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  1. On the SC website it says door will open 30mins before the first practice
  2. Yep it’s a good idea to bring an empty water bottle. I was asked to empty my water bottle into a bin outside of security at GPF Vancouver, although it was just plain water. I guess it’s understandable if meant for security reasons. There should be water fountains inside. And if not, tap water is technically potable in Canada unless otherwise specified (Only if you are comfortable with it tho)
  3. Skate Canada really is the most shameless and unreliable event organizer I have ever seen. This new piece of information is about SCI and not worlds. The SC website had just changed SCI morning practice admittance from afternoon event ticket, to morning event ticket. This makes their previous statement, otherwise seen as part of the advertisement for afternoon tickets, a complete lie. (Note that afternoon tickets are almost completely sold out, while slightly more morning tickets remain) Previous and current screen shots of their website, showing the changed piece of info, can be seen here. I am honestly so done with Skate Canada, and will help in any action taken to hold these people accountable.
  4. NoToMoTo’s question just made me realize yet another scam on the part of Skate Canada. It was previously stated on their website, clearly written, that morning practices are admitted with afternoon event ticket. I checked multiple times because I bought only afternoon event tickets (not all event) and intended to go see the practices. I even have a screen shot of their webpage from Sep 18. Today when I checked again, the information has been changed to that morning practices are admitted with morning event ticket. Also, do note that the afternoon event tickets have been selling better than the morning tickets, and are close to being fully sold (as currently seen on the official ticket vendor, which I don’t know is reliable or not) Yet again, Skate Canada advertises their tickets as one thing, and then changes to another. This is honestly just plain horror of an event organizer. I posted and tagged Skate Canada on Twitter regarding this situation but is really beyond words for their continuous scams.
  5. There is info regarding practice sessions on the official SC website, under the FAQ Section
  6. We are renting a car. It seems easy enough to park around the venue, and the rental fee per day is hardly more than what it would cost for 2-3 taxi rides (depending on your distance). However I'm not sure if they might charge extra for insurance to non-domestic drivers. I would personally be careful about fully relying on public transportation if you aren't in downtown Kelowna, as the city is not very densely populated, and trying to get on buses after an event is just plain difficult. Having your own car also gives you the freedom of doing some extra touring if that's in your plans. You should not need winter tires in late October. Kelowna has milder climate and less snowfall than most places in Canada.
  7. 如果你把这条信息发在"Community Talk: tickets and meetup"版块的Skate Canada贴,应该会有更多人看到。 也可以试试这个fb群组 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1938256079778873/
  8. 你是讲change.org吧,这不是日本网站,而是美国的,全球许多国家的使用率非常高,应该就是最大的国际请愿网站了。可能因为一些人的浏览器设定,点开来看到是日文界面,主页右下角可以更换为英文
  9. I completely understand. Within the figure skating community, Skate Canada is the representation of Canada, and their actions have done great harm to our international image. This is part of why, as a Canadian, I would really like to see Skate Canada being held accountable for what they have done.
  10. Although I am not personally affected by this situation, it is simply shameful to see a Canadian event organizer behave as such, so I would like to offer a little to your efforts. From some simple research, it seems that Skate Canada has offended the Competition Act More information can be found here: Consumer protection legislation in Canada The Competition Act (The Competition Act also has a section of "Requests made to Canada from abroad") I think you have proper grounds for a lawsuit, and a lawyer's hiring fees would likely be much lower than the accumulated financial loss by all skating fans who were victims to Skate Canada's false advertisements. At least get a Canadian lawyer's advice once the evidences have been gathered. It is not the first time Skate Canada has been dishonest. I remember for Skate Canada International, some people had their seats relocated involuntarily to make space for group tours (later reasoned as the seats having partially blocked views). This time the evidences are even clearer, and much more people are affected. (https://twitter.com/Paulinejae2/status/1143336687373881345?s=20) I hope Skate Canada can be held accountable for their actions, and that you guys may receive some form of remedy. Best of luck!
  11. [SOLD] 2x Saturday afternoon event tickets (men’s and pair’s free program and VC. Includes access to Saturday morning practice) Section 105 row M (row 12) (Middle of the row so it’s right at the center of the short side) Selling at discounted price of $50CAD Please dm if you are interested!
  12. Hi everyone, I am looking for two adjacent all event tickets in rows A-F, any section is fine. Please let me know if you have any extra set available for sell! Thank you!!
  13. It’s all good I don’t need to ask this question anymore. It’s warm enough in the arena to wear just a t shirt! Hi everyone, to anyone who went to yesterday’s show, or who’s familiar with the Makuhari Event Hall, what’s the temperature like in the audience stand? It’s my first time seeing an ice show during summer, so I’m wondering how much clothing is needed. (My seat’s not too far from ice) thank you!
  14. My life is complete. Time to finally witness the skating god in live And him deciding to join all shows must be a good sign in terms of his ankle recovery right??
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