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  1. 如果你把这条信息发在"Community Talk: tickets and meetup"版块的Skate Canada贴,应该会有更多人看到。 也可以试试这个fb群组 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1938256079778873/
  2. 你是讲change.org吧,这不是日本网站,而是美国的,全球许多国家的使用率非常高,应该就是最大的国际请愿网站了。可能因为一些人的浏览器设定,点开来看到是日文界面,主页右下角可以更换为英文
  3. He’s taken all 10 spots in today’s top 10 CM ranking, and 14 spots in top 20 if you go down further on the list
  4. Today I woke up to Christmas arriving early and died of sheer happiness coming from pure fluffy Yuzuru (and then my friend revived me on note that we have yet to witness 4A. Can’t die quite yet)
  5. Nooooo that is devastating news QAQ Lorando Muffin’s channel was such a gift to the world...
  6. Yes the problem here is right of publicity. I'm not well versed on this topic, but exploiting a person's likeliness and name for commercial gain without their consent is very likely illegal where TSL is based in, and where they are selling these merchandises to. The skaters depicted on their merchandises are unlikely to take any legal action, so TSL is really taking advantage of knowing this as well. Their previous attitudes only add to how ironic and dispicable this entire situation is.
  7. I secretly suspect the same since the swell mostly look subsided...but that would be so unfortunate especially because Yuzuru has such beautiful hands Hopefully this is not the case and his pinky will soon heal......
  8. I don’t know if this has been brought up before since I’m only a third through the thread when this realization hit...but what a name Pooh-san has: WINnie the Pooh
  9. It is absolutely beautiful and heartwarming when your loved ones understand your passion. You and your mother seem to share a very supportive relationship, and that support never leave you, ever. May your mother rest peacefully knowing that there is a source of happiness and healing to guide you through this very difficult time. I truly wish that you find solace.
  10. Riceball


    Despite being a new fan who doesn't really post and doesn't even have the time to come lurk often, I was curious about how this wonderful community came to be. After a bit of looking around, I felt such admiration for you guys and wanted to chip in little... Seems like an amazing Yuzu attracts some similarly amazing people. Great work!
  11. Coming back after watching Romeo and Juliette in opera...I can appreciate this program even more. The opera had glamorous stage sets and lighting design, dialogues, lyrics, an entire orchestra, numerous supporting characters, and 2.5 hours...Yuzuru had his music, choreography, and skating. Yet he told the story in 4.5 minutes. Of course some lines and sentiments were skipped, coming from a 16/17 year old and in such short time frame, but wow the frankness is so pure. And for the millionth time, kudos to Nanami-Sensei for this piece.
  12. I had enough struggles through the normal questions...and then the bonus is really just pure evil Of course it's Seimei though
  13. YESS that is exactly it!!! Sorry for the late reply I was off internet for the past while. Thank you so much!!!
  14. OK,国内可以上官网购买就好,谢谢你!
  15. 你们好,请问gpf购票网站在国内刷的顺么? 时差党夏天回国,不知道如果那时候出余票的话能不能买到,提前计划下 谢谢
  16. Chopin Ballade on both tries The description fits quite well though. I wonder what is associated with h&l....
  17. It's not this one unfortunately...In the video I look for he is older than shown here and wears a gray uniform. So he would have been in high school and not middle school. ((Why I remember the details but simply can't find the video anymore Thank you for the help regardlessly!
  18. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a video where they followed Yuzuru to his high school. He was sitting at his desk looking through the textbooks and saying how he doesn't know the contents (because he had been missing a lot of school)...they might have also commented on his good grades at school. Does anyone know which show this was? Thank you in advance!!!
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