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  1. Nikolaj Majorov’s video doing side by side 3lz with Kolyada. Hope Koly will skate clean next season!
  2. Yes! It will always pain me I could never see him in competition </3
  3. Hope you enjoy Spain! i already know for sure I won’t be able to afford Torino such extortionate prices!
  4. Yea, after reading the reviews I was so happy I didn’t go as I don’t wanna support someone like Polunin. Tbh I knew nothing of him and just wanted to go because of Elena and because I found the concept of this Rasputin ballet intriguing.
  5. Maybe! In the end I didn’t go see the show because the prices were extortionate and I like Elena but not so much as to spend over a hundred quid for a restricted view seat to watch her dance but all the reviews I’ve seen weren’t very appreciative of Polunin’s art.
  6. Tbf I do prefer coachless Shoma than Eteri Shoma, but still I think he should have some kind of mentor figure in his life this season, be it a senpai or a teammate...
  7. I don’t know but Polunin’s ballet was pretty criticised here in the UK. A lot of people found it distasteful that he danced shirtless showing his Putin tattoo
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