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  1. Im so angry that this continues to happen in our sport. Minors share so much with adults with spaces (they train together, travel together, compete together...) I think the ISU and the Federations should work harder to protect them.
  2. She has a quad now, though, so she might be a more mature, late bloomer skater like Javi, for example. Her technique is so good and Mishin is a good coach — it sucks RusFed doesn’t support her as much as the As (and Alina and Zhenya up to some extent), but I think she will continue to develop.
  3. This is so disturbing. If the allegations are true, the girl was so young. Now it makes sense that Vanessa & Morgan took a year off during the peak of their career... Morgan has been under investigation since January.
  4. This seems to be a year of “firsts” for Yuzu (he got his 4Lz back, he completed 2 GP assignments and rotated his 4A) so I think he will compete at 4CC. Plus, during the GPF he said he felt motivated by the rivalry with Nathan so he might want to compete against him before Worlds.
  5. That would be rip my productivity I’d be watching videos 24/7 hhhhh
  6. That gave me strong Javi feelings when he called out the judges at Euros and he told them “I’m not dead yet” :’)
  7. he said that and all the time I was thinking I'd actually watch Nathan just jump with no program because his spins and SS aren't *that* great and his programs tend to be very boring and lacking in transitions
  8. Chris stop with the fanboying lmao I don't really watch ID so Im not very familiar with the fandom but P/C are super hated on twitter haha
  9. I've seen a lot of hate towards them these season on twitter D:
  10. unpopular opinion I think but I like these two (I have zero idea about ice dance so that might be why lmao)
  11. putting S/H after Yuzu should be illegal because I adore S/H but its impossible for me to focus on ANY program after what Yuzu just did
  12. can Chris fucking stop comparing yuzu no Nathan when he tries to compliment yuzu?????
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