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  1. It is, but for the SP it may be more understandable. I hope she doesn't stay in the comfort zone for the FS.
  2. From today's clips it really seems it'll be this free skate music (or at least part of it). If it's true then it's a brilliant choice It's something different than what she has done so far, it's very mature and a serious piece of music, I think it'd suit her really well!
  3. Yes, I meant that music! Yuzu's dance was brilliant I remember how he stood by the boards and you could see that he was planning something because there was a mischievous smile on his face. And a moment later he started to dance to Korobushka!
  4. Alexander Abt worked with Team Hungary More pictures: http://moksz.hu/galeria/2019-majus-mukorcsolya-valogatott-osszetarto-edzotabor
  5. Dracula should be interesting for him I'll miss his Tetris program music (not the program itself though)
  6. @Fay says he has a fiancée now, he is not married...yet!
  7. Disappointing choices for Kolyada next season He could do so much better than Scorpions too...
  8. There are some rules like, for example the Top 3 at Worlds can't meet each other in any of the GP events. It also depends on other things, Worlds placement/World Standing/Season's best placement etc. + preferences of the hosting federation etc. We have a new thread here where we can talk about GP assignments:
  9. In around a month GP assignments will be published for the season 2019/20. Those who finished Top 12 (singles) or Top 10 (ice dance) at the previous World Championships are guaranteed two spots and those who are in the Top 24 in World Standings or are in the Top 24 in the Season's Best list are guaranteed one spot. Link to Worlds results Link to World Standings Link to Season Best results GP schedule 2019/2020: Event Date Skate America October 18 - 20 Skate Canada October 25 - 27 Internationalux de France November 1 - 3 Cup of China November 8 - 10 Rostelecom Cup November 15 - 17 NHK Trophy November 22 - 24
  10. Thank you very much! I tried it and it is delicious. It's fine tea powder and I needed paper tea strainer (that is like a filter).
  11. Ice Jewels Vol. 10 video review: ETA: you can't see it in the video but there's a nice Origin poster in it
  12. Same. I haven't heard about her before, so I had to check her on wikipedia She's a 17-year-old singer/songwriter from the US.
  13. Last year we got some photos from the rehearsal and the Olympic Channel did some instastories during the show We'll see how it goes this year! The thread is now open and we can discuss everything about Makuhari here
  14. Komatsubara/Koleto new programs: RD: Dream Girls FD: Lord of the Dance
  15. My mother got green tea as a present from a Japanese friend but we don't understand what's written on it and how to prepare it (I haven't opened the bag yet ). Could someone who speaks Japanese please help me to translate what's written on it?
  16. I think moving to pairs wasn't in question. She trained with Pitkeev in Gorshkov's group, in the summer of 2017 but it didn't work out either. I haven't heard of a career-ending injury.
  17. Those photobooks worth every though Which PC Memorial did you find? There are two of them - the March issue doesn't have gala pictures but everything else is great (SP+FS pics, practice, press conf, venue & medal ceremony photos) + 90% Yuzu content, almost 100 pages. I don't have the May issue but it has Swanyu pictures in it.
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