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  1. Oh gosh where was this from :0
  2. Well~ since we don’t have a Jully in our calendar I guess it means the awards won’t happen too
  3. someone PLEASE do the translations for this, I know it’s got to do with him saying he’s really frustrated but omfg fhdkdbdndnd
  4. Everyone’s so desperate about his location, I pity Brian ahahahaa. But veteran fanyus, how could y’all stand it pre oly and during 2016 summer 😪
  5. Never realised that he puts both his bracelets on the same hand when he draws here at 4cc too: and here again at Jnats:
  6. Super curious: Of all the yuzu photo books and magazines that you have, which Is your top 3 favs? (not sure if it belongs here)
  7. Holy shit lucky af. I would genuinely have died
  8. Yuzu and the little mole in between his collarbones
  9. do you ever just wonder what might happen to the internet if yuzu one day just decides to have a tw/ig account i was thinking he might actually have one for promoting his ice shows or anything else if he retires
  10. He’s such a confusing guy: *gets all As but believes in submitting incomplete homework* Yuzu: ’I want to skate for myself’ also Yuzu: ‘losing is like death’; its-gold-or-nothing mentality like come on, do you know how much you’re misleading all of us 🥺
  11. Daily mail. piece of shit.
  12. Yea it’s definitely 3 different recordings and yesh he cut and styled(?) his hair
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