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  1. Apparently Ledecky is sick that's why she WD. So there's a good chance for Ajna to get a medal.
  2. She's really dominant that's why it surprised me she lost in 400m. Tokyo will be very exciting.. Btw dominance: Katinka won gold in 200 m medley and she became the first woman who won the same event at four different World Championships. It was her 61st consecutive victory in 200 m medley - she is unbeaten since 2012. That's just incredible and this victory is quite symbolic considering her struggles lately. She talked about how difficult it was to return this year and if she hadn't taken a half year off last year she'd have died, which describes how exhausted she was and how her husband used her until she couldn't handle it anymore in 2017. TV Asahi had a life-size Katinka paper figure and when she was walking by she stopped and trolled Shuzo when he was talking about the swimming events live on TV. I haven't found a video yet but I need to see it!
  3. He performed well at Worlds this year, considering his situation. And he won both of his GP events with Origin, for the first time in his senior career. LGC was a difficult program and even if he had problems with it at Worlds or 4CC, he skated to it very well at GPF, and with the good score there he was able to win his fourth consecutive GPF gold medals. He also landed the first ever 4Lo during SP at ACI that season. Sometimes I am superstitious, too but it is not related to his hair To me his hair looks different in Seimei, Chopin, or H&L anyway.
  4. Congratulations to Daria and Misha. Now I understand why Misha visited Budapest a couple of times in the past years, it was during the time when Daria skated with Magyar.
  5. Thank you very much for sharing it. It's so beautiful! Amazing job!
  6. These look pretty. Here you can find a small guide how to embed pictures. The link should end in .jpg or .png, on imgur just click on 'open new page' and copy it here, the link will be automatically embedded. -> right click-> open pic in new page-> pic
  7. I am sad for Gege because he really had a good chance to be a World Champion here and the asthma attack came the worst time. What he said about his grandparents and how they motivated him to finish the race was touching. He always lived in the shadow of his Olympic champion brother - who's very supportive of him - so a (gold) medal would've been such a big success for him. Katinka seems to be in good form at her first Worlds without her ex husband-coach, she's ahead of the field by 2 seconds on 200m medley. Hope everything goes well tomorrow. Peaty is crazy good...a WR already in the semifinal And I was happy about Ledecky losing the 400m freestyle final...I was cheering for Ajna who narrowly missed the podium, by 0.02 second. She's improving steadily so a medal next year would be very good.
  8. It's early and Gogolev has a new coaching team but now his programs are empty without any complexity. And this with just triples, 2As. What is he going to do if he'll add quads and a triple Axel?
  9. Good idea! It'll be easier to gather members here than in the main GPF thread which goes fast.
  10. Anyone can see the content in spoilers, guests included. So far we organized meetings in private messages, then only those can see the spreadsheats who are members on the forum and are going to the competition.
  11. This makes me sad. He said no one remembers you if you lead 90% of the race but you finish 10th in the end.
  12. Gogolev's new free skate is a medley of Peter Gabriel songs (The Rhythm of the Heat, Darkness and Red Rain): ETA: On Youtube: Choreo by.... .... yeah, you guessed it right, Shae-Lynn.
  13. Same here, I vividly remember those painful hours last year. It is still hard to process that he is gone. Rest in peace, Denis.
  14. The pictures shouldn't be anywhere because it would be best if everyone respected his and his family's privacy.
  15. It's better if those pictures remain on weibo. It's sad that someone follows him and his mother in Canada and takes pictures of them.
  16. I still have one bar Ghana chocolate that I bought last February when I was in Korea. I bought it only because of Yuzu! I would like to melt it into a Hot chocolate like he did. Anyone knows the recipe? (I am sure I read one before but I don't know anymore where...).
  17. Team Japan is going to be interesing! Kao apparently jumped 4T and 4S at the JGP selection competition, so I'm curious if he'll get a spot. It'd be the first time that Shun, Kao and Yuma compete against each other at JGP. I hope Nastya will be fine, too. It'd be great to see her in JGP series. Tarusina also stays in junior it seems. I'm also looking forward to Sinitsyna - she's a lovely skater. Valieva's and Alysa Liu's debut will be ofc exciting to watch. I also hope Alysa will focus more on the quality of her technique and overall improvement of her skating.
  18. I feel Roger lost it more than Novak won it. Overall he played better but as you say, in the most crucial points including his championships ball he made very costly errors. But congrats to Nole as well, his mental strength is quite fantastic. Hope it won't haunt Roger as much as 2008...but it was really painful to watch as a fan. He said he's skipping Montreal and we'll see him in Cincinnati next time. Physical recovery will take some time. And now that Wimbledon is over, I'll focus on some other sports the next few weeks. Fencing World Championships is this week in my city, it's a qualifying event for the Olympics. Aquatics Worlds is something that I always enjoy to watch, too. It has started last week and Hungary won the first gold medal, I am really happy about that. One touching moment was that when he won the gold medal, he put his medal around the neck of a Sudani swimmer who finished 61st - last place. The officials wanted the Sudani swimmer to stop because he reached the time limit of the race, but he insisted finishing the 5km distance. So the gold medalist went to him after the race and told him he's a champion, too because he didn't give up and finished the race - and he put his gold medal around his neck. We have many great swimmers, and water polo is also strong (though not as strong as 10-15 years ago when our men's team won three consecutive Olympic golds!). Canoeing Worlds - another qualifying competition for Tokyo 2020 - is coming in August in my country and I have a ticket for one day. And when that one is over, we'll have the first junior Grand Prix event, so the figure skating season will start then!
  19. Samodurova's new programs: SP: Bamboleo by Gipsy Kings FS: Roxanne from Moulin Rouge
  20. New interview with Medvedeva on ISU's site https://www.isu.org/figure-skating/news/interviews-fsk/12658-evgenia-medvedeva-rus-embraces-changes-in-her-skating-and-her-life?templateParam=15
  21. Only a bit more than a month and we'll have the first JGP Event! The assignments for JGP Courchevel will come out within a week or so (deadline is Friday this week). There are many skaters who're turning senior this season - the 3As of course, then You Young, Yelim Kim, Ting Cui, Koshiro Shimada, Mitsuki Sumoto, Tomoki Hiwatashi, Conrad Orzel, Camden Pulkinen, Roman Savosin, Ice Dancers Shevchenko/Eremenko, Lajoie/Lagha and Pairs JWC gold medalists Mishina/Galliamov so we won't see them in the juniors next season. But there'll be others who's not moving up and staying (at least partially) - Grassl will do the JGP series probably, Petr Gummenik and Andew Torgashev will also stay junior. I will also be curious how Gogolev will skate next season now that he's training with Raf. Samsonov, Eteri's wunderkid will debut in the juniors, he just turned 14 two days ago. I'm mostly curious about Shun, finally he will also debut in the JGP series should have happened a long time ago tbh .He'll have three quads and two 3As in the free skate (Romeo and Juliet ) - which will be a big weapon! I'm really looking forward how he'll do, and can't wait to cheer for him.
  22. It's possible. The translation is short and maybe something got lost in it.
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