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  2. Oh, I'm looking forward to that! The first BTS Village episode was so much fun...I'm sure we'll be rolling with laughter at Joseon Dynasty BTS
  3. My all time favorite is Weverse translating Jin calling J-hope into sin. We have plenty of screencaps of all sorts of sins that Jin has confessed to thus far lmao.
  4. The performances are on YT. The Dyna outfit are *chefs kiss* I also like the PTD outfits a lot. They all look more and more beautiful everyday. This is a special tribute with a special surprise. I love their harmonies, absolutely beautiful.
  5. Weverse auto-translate function is so bad it could be a drinking game
  6. Exactly. The core of the problem is that many people in charge in this sport share exactly his attitude and way of thinking. They openly push this agenda ever since, both in the judging and the media narratives. To paint himself as a victim is downright tasteless, especially after all the blatant favoritism and candies he gets. The pinnacle of audacity is to push for more "masculine" and acrobatic skating, while scoring a WR with Rocketman. Of all possible music choices. My condolences to Elton John and the message he wanted to convey with that piece. It takes more than a video apo
  7. I always believe that skating reflects skaters' personalities somehow. Yuzu's skating is honest and sincere down to the tiniest details. When he skates, he gives everything. There's no hiding 'cos it's all out there on the ice. You fake something and most people can tell something is not quite genuine about. So what you put into skating has to come from the heart. You skate like you mean it. If your heart is not in, it will show in your performance. I don't get Nathan's skating because I don't really feel what he's expressing it (if he's trying to express, that is). I enjoy Donovan's skating e
  8. He.... doesn't actually say "I'm sorry" once. Acknowledging an "ignorant answer" is a first step but doesn't come even close to addressing the underlying issue. I doubt they'll change their "let's make skating straight again" PR strategy when it worked so well with judges so far. (Because there's a lot to unpack in how the media has pushed the "athleticism" angle in that regard)
  9. Today
  10. This photo sequence is an excellent prompt for some (respectful) creative fanfic right here. Oh the evolution You can never truly escape Taechwita lmao
  11. This morning, Momiji and Funa, Gold medalist and Bronze medalist of Skateboarding were on morning show. They were asked what they were talking during the game, and they said they were talking about "Rascal". Rascal is very very old anime and Funa listened to its song during her performances.
  12. Uncle Jinnie!!!! Omg, such good news!! This week started off so so well!! The suit was custom-made, as expected, same place that made his Wooshik show's one. I adore the colors, the accents, materials, the big bow, and mostly the man that took the suit to another level. As you can see I'm totally in love with this suit. And I think it was a deliberate choice that he chose purple https://www.instagram.com/p/CR0oHM6FEnT/?utm_medium=copy_link Ps: I love his sense of style! Very in line with my own aesthetics. I'd totally buy/wear many of the outfits that he had, g
  13. Thank you, that's shorter than I had imagined, I think I counted other competitions as well such as World Championships because every time I watch them, they won I remember Japan was stronger before, the current team is also not bad though.
  14. RunBTS! is back next week!!! And it looks like a lot of fun!!!
  15. He doesn’t admit his internalised views, just says “ignorant comments” - ignorant thoughts more like! And we know how long it takes people to change them! reading the sycophantic comments under the apology just made me fuming again!! It doesn’t just end with a sorry, the issue is much bigger and more ingrained than he acknowledges, and he doesn’t show much remorse for the hurt people felt at what he said. Also, he copied Yuzuru with his individual expression comment - given he had heard Yuzuru answer a similar question in an inclusive way, to come out with what he said in the interview s
  16. The two videos he did to celebrate are cool. Not a house fan but 20min of BTS remixed, not going to complain😁. I kind of liked what he did with Butter.
  17. It needs only few years of life experience to know how Nathan is merely a PR product and his words in this apology are all written by his own agency. He is just reciting what is told to him. As emotionless and insincere as his skating… he probably thinks showing some emotions might hurt his fragile masculinity To me, he is just an icon of overscored-privileged-homophobic skating. We all saw his true self and opinions in that interview when he wasn't given a script.
  18. We have quite a discussion about this hoolabaloo in the Team USA thread so feel free to come over. Anyway, this is somewhat off topic so I will say it just once here: I shared the same sentiments with some others. He issued this suddenly very eloquent, thoughtful apology, what, 6 days after the interview was out, including 4 days of it floating on youtube (likely to stay there if nobody said anything) and 2 days after (and only after) the backlash on social media. Textbook damage control, if you ask me. Oh well, he now officially belongs to the toxic masculinity club in my book. A
  19. So why was she chosen as the final torchbearer?
  20. It was written by his agency. And it was his agency that had the video removed pronto after Fanyus found that “slip up”.
  21. It sounds that he learnt that apology which was probably written by his agency. It isn't sincere.
  22. I am quite amused by seeing some people turn the whole debacle into Fanyus’ fault.
  23. Naomi Osaka is out of the Olympics, she hasn't even reached the quarterfinals...
  24. Love the first outfit. Goes so well with his white hair ... sadly, Hobi will go back to dark hair soon ... his hair is too damaged now from too much bleaching ...
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