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    The Meme Thread

    Yuzupon the Cat - day in life source: my twisted mind
  2. I'd say, more like a satellite, whose planet suddenly disappeared and there is nothing to circulate around
  3. I support this. I've seen other videos produced by this person who filmed Jason and they are unique and impressive. This would be a true piece of art. And it would be perfect as yuzu would demand repeting filming many times until he would get a perfect version. And TCC has this big windows and natural light.... All his sparkles in natural light...He could do no jumps, like Ciontu. About calm and silent:
  4. I've been thinking about this too. Yuzuru is one of the people who made me think outside the box and change this western, conservative view. OT
  5. other possible paths: headphone store owner jumping coach in team Lambiel making music cuts for team Eteri pairs/ice dance ghana factory - testing new flavours beauty blogger disney - pooh marketing departament e-sport - in team Shoma
  6. When the planet went down I decided to do something productive. No cursed edits today. Today is the day of Hope and Legacy. Happy anniversary!
  7. I suddenly felt a need to go back to this thread. Saw on twitter the other day that someone called Tarasova/Morozov: Bill and Fleur. also, remember when Dumbledore talked to Snape abt Lilly? That famous "Always" quote. let's pretend for a while that Yuzu is Snape and Brian is Dumbledore here is a reference: https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Forum:Snape_and_Harry:
  8. Guys, I left you for what? 4 hours? and get back to 8 new pages. wow very sorry to bring cursed edit back, but I think that no satelite mentioned one key thing. Do you remember that yuzu said that he spoke to speed skaters and was interested in their costumes? that he could rotate faster wearing one of those costumes? I remember cursed discussion that happend on the planet around that time. Guys, this is it, the cursed design is THE costume 1.yu know who 2.Jason - was getting better and better over the years and then we got this years sp. I watched it at least 100 times. so.. sensual, masculine yet fluid and soft, and .. I have no words. It does things to me 3.Kevin - my new european love 4.Junnie - I fell in love with junliet during gpf and yes, reminds me of zu 5.Misha - when he is on he is on Typically masculine - yes, rest of Rus field From past skaters who posess finesse? Patrick, one programm to prove it: his sp from 2016/2017, kill me but I love that step sequence equally as Zu's LGC sequence from that season, for all the different reasons If I recall correctly no satelite here brought one word to this gender disscussion: androgynous 1: having the characteristics or nature of both male and female 2a: neither specifically feminine nor masculinethe b: suitable to or for either sexandrogynous 3: having traditional male and female roles obscured or reversedan And that's what I think about Zu's performances Oh boy, I still think about that post of yours. It really touched me. Yes, Yuzuru is spontaneous. Like a force of nature, like wind. He is always him, he (especially in HL) lets us see his soul (funny how some people would still call him private) I have one thing to add. What is another(beside nature) universally loved thing? Music. people like different types of music, but it's hard to find a person who doesn't like music at all. And as we all know Yuzu embodies the music. Every cell of his body simply follows every note, doesn't matter if it's chopin or prince. Music is like wind, it can't be seen but Yuzu, he can "show" me music, he makes music something phisical, that is universal beauty About the tweet: I actually made this couple of hours ago(9 hours after publishing the tweet): (that's how much fans care about men's comparing to other disciplines) I'm pretty sure that I read an interviev where Shoma says that he always lets his mom choose his costumes, It somehow occured to me that he doesn't care much
  9. Ania

    The Meme Thread

    It took me a while, but I just knew that Yuzu and Shuzo are simply to memable to miss the oportunity #cursededit and number two #notsocursededit Possible caption: me, you, Shuzo Matsuoka: Judges from Planet Earth do not deserve yuzu, they never score him right YuzuruHanyu (haunted by MaxAmbesi): It's because I'm a skater from another planet. #PlanetHanyu another idea of mine was to put pizza between Lord's hands and caption: "I want pizza. this big". But I'm not sure if he really likes pizza....
  10. here, grab some healing content. new shibsibs. warning: do not start watching if hungry. quality food content
  11. That's something I've been wondering about. Thank you for the information
  12. the truth is, in our generation many students do balance multiple activities. whether it's education&full time job or education&having family/children or anything else. it's a matter of time management and learning how to compromise. and that's the way Nate speaks about it. he is like: yeah, i do my job, i do what I have to do. I even noticed that he usually uses word "shool" in interviews instead of school's name. he is a nice guy. it's the US media that make us dislike him. funny, the more they speak highly of him, the more fanyus dislike and attack him....
  13. the only thing Nathan did, that no one else did, was jumping all 5 of them. yes, he is/was capable of jumping 4lo 4lz 4s 4f 4t. these are facts and thats all the credit we should give him
  14. but why oh why? I usually try to keep OT and cursed things under spoiler Eta: Admins, thank you so much for the new yuzmoticon. It's perfect
  15. didn't really think about the reading <facepalm> I admire that *uses google voice herself* Icezuru it is although Yuzuce doesn't sound that bad..
  16. I dare to disagree, you got the characters all wrong Ci how about ""to build a home" for lp music?
  17. This article (guardian) really makes people think that Nathan and Yuzu are on par artistically. I have no words. Since you brought Nathan vs Yuzu back, I'd like to point out one thing: In wiki article about Nathaniel there are: Two paragraphs abt managing Yale and skating - 196 words One paragraph abt his performance at the Olympics - 146 words And speaking about wikipedia, I'd like to report that Yuzurella Hanya is back and well. I checked, out of curiosity, if anyone updated Polish wikipedia article about Yuzuru after wc'19. What I found was this: In Polish, conjugated verb forms agree with gender. Verb forms used by the author of this article are the ones used when speaking about females. It just made me laugh so hard. My guess is, the person who did it was probably in a rush, using autocorrect and/or google translator. Yes, I corrected it
  18. just when we thought we have seen them all, new photo with tcc girls arrives
  19. The way your mind works...... Sorry, but the temptation to make an edit was simply to strong Warning!!!! very cursed image Speaking abt twitter, I saw someone pointing out that Zu saying sth like "Nathan is a tenager" gives the same vibes as Patrick 4cc '17 "He is just seventeen. Just seventeen" Please, tell me that Yuzu hasn't become an u***e yet. He is too young right? also, I suddenly spotted the similarity between words uncle and ankle. I better stop it here
  20. Is it just me or Deniss is channeling his inner Yuzu here anyway, here is another one
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