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  1. Usually is, some people can not make entire events. As long as you give it back when original owner show up. At 4CC last year, entire judge side were blocked for practice day, so people had to sit whatever available, but didn’t see any problem.
  2. FYI SKATE CANADA CAMERA POLICY: The Skate Canada Spectator Camera Policy is in place at events to protect the safety of athletes and to ensure a distraction-free environment for all spectators. Personal photography is permitted by spectators but cannot impact the viewing ability of others. All photos taken during the event must be for personal use only and captured on a small digital camera or mobile device. The following is not permitted at Skate Canada events: Flash photography to ensure the safety of the athletes Camera bags and large camera equipment such as tripods Professional cameras and/or detachable lenses greater than 6 inches or 200 mm No video recording of any type is permitted within the venue during the competition. Unauthorized sale, commercial use and/or third-party distribution of photos from events are strictly prohibited. Only accredited team members are permitted to videotape their skater or team from rinkside during practice. Spectators who do not abide by these restrictions risk having their camera confiscated or being removed from the event by the venue security staff. Hope you have a great time!
  3. Thanks to shanshani, SparkleSalad, jitterbug70 for quick reply to answer my question. I usually not too happy about credit card charges, but this time, I hoping for full charge will come
  4. Hi, first time to post my comment here. I have a question for those who applied for NHK. Is your credit card got a verification charge for full price you applied for? It is still pending, but my credit card on line statement showing full price for all event ticket. Usually only couple of cents, have never seen full price charge for verification before.
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