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  1. Hi 

    I guess everyone wants the ticket.

    If possible,I want one Saturday ticket.

    I will stay in Oakville to watch Friday competition and I have no plan for Saturday.


    Thsnk you do much for your kindness.

    1. 07Nina


      Hello, I don't have Saturday ticket :( 

    2. Yukok


      Sorry !

      I made mistake !


      Anyway,thank you for reply!

  2. Hey everyone, a friend is unable to go so I’m selling 1 set of Thursday & Friday tickets. Message if you are interested Edit: Tickets sold!
  3. Totally agree! ACI is going to be my first time attending an international competition I'm from Mexico and my goal was to go to one FS international event and this is the most affordable one. Luckily I got Thursday and Friday tickets, and still hope to find a Saturday ticket. If Yuzu doesn't participate I will be disappointed, but I will gladly go to watch other skaters and of course I'll be supporting my boy Donovan We should all have good thoughts and positive thinking!
  4. Hello! If you have 1 ticket for Friday I will buy it, thanks in advance
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