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  1. Hi @Daphne, we have an unofficial Telegram. I'll PM you the link!
  2. Gusto ko rin manood ng ladies, pairs, and ice dance Yay! Crossing my fingers na, sana makakuha tayong lahat ng ticket/s!
  3. @spacekittylei, wala pa 'yung group, naisip ko lang gumawa ng isa Btw, is the YuzuruHanyuPH FB group super active? I'm planning on going to Worlds as well, but that depends on whether I can get tickets. Patayan na naman 'to, haaayy Kung interesado kayo dun sa Telegram group, please post/PM me your usernames na lang. Thank you, hihi
  4. Hi guys! I'm Dianne, nice to meet you all Bagong season na, magiging active na ba ulit 'yung thread? x) Nakita ko na dati, pero ngayon lang ako nakapost. ^^; Anyway, may gumagamit ba sa inyo ng Telegram? May interestedo ba sa inyong sumali ng figure skating group chat (90% Yuzu, 10% other skaters, idk) for updates, form new friendships (charot), etc?
  5. I can help, but I'm in cat B for the SP and C for the FS (cry). Not sure if I can successfully throw anything on the ice
  6. This one? This would be a nightmare to bring to Korea. Would this even be allowed into the arena? Lol
  7. I'd like to wear something Pooh-related during the men's events at PC but I get so easily self-conscious I'm determined to throw a Pooh plushie on the ice though
  8. Oh, this is lovely!!! What a way to make the holiday season more magical I'm definitely adding this to my to-do list if and when I go to Moscow in the winter. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! You can't just post that here without leaving his number! I kid, I kid
  9. I once told a Japanese friend that Yuzu looks so young, and she just looked at me strangely and said "What, he looks like a regular 22-year-old." Okay then
  10. Every time I get a cold, I realise just how much I've been taking fresh air for granted. It's difficult to breathe right now. Me trying to breathe through my mouth:
  11. Hello! I’m a bit nervous because it’s been quite a while since I participated in a forum dedicated to one specific person. (Is my age showing yet, haha) I became a fan of Yuzu before Sochi and that was because of my friend who kept tweeting about him. x) I was already a casual figure skating fan because of my sisters who were into US figure skating during Michelle Kwan’s time, and I was a casual observer of Yuna and Mao when they were still active. I’m not as well-informed about Yuzu as everyone else here is, but I really do love watching him skate. I prefer his skating over anyone else’s It's nice to meet you all!
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