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  1. No, she didn't do solo 3A in the SP because it's not allowed. Solo jumps are prescribed for juniors, this season it was 3Lo. So Alysa had to put the 3A in combination. As for Yuzu it'd be way too risky to put 4A in the SP, it would only make sense in the FS.
  2. I am not sure if it will be back on CDJapan, usually things sell out fast there. I'd also prefer CDJapan but will probably order it on Amazon if there are no other options. I guess the same time when the other Citizen pictures were taken...a very long time ago.
  3. The pairs free skate video is blocked so I couldn't rewatch it. But I searched for Stolbova and Klimov's video because it was such a great skate.
  4. I was looking forward to watch GPF men's events and Pyeongchang gala too but I'll travel abroad tomorrow and come back on Sunday and I won't have enough internet data to stream the events on my phone. I will rewatch the videos if they'll be up later. I hope you guys will have fun watching the streams! Maybe I will have time to read your posts though (so please post a lot!!)
  5. It's good that the publisher will try to make it available and that it's back on Amazon because the demand for this photobook is so high. It was also on CDJapan a few hours ago, but it is already no longer available there. https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-2501371?s_ssid=e31aca5ed9f561f000
  6. Yes because on the link I posted, first you click on this: And then here: Google is my best friend and I just usually search for example "2015 GPF isuresults" and I can find all the protocols with just two clicks.
  7. Rinkresults does show the scores, see Yuzu's SP page from 4CC for example: http://www.rinkresults.com/judges-scores?competition_id=2612&race_id=1 And on the ISU one, click on Starting order/result details on any competition link and you'll find all the protocols by clicking on "Judges scores (pdf)". I prefer the ISU results page because it's easier to find the list of judges and open the pdf with all the scores. There is also SkatingScores which is very helpful.
  8. The Liszt Academy stream old concert on their facebook, I like to listen to some of their concerts sometimes. Today they are streaming Bartók's String quartet no 5. I can't imagine how shocking this must have sounded in the early 1930s
  9. I definitely saw the price and pre-order option a few hours ago, I think it's sold out already.
  10. Quoting myself here because Yaguchi's photobook (from Hochi) is now available on Amazon as well. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4831901660/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awdo_c_x_Sd11EbGMM2D2A
  11. Haruomi Hosono was asked to write an album for MUJI (which is a Japanese product line of households products) in the early 1980s before their first shop was opened. This music was used as background in MUJI stores. Very strange and mysterious ambient. I hope similar music is still played in some of the shops. Here the music that is usually played in stores go on my nerves. Pop and very loud. Makes me turn back and leave the shop within a minute XD
  12. All three photobooks look promising. I have always liked the Ice Jewels one but the reviews of the previous Dancin'on the edge photobook were also good. I haven't ordered anything for a long while, so I'll think about which ones to buy a bit later.
  13. Kaitlyn and Andrew were great in the short dance here, it was a very nice classical waltz with good balance of technique and expressions. I liked the Shibs a lot, too, it's a shame they skated in the first group, they could've been in the Top 3 otherwise. The programs of Anna/Luca and Madison/Evan were too much imo. I quite liked Madison and Donohue here too.
  14. The Yuzu and Javi picture is from the Ice Jewels photobook. The Ice Jewels one always contains pictures taken by Nobuaki Tanaka.
  15. Adam Siao Him Fa left Brian Joubert and he is now coached by Laurent Depoully Great picture of Kevin Aymoz in Courchevel
  16. Yes, it's another one from Hochi Shimbun, and it'll be released on 17 June. So there'll be three photobooks released in June, the Ice Jewels season photobook which came out yesterday, the Hochi photobook and Dancin'on The Edge3 on June 19.
  17. Welcome to the Planet! On page 127 there is a handwritten message from Yuzu. He's a translation of it:
  18. Kovtun gave an interesting interview and he talked about coaching, quads, and he even mentioned Yuzu Maxim Kovtun: Orser gives more freedom to an athlete, Tutberidze has more clarity and discipline
  19. The Cricket Club is probably the nicest ice rink that I've seen before, mainly because of the wood and its colours, it has a 'warm' atmosphere to it. While most ice rinks look more plain or have a more 'cold' atmosphere. I also like the big windows and the restaurant behind them, it just looks so fancy.
  20. They don't show the interview? I hope they'll show it at the men's event!
  21. Her jumps were much smaller than these days, and the improvement on her 2A is the most visible maybe. Her skating has improved a lot over the years. That score was really so high in her first senior season. 72+ PCS and close to the WR
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