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  1. well to be precise, Yuzu's last performance of lgc was in 2017faoi
  2. I have just bought these two series: フィギュアスケート通信DX : All about Yuzu, just photos, but sometimes it has very blurred photos, like the cover of the jnats, but I do can find some beautiful photos inside. KISS & CRY: The version with Yuzu as cover. It's not 100% Yuzu, and there's some paragraphs(but I don't read any cause I don't know japanese either). The quality of the photos will be better and there are posters. I have bought below and I do love it. And I may be going to buy this: フィギュアスケートプリンス第88回全日本フィギュアスケート選手権大会 : It's said to be 100% Yuzu and the photos are good. Hope it helps?
  3. Thanks for your translation! I am so surprised brian didn't know he wasn't going to gpf just the night before.
  4. Gosh, remember during GPF, I was sitting in front of my computer praying they wouldn't cut my beautiful swanyu's face to the singer and acrobats. So much skaters there might be just a few seconds to have camera focus on the boy, and they did ! it ! when the boy stepped on the ice maybe 2 seconds later!!!! Pissed me off!! The song, singer and acrobats are beautiful, but I want to see the boy
  5. I think there are many chinese fanyu are still selling their tickets, maybe you can ask them?
  6. I love both LGC and H&L but both of them have the copyright issue. Indeed H&L was performed as an EX once but that was in an ice show commemorated to Nagano Winter Olympic Games, and Asian dream song is the theme song for Nagano Winter Paralympics Games, maybe that is the reason why there's an exception? I want to see LGC (white pants!) in 4CC badly, but LGC not even in his DVD, it is a low possibility to see this program again, maybe he needs to ask for the permission again? In reality, high possibility for chopin. But I really love LGC and H&L!!!!!
  7. Ugh, that far from the rink. But the sp start at 6, I want to be in around 8, I dont know if it is possible because they say you need to be in before the event starts. I will email them to get the answer.
  8. Sorry my first time to a competition. Is there any place to sit down to have food? It seems not polite to eat on your seat.
  9. Hi guys, the website said 'entry may be restricted after the start of the event', that means I need to sit from the start to the end, like for 4 hours? Is it possible to eat something or is there something to buy at the venue? The sp will start from 6 - 10pm, I may not survive.
  10. yes its postponed http://4conti2020seoul.com/eng/html/notice/news.php?mode=v&bbs_data=aWR4PTM2JnN0YXJ0UGFnZT0mbGlzdE5vPSZ0YWJsZT1pZF9iYnNfZGF0YSZjb2RlPW5ld3NfZW4mc2VhcmNoX2l0ZW09JnNlYXJjaF9vcmRlcj0=|| ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships® 2020 will be hosted in Seoul from 4th-9th February 2020. Ticket Sales for Daily tickets of the competition which will be 6th Feb / 7th Feb / 8th Feb / 9th Feb / Gala Exhibition(9th Feb), will be available from 1pm, 2nd January, 2020. Ticket Sales for Practice Sessions which were scheduled to start selling together, have been postponed due to the competition conditions. Please understand. You can purchase tickets via Interpark Ticket (globalinterpark.com). Thank you.
  11. Thanks for your photo! It seems you just can't get rid of those annoying glasses, I bought a ticket in row5 behind the kc, hope it wont be too bad
  12. I kept refreshing the whole day and finally bought a gold tix!! I am so happy now! Just need to wait for the annoucement!
  13. Wow thanks for your reply! I wanted to checkout but the payment got some problem I saw some seats coming out, don't know if there's anyone canceling. I will refresh the site the whole day and buy one before the announcement!
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