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  1. So true!! Teen Javi also had curls but decided to cut his hair short haha. We need a curly haired skater ASAP!
  2. So cursed lmao but it was cute to see a mini Artur Gachinski there too! I will forever be sad he never realised his full potential
  3. Very surprised about Marin. She’s so talented and could achieve so much so it’s annoying her own fed isn’t supporting her.
  4. I don’t know enough about Button apart from the fact he was such a trailblazer so I won’t comment on him. I would put both Yagudin and Plush as GOATs from the noughties era because they are both complete skaters in the sense they have great artistry and technique (although Yags leaning more towards artistry and Plush more towards technique imho). Currently i think there’s no doubt Yuzuru is the GOAT although I want to flag up Javi as a complete skater as well who achieved an insane amount while coming from a tiny federation. From women, altho she’s very talented, I wouldn’t pick Kwan as the GOAT. I would think of Yuna Kim or Katarina Witt. Pairs, undoubtedly Gordeeva and Grinkov, and recently Sui/Han.
  5. Seems like Kolyada is still in the hunt for some music for his programs...
  6. Poor Gabby! That looks super painful. Hope she makes a quick recovery
  7. First skating class today! Up until now I’ve been self-learning so I’m ready for my coach to tell me my technique is garbage
  8. When she was born she was def Grinkova, but I don’t know when she changed to Gordeeva. Probably when she was 18?
  9. Maybe she feels more connected to that side of her family or maybe it’s just more convenient in the US to have the same surname as her mum since her sister already has a different surname. But she does post about Sergei from time to time and clearly cherishes their memories together.
  10. Tbf if I could afford it I would also wear that jacket bc it’s gorgeous
  11. Daria, Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov’s daughter, skating. She never took skating competitively as far as I’m aware (although she skated with her mum and little sister Liza at the Kristi Yamaguchi Friends & Family show in 2005). Liza, Katia’s daughter with Ilia Kulik, is a competitive skater in the US.
  12. Hi guys! A month back or so Javier Fernandez announced the dates for his new Revolution On Ice ice show tour, so I thought I would put the info there in case anyone is interested! Last year my friends went to the show in Madrid and really liked it (I was super jealous) but this year I’m lucky because Javi comes near my hometown and I’ll be home for Christmas Website: http://www.revolutiononice.com/ DATES Málaga - 9th November Zaragoza - 16th November Bilbao - 14th December A Coruña - 21st December (the one I’m attending!) Madrid - 28th and 29th December Skaters TBA TICKETS: https://www.elcorteingles.es/entradas/microsites/revolutiononice/
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