9:00) Yuzuru Hanyu on the top of his art, while he will celebrate in a few days his 21 birthday only. A skater from Sendai. (9:11) When we know that a skater reaches his maturity, his best level, he attains when he's 23/24. (9:27) 322.40. Incredible ! He effectively pulverizes the previous WR of Patrick Chan with 27 points with a new historial WR for the free skate and for the whole competition. This will allow him to impose himself even more impressive during this NHK trophy with not far than 60 points in advance compared to Boyang Jin. (9:59) Yes, his free skate score is the score of some on the overral competition, I imagine. (10:06) 216 points, yes, yes, it is the score of the eighth competitor Richard Dornbush, for example. (10:11) Incredible. Incredible and finally deserved, because he was so magical, really, during this competition.
  7. I would love if anyone can advice me. I'm planning to buy individual tickets but after seeing many posts about volunteering, I started thinking about it. I'm from Algeria, speak 3 languages (Arabic, French, English), I have already volunteered abroad but not a sport event (with AIESEC in Poland and Romania). Do you think I have any chance to be taken?
  8. I remember seeing this post on tumblr, this person, didn't she say that someone already did guess the program?
  9. Les billets individuels ont des frais de gestion aussi ou bien seulement les pack All-Event/VIP? ToT
  10. J'ai peur de mal comprendre, il y a des frais en plus? Ou bien ce sont des frais en rapport avec le dossier de voyage?
  11. Uhh, so hard, I would say 4 world titles (but if the skater wins only one olympic title, while changing the sport in other competitions without winning, I would definitely say 1 OGM) Yuzuru's hydroblade or Ina Bauer?
  12. I did a dream last night about Worlds in Milan (it was held in a part in my city that was supposed to be, in my dream, Milan ). I was exploring the venue until I found a classroom where Javier was doing a course with some few people (he was wearing everything in black with a leather jacket ), I joined them, and sat in the second rank to follow seriously what he was saying (the first rank being too close to see his lower body). When we finished the course, I let him go first and saw that he was as small as me (please Javier, don't be 1m60 in real). I continued exploring, until I found the rink for practice, which was like a huge aquarium all covered by glass with a lot of seats only on oneside. Yuzuru was doing his final practice and was going to compete in 2 minutes at the main rink . As soon as he finished his practice, people were running to the other rink while looking at their phones to upload the video of the practice, it was crazy. The tickets didn't attribute to specific places, so the first one to arrive could sit in the front and even so Yuzuru's fans took all the best places (Fanyus power). It stopped after I took place to watch Yuzuru's performance
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