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  1. Yes, I think the future is definitely bright for Japans figure skating. Yuzu is a beacon of light for all of us, inspiring us to be and do better in whatever we are doing!
  2. I loooved his skate on the 4CC free, it was beautiful, his skating is beautiful. I think, after Yuzu ofc, the ones I was impressed by were Yuma's short and Han Yan's free, they both were amazing.
  3. Speaking of Youtube comment sections...I ofc had to go re-watch the GPF FS from Yuzu since it was mentioned here, and the comment section, oh boy! There is a lot of fire there. I wonder if ISU gets a tan reading it
  4. Thank you Suzy! I got thee wrong "toreta"
  5. Yeah I agree, ofc. But like you know Yuzu is a bit unpredictable at times, but also very responsible and smart. Yes "only" 4 quads We can only hope for fair judging, but yeah...Not holding my breath on that one.
  6. No, I agree completely, it seems like crazy talk to go from never seeing a successful landing, or even in private since he said he hasnt landed it yet, to asking if he will use it in worlds but maybe when they ask they mean practice only, you could be on the right track there. It just seems confusing the responses he gives, like he said he would have liked to bring it here or maybe ill bring it there if its ready blabla, probs mean in practice! I think I was probably getting confused by the translation or just my own head getting confused lol
  7. I was wondering what you guys think will happen, Yuzu keeps getting asked if he is bringing the 4A to Worlds...wouldnt that be crazy? Like it is one of the most important tittles, right?Wouldn't it make more sense to trial a jump like that on a smaller event? I think he said he may bring it to worlds if its ready and he almost brought it to 4CC, or well, he would have liked to. I am just Maybe he is more interested in landing the jump on a big competition than collecting more golds... I mean, he has plenty after all
  8. やっと採れた ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾
  9. I think it is a fair point that anything delicate and soft doesn't mean homosexuality (lol!), now setting that obvious point aside everything he said was tinted with homophobia and was complete garbage. "Johnny Weir's thing" Why is this guy getting interviewed, just crawl back to the cave you came out of, it is 2020! Get with the times.
  10. The realm of influence of Yuzu has no limits
  11. To me it seemed like he took it with good humor! I mean, it is a kid asking I doubt he would get mad at that. But who knows.
  12. Found it, different day seems/ Still very funny
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