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  1. That actually makes me realize for the first time We have quite a few food related usernames Cinemacoconut (myself) Sparklesalad There were few others which I can't remember.
  2. Well would Tracy tell Yuzu about Planet Hanyu? Haha I wish she did! I think if our japanese users became more active and more japanese people joined he may know of this site for sure! Until then we just hope he lurks
  3. I reckon he searches himself on youtube and reads the english comments on his vids. I don't know about googling. Isn't yahoo more often used in Japan? I wonder if he also looks up western comments about himself as much as Japanese comments
  4. Can we have a GIF of Yuzu dancing ? Like when he is excited
  5. How long did it take you?? I'm curious. I tried before but I always gave up haha
  6. In the off season who will join me in trying to read every page on General Yuzuru Chat? I'm guessing it will take me over a month to bookmark and read the whole thread
  7. Can I just mention here that I find it strange other skater fans are obsessed with sending their skaters to TCC? I'm not talking about Boyang. I am not talking about Wakaba. But as many of you who lurk on Golden Skate will know the rumor by now ******* fans are keep on piling rumors that their skater is moving to TCC using social media speculations even when the skater and their current coach themselves denied coaching changes. Like I know Orser is an amazing coach probably the most well rounded coach artistically and technically, but I find it annoying how other skating fans are so feverent upon making up speculations that their skater is coming to TCC. I wish it stopped but it is only getting worse.
  8. She has great skating skills so I think it will come true.. On further note I now don't believe the Wakaba moving to TCC rumor anymore because other skaters like Zagitova are already training their new SP and announced it, and Marin have already moved to Rafael while we have zero news of Wakaba moving to TCC. Maybe it was just a rumor by now.
  9. No they come down slowly. The recent 3 season points just get updated every year
  10. There just seems to be something in his DNA that makes him super slim. His body is perfect for figure skating because he is just naturally thin and does not struggle with weight issues.
  11. A part of me wants him to try a different choreographer for new experience. Not david wilson though.. He can choreo the Gala EX but not the FS nor SP. But maybe yuzu will stick to Jeff doing SP and Shae doin FS. Or maybe he will spice things up and lets Shae do SP and Jeff do FS. Who knows. Maybe Misha Ge? Lol.
  12. About Yuzu and his white lies. With Alina Z confirming Phantom as her SP, and many others like Shoma going to Wilson for Choreo, and many others like Osmond going to TCC for Choreo much earlier, I am speculating maybe Yuzu's "I don't know what music I am doing for next season" may also be one of his "white lies". I imagine he has been searching online for music after olympics and maybe at this point Jeff and Shae know what music he is considering at this point. When did he first showcase Chopin Ballade No.1 in 2014? Anyone know what month he revealed it?
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