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  1. anski

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    St Petersburg is so beautiful and Zhenya deserves all the love
  2. anski

    Team Russia

    Same. Pneumonia was unfortunate but I also don’t think Mishin’s students fully realise their potential. I mean, Artur Gachinski? He had mad jumping skills and retired early after disappointing seasons (and he was Worlds bronze medalist in 2011). I honestly think Liza deserves much better.
  3. anski

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It’s so funny that he put so much effort in the message he recorded for Javi but when he recorded the video for Laureus he’s like oh okay
  4. Aaaahhh I’m so happy for Donovan!! FS is such a expensive sport he deserves every bit of help
  5. He’s a literal cinnamon roll and I hope to does to skating in Mexico what Javi has done to skating in Spain.
  6. anski

    Team Japan

    Wow, now I admire Mai so much! My mum has arthritis and it is extremely painful, especially when you’re diagnosed early in life. My mum was diagnosed at 36 and she was already considered very young to have the condition so I can’t imagine what Mai is going through.
  7. anski

    Rhythmic Gymnastics

    I love rhythmic gymnastics! I don’t watch them as often as I did in high school, so many of my favs (like Lubov Cherkashyna or Zhenhya Kanaeva ) have now retired. I prefer teams, tho, and my favourite elements are ribbon and hoops. As a fun fact, I actually did rhythmic gymnastics for a year when I was a kid, but my ADHD got in the way
  8. anski

    General Skating Chat

    That’s... such a bad move. I’ve always liked Zhou (I never believed the American propaganda that he’s the best skater yadda yadda yadda, tho) but I’m gradually starting to get irritated by him and his coach. I know it’s not Zhou’s fault that everyone is treating him like he’s above or like he’s the messiah of skating bc of his quads, but suggesting that camera faults resulted in his score is... a bit rude towards skaters who actually scored higher. Just... learn to accept “failure”.
  9. anski

    Team Spain

    Laura Barquero and Aritz Maestu got the gold medal at the Bavarian Open! You can see the full results here: http://www.deu-event.de/results/BO2019/CAT003RS.HT
  10. I’m so happy for Rika and Mai!! they delivered BEAUTIFUL skating and they deserve their medals. Lilbet also showed what she’s worth. I only feel very sad for Kaori, she was clearly very upset about her final score Anyway, what a competition it has been the first time in over 30 years where the three best skaters after the SP miss the podium at 4 Continents!
  11. anski

    [2018/19] Other International Events

    The Nordics Open is also going on rn and you can watch the stream here: https://skatesweden.solidtango.com/live/the-nordics-7-10-feb-2019-linkoping-sweden Schedule (Sweden time): http://thenordicsfs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Preliminary-Competition-Schedule_new.pdf Competitors: http://thenordicsfs.com/participants/ More info: http://skatesweden.se/en/the-nordics-2019/ Uncle Majorov is set to skate his SP tomorrow his brother Nikolaj isn’t competing this year, I guess to focus on the Junior Worlds in Zagreb?
  12. I’m catching up with Men’s and... I’m angry but not surprised Boyang was robbed like that and Zhou got such unbelievably high scores. Zhou is very athletic and I like him a lot for that because I’m drawn to the more athletic side of FS but imho he’s a very incomplete skater. Imho Boyang, Jun and Shoma can rival his technique and on top of that they are stronger artistically. The 100 points barrier in the SP should be almost impossible to achieve and only reserved to perfect programs and I can’t see Zhou’s SP deserving of beating the 100 score, sorry.
  13. Will try to stay awake for Shoma and Boyang but I can’t promise anything zzzzz...
  14. I do actually like Mai’s program hehe it kinda reminds me of Old Hollywood? Idk she’s so pure I wish her the best