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  1. I can’t believe I might be able to attend the Winter Olys in a few years I’m tearing up
  2. The middle option is gorgeous!
  3. I don't think all cities have m&g tho? I didn't see it in my hometown but anyway it would've been way too expensive as I'm paying for my mum too
  4. The thing with Misha is not that he might miss GPF imho but that usually top tier 6 skaters get invited to their home countries' competition. RusFed didn't invite Misha to Rostelecom, which is just ugly. On top of that, it's true that Misha will have to face Yuzu twice so it's like they're making his GP extra difficult for no reason.
  5. that monument!! I´m tearing up it's so nice to see all the love towards Denis ;_;
  6. He's the best male skater Russia has atm (and has had in a bit) and they treat him like a dog. RusFed should see his talent and technique and work with him to achieve more consistency instead of always mistreating him smh
  7. Seriously considering going!! I´m gonna wait a bit to ensure its not an impulse decision lmao since im going to europeans too. I really, really wanna see Shoma and James & Cipres
  8. Def! I’m kind of cautious not because I’m afraid of falling but because I’d be mortified if I showed up in the office with a broken leg lmao but still I can see improvement and I’m so comfortable now trying new stuff
  9. That’s what I thought too. I really hope she gets help.
  10. Slightly OT/controversial but I follow Gabby's new fitness IG account and it made me even more sure that she might not have overcome her eating disorder. I was suspicious because in her main IG account she still puts a lot of emphasis on her body and "owning her haters" and now most of her content revolves around that. It makes me so worried how much of her focus is still put in her body she even said once she doesn't follow other skaters because she would automatically compare herself to them.
  11. I missed a lot of classes because I was travelling a lot this month (my fault for being lazy and booking weekend classes instead of after work classes sigh) but I have been making use of free ice and I feel like I have improved a lot? My posture and edges and much nicer and I´m getting quicker with turns and backwards skating
  12. Yeah I was thinking of just flying.. seems easier and quicker!
  13. I know!!! I really, really wanna go. Might only do Saturday tho and I need to figure out travel as it's harder to get to from London than I was expecting but !!!
  14. I REALLY wanna go to Internationaux de France now I know Shoma is going... Alina too and James & Cipres. Gotta start saving?
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