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    Amazing! I didn't notice this before. I think with Yuzu's programs, you can always discover something new every time you watch them, no matter how often you've already watched them. I'm telling you, one day an art school or university will offer a course called "The Art of Details - Deciphering Yuzuru Hanyu's Programs".
  4. Well then can they at least give us coffee to keep us awake through them?
  5. this is the type of cover that you hear in the book store or even a coffee shop like Starbucks open late...
  6. What is with this trend for dull and dreary covers of uptempo songs (and boring black costumes)?
  7. I like tassels but these are more like ribbons.....it's still OK, though.
  8. I know you all hate tassels but I’m here for this tassel party.
  9. Very lovely skate (but the music is terrible for where you’re sleepy. )
  10. Yuzu music again! Her hand movements are beautiful.
  11. That wasn't Young's day... But she's extremely talented. There are so many incredibly good and talented young lady skaters from Korea now. By the way, I didn't know that she has the same coaches as Vincent.
  12. Two Yuzu classics one right after the other, lol. R+J and then Paganini.
  13. Weird R + J cut (plus voiceovers, of course) for Young especially considering I just happened to watch Yuzu's ten minutes ago.....her dress is pretty but doesn't really match the program.
  14. Will I ever not see Yuzu in my head when I hear this music? Or expect a Junliet disco breakdown?
  15. Yaaay! Great job, Satoko! I really like it that she's trying out a different and new style. I also think that costume suits her very well.
  16. Satoko's (I mean, Sa-talk-o's) SP is.....an interesting fit. I don't hate it on her but it's probably because she's good enough to sell any music. Like Rika's SP, though, she needs more oomph.
  17. Idk about Satton SP. Really not my cup of tea, eh. Her SP last season was my favourite.
  18. Here for Satoko and to see what scores the judging wizards conjure up for Japanese ladies’ PCS this time. Sorry, Sataka.
  19. Use of lyrics should be approved on a case by case basis.
  20. Tried watching, found I can’t keep my eyes open - sorry, folks, bedtime for me!
  21. Its because they use katakana to write it in Japanese so autotranslate goes for “elephant.”
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