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  1. Enjoy and see you on the other side.
  2. otonal scheduled in 0:14 Current WR: 110,53
  3. Otonal in 0:20 skating gods let it be good
  4. boysssss, what is going on. skating gods, let them live in 0:33
  5. Zamboni time Warm-up Group 5 24Boyang JIN CHN 25Deniss VASILJEVS LAT 26Matteo RIZZO ITA 27Alexei BYCHENKO ISR 28Vincent ZHOU USA 29Alexander SAMARIN will arrive in: 1:05 I'm putting my toesocks on and for Yuzuru. he will be amazing and we will love watching his skating.
  6. next group: Kevin AYMOZ FRA Morisi KVITELASHVILI GEO Michal BREZINA CZE Junhwan CHA KOR Keiji TANAKA JPN Nam NGUYEN countdown: 1:51 Ganba Junnie!!!!
  7. Daniel SAMOHIN, Vladimir LITVINTSEV qualify
  8. even our own comentators don't like him. hahahah