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  1. Rip. Well Yuzu now has time to prepare as he likes it
  2. If Yuzu doesnt win most valuable skater I will turn the stream off. But maybe its the last one given and my protest will be even more insignificant to them lol
  3. This group was cursed, except for Andrei. Crazy stuff. I liked Andrei's short his free not so much. Sad day.
  4. Not sure if it was posted but Straight to the heart
  5. His body positions and moves reminded me a lot of him, not really talking about SS or jumps.
  6. Maybe he will show up at some like Yuma did in 4CC while still in Jrs
  7. His skate reminded me of Nathan Chen. A lot. Even the music choice and costume. And having a weird start move xD I think he is a fan.
  8. Pretty much agree with my fellow foristas. I think Yuma skating is more ready for seniors, and ofc being a bit older makes complete sense. Shun needs to improve on SS and performance a little bit (in my humble opinion) but he has immense promise and his skate already has amazing flow. Looking forward to keep watching them both grow into their full potential
  9. Everyone should be scored lower than Yuzu in everything. Full stop.
  10. So many good skates!!! Amazing so far, I am pretty impressed with the overall level of artistry. I think Yuma and Andreii first is fair, they did best today in my opinion. Not really feeling Andrew tbh. All very close!! We will see how free goes. Go Shun!! Go Yuma!
  11. I had trouble choosing only with a few, otherwise smooth sail
  12. I missed the vote for Origin I like in the Ghana shoot when Yuzu says he is an athlete and not "talent" when someone joked about talent helping the staff hehehe Tell them Yuzu/
  13. I am moved/ Bless the Fanyus
  14. I loved those bentos!!! ALso this wowie This fanarts can be beautiful but never as beautiful as Yuzu!
  15. two kids so you get two pictures?? Greedy!
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