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  2. The same. Numbers and protocols can tell more about judges and politics, not that much about skaters nowadays. I can already hear all of this artificial excitment that organizers and ISU will try to project in Montreal and all the explosive adjectives from commentator, whoever he/she will be. I will need a lot of wine to survive all the second hand embarrassement. And... award show...(although if Montreal won't be successfull competition for Yuzu, I think I will skip award show, probably don't be able to digest that). Happily, WC will be followed by some great ice shows with Yuzu to give us a chance to recover.
  3. I agree and am trying not to be worried (but will still be anxious). I just hope he can perform Seimei to his satisfaction, leaving for us a legacy of yet another great performance for the history book. As long as Yuzu can continue to perform the way he wants to perform, we will have memorable moments that will survive the test of time. No doubt he will be remembered long after his rivals are forgotten (Can you imagine rewatching that R*ck*tm*n performance 10 years from now??). I am sure NC will become a capable and very caring physician and I respect his decency and athleticism; yet his contribution to the world of art and performance will have come and gone, sadly. I had hoped for much more from him after his Bayadere - which had shown great promise of artistic growth and there had been a lot of talk about his balletic skills. Although I had initially welcomed this new rivalry with NC, now I am thoroughly disappointed. Meanwhile, Yuzu continues to amaze and will grow artistically in the years to come, irrespective of ISU scoring.
  4. there's some chance that the season may officially end with 4CC too, given the circumstances
  5. Honestly speaking. This season has inofficially ended for me with the great men's event at the 4CC in Seoul. I could watch and enjoy it without thinking about scores and bias and unfairness too much. For me THAT was figure skating. These kind of high quality events made me fall in love with this sport during the Yuzu/Javi cycle. Especially the short program reminded me of the good old days in Barcelona 2015, Helsinki 2017 and PyeongChang 2018, where the overall quality of the event was stellar. I don't have any hope or expectation for Montreal. As long as Yuzu gets the performances he wants and is happy with his personal achievements, I'm happy as well. Numbers don't mean anything in this system anyway. It's the magic moments that people will rewatch and remember for generations. That's my attitude at the moment.
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  7. The scores for Nathan Chen in GPF are vomit inducing. And like you well said before as long as personal best, seasonal best and WR are being recorded ofc it matters, I dont know who would try to argue that it doesnt lol I know who, clowns.
  8. Momento and Cirque Eloize on Art on Ice 2019 And it seems Art on Ice also has collaboration numbers with artists, so probably Eli Rose will be performing in a similar vein. Maybe with Cirque Eloize? Or maybe with skaters? Here's one of their shows with James Blunt Momento collab with V/T
  9. I don't know about the other 2, but Cirque Eloize is similar to Cirque du Soleil, also out of Montreal, I believe. I think they're also connected somehow... Montreal is known for Cirque creativity... so i guess they're wanting to promote local talent...
  10. A bit OT, but I went to change my lenses for the first time in a few years and I discovered that Seiko is a glasses/lens company as well as a watch one because of the numerous times the salesman waxed poetic about it and urged me to buy their lenses. Which got me thinking—Kose, Sekkisei and Ghana have already given Yuzu sponsorships; it’s Seiko’s turn! He already looks stunning in glasses, it’s just taking the logical step.
  11. That's what we thought, but then they said that they kept some for single days too. Organizers do what they want really. Last 2 CoRs there were better seats released later, so I changed mine and sold first ones (but you can't compare the price really)
  12. Fun fact: Yuzu could break 113 if judge had give him perfect GOE for 3 jumps in 4CC, no need higher GOEs on other elements or higher PCs. But ofc they didn't. Another fun fact: The best 4T3T Yuzu has ever done (in 4CC SP) is around 0.5 shy from max GOE, same as Chen's 4F3T GOE in GPF => apparently in judge eyes 2 combos have the same quality, just 0.5pt from perfection. What annoyed me most is not Chen's score is always inflated, but how it gets suddenly MOST inflated, like thru the roof in major comps (GPF, Worlds). Judge is so desperate for him to win those titles, they are so afraid he might lose to Yuzu with just "usual" inflation. Non-fans dont understand why Fanyu still complains when Yuzu alr got WR. Well judge underscored this new WR so it can be easily broken later.
  13. Oh, this may be interesting too Sorry, if already posted. She is showing more in this Feb. 26 tweet.
  14. emm, do I understand this well? Chisato said that team Japan won't take part in CdP?
  15. If you look at this without knowing the terms and situation here, Hanyu's hard expression, his good voice muttered naturally, and gesture wiping sweat violently, just make my eyes and brain nailed and my thinking ceased, and "Philip Sasarika" (Flip sasari-ka) sounded to my ears like a foreign language, and this looks like an important scene of a movie, where a genius scientist has discovered a new element or a detective has found a clue to solve a mystery, so I want the subtitle to explain. 刺さる sasaru (verb), 刺さり sasari (noun) - stab or stabbed - meaning UR in Japanese figure skating slung from its sign < .
  16. Responding to Prime Minister Abe's request, many public events have been canceled in Japan. Although the request was to cancel or postpone events scheduled until mid-March, some artists have already decided to cancel or postpone their concerts scheduled later. There isn't any ice show announced cancellation or postponement so far, but it is hard to predict how things will be in April. Please be sure to check the latest news before buying tickets or planning your travel.
  17. Thank you for this detailed post, I couldn't agree more... isu's doing is cristal clear, drives me crazy that there's nothing much that can be done!!... really don't know how Yuzu manages to deal with the situation - puting in everything he has & getting insulted by isu again & again with the horrible scoring... in this light I also find myselt dreading the Worlds soo much.. I really tried to block Siatama's & GPF's awuful Chenflashion from my mind & to concentrate on the positive things like gold 4CC and the Super Slam, but the reality of the Worlds is going to be very harsh... I remember watching Chen's skate at Siatama and by the middle of the FS I was in shock from the scores glowing on the screen.. all the inflated GOE's.. I couldn't believe my eyes... And still, hoping with all my might for a miracle, sending all the good energy to the Universe & all the love to Yuzu.... 🙏❤❤❤❤
  18. ...cute and clever, with bouts of brattiness, that's how I imagine it
  19. CUUUUUUUUUTE Wakaba has antenna too.
  20. Are they held responsible for releasing better seats later? I bought my ticket late, form another person, so I didn't read their initial statement of releasing best seats for all-event. But it seems logical to me to give the best seats to those who pay for the whole thing. Seeing what's going on lately with the release of better seats, I would complain as publicly as possible if they indeed made a statement first of giving the best seats to ell-event buyers. Honestly, makes you lose all faith in the process. Who'll buy all-event so early after this charade?
  21. Sendai is smart to realise what the most photogenic thing in the whole city is..
  22. You're not alone! I too am gripped by a sense of existential dread and general doom and gloom. The only solution is to just not care-- SOMETHING or the other is gonna be working against Yuzu in Montreal. I'm just looking forward to seeing him live again and hoping that he is able to skate to his very best, such that no one is able to deny his greatness. Something which helps in calming me down in these trying times is looping his best performances on repeat; I think I've watched GPF 2015 Seimei a million times by now. In short: KEEP CALM AND WORSHIP YUZU
  23. Here's more info about Samsonov's WD. Team doctor said that he has some problem with joints: https://rsport.ria.ru/20200228/1565328263.html
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