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  2. My dream now is to make friends with someone who is super into every discipline but men's and split a ticket with them.
  3. In the meantime... Skate Canada offers a Super Fan bag. Oh joy! Lol But yeah, I hope they include other perks with their expensive all-events. Fans should get something substantial in return at least.
  4. Hmmm... this time with these ridiculous prices, I don't think that the event will sell out. It's obvious that the organizers are counting on Yuzu fans to splurge, but with prices this high and absolutely no guarantee that Yuzu will actually participate, many fans might want to wait until single event tickets get released. And even with Yuzu participating, I wouldn't be surprised if only the men's competition will be sold out. The other competitions are likely to end up with half-empty seats. I'm totally disappointed because I really wanted to go, especially since I've never been to a World Championships before. And I also planned to do some sightseeing in Canada and visit a friend in Toronto during my trip, but with those prices, it's out of the question. Oh well, who knows, maybe I get lucky and win a ton of money in lotto until the tickets go on sale.
  5. Milano VIP packages: 1. Leonardo Judges Pack: Platinum Plus Numerato - € 1,640.00 2. Leonardo Board Pack: Platinum Plus Numerato - € 1,450.00 3. Gioconda Pack: Platinum Numerato - € 1,250.00 4. Vinci Pack: Gold Numerato - € 990.00 and the extras each included: Iirc these were only only available for the first few rows. Then they had those weird fashion and food packages, discount sales, 2 for 1 single ticket sales, just a whole bunch of stuff.
  6. Thinking about it now these prices are similar to the VIP package prices for Milano. Iirc though the VIP packages included access to special lounges with free snacks and drinks, and VIP ticket holders had their own entrance to the stadium. They probably had other perks I wasn't aware of. Milan did offer regular all-event tickets later on, which were a bit lower in price than the VIP packages. Can't remember now how much cheaper they were, but at least for the Gold category (4th category in the list below), it was about 200 euros cheaper. Worth noting too that Milan charged an additional ticketing fee over the prices they quoted, and iirc that added on anywhere between 30 to 70 euros to the price (will try to check my receipts later on to confirm this). Edit: Okay after checking my receipts Milano organisers actually charged a presale fee and service fee on top of the ticket price, totalling 130 euros additional to the list price (for the all event) ... yeah I know 🙄 Ig Helsinki and Saitama really were cheap in comparison. Even Boston it seems was notoriously expensive.
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  8. From Rostelecom Cup '17 I have Memorial, which has 20 pages of Swanyu and gala shenanigans as well. It is a smaller magazine in size but the quality of pictures is good and Yuzu content is almost 100% (the magazine has 125 pages overall). I recommend it.
  9. I feel really conflicted because I really want to go and can technically afford it (I don't spend money on anything except rent, food, and figure skating ) but I don't want to support this level of price shenanigans. At those price levels you might as well switch to an auction system, since at least whatever exorbitant prices result there will be the organic result of fan enthusiasm.
  10. I'm not gonna buy SC tickets hoping he'll go again this year. Fell for that two years in a row I'll have the page up and ready the moment GP assignments are going to be announced...heh.
  11. Maxim Belyavsky Max Aaron Artur Dmitriev Jr There's 2 different attempts on this video
  12. Saturday 5th October Saitama Super Arena https://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/japanopen2019/smp/ As usual, the gala is marketed as a separate event, Carnival on Ice https://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/coi2019/smp/
  13. The tickets are incredibly expensive, not sure how many fans can afford to give out that much money for a competition, not counting travel costs etc. Looking at the poster + the fact that the site is in Japanese too, it's obvious who is the targeted audience, but I am not sure if so many Japanese fans will be willing to go if they can go to cheaper competitons like GPF. For the price of P2 all-event ticket I travelled half across the world to watch the Olympic Games, including all accomodation+travel+any other costs. Even if it was only the men's event, it was the Olympic Games, not a World Championships that happen every year... For comparison, here are the prices for Worlds 2013 that was in London/Ontario: All-event, $1,130 - $1,356 Single event tickets, $90-$220 + Daily practice ticket $20-30 I think there were three categories, gold, silver and bronze. So the best all-event tickets next year will be almost double the price than it was at Worlds '13.
  14. Yes, I find that very very surprising, especially given that Dai hasn't decided whether he'll compete next year or not, as far as I know.
  15. I definitely won't be going in 2020 with those prices but for anyone that's wondering if the price/ice level ratio is worth it, here's my opinion: Montreal 2020 map / Saitama 2019 map My S level all-event tickets for Saitama were cheaper than the P3 level here (1365 CAD) and in fact were closer to P4 (1080 CAD). Of course in Saitama we could not choose our seats but I got lucky with 4 row short side, close to the kiss&cry and athlete entrance/coach area. Originally I was praying to NOT get short side, that was my only wish BUT LET ME TELL YOU it was the biggest blessing to get those exact seats. We tried seats on the first rows on the judges' side for a practice session but even if you are relatively close to the ice, there are so many cameras, judge/tech panel seats etc that obstruct the view. We also saw another program from the door/entrance at the top of S level judges' side (we could not get to our seats fast enough, those toilet queues anyone? ) and even there the skaters looked like ants. So in the end, from the short side, we could see better. The other side of the rink is not that far (what I feared) and when the skater is close to you, IT'S REALLY CLOSE. Another thing is how the arena is build. Saitama Super Arena has lower but deeper seating stands and from the pictures I saw of the Centre Bell, it has very steep, high-rise stands. So my guess is, if you get P4 and P5 seats (the highest up), it would be really high. Now the good thing is that in Montreal you can choose your seat (?) so my strategy for the best price-to-seat payoff would be: CHOOSE the lowest row/closest to the ice in the orange P3 area on a short side. That would be the first 4-5 rows of P3. Any higher than that imo is not worth that price. If you can afford the red price category P2 then, again, choose the closet to he ice row OPPOSITE the judges so that there are less cameras in the way. Maybe for the red close to the kiss&cry is good too, but don't choose orange behind the kiss&cry cus you won't see anything. tldr: If you decide to pay those bloodsuckers, then choose your seat wisely. Short side IS GOOD and the last rows are preferably avoided. Hope this helps
  16. Takagi Keiji pls Seriously: it would be so cool to have a show like 'Anime on Ice'. There are so many iconic soundtracks and beloved series all over the world like Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon, Detective Conan, One Piece, Dragonball, Naruto, Yuri on Ice and countless others. Just imagine the great costumes, choreos, nostalgia and fun. It's like rewatching your childhood on ice [and adolescence, too, of course]. Plus: Yuzu would have a nice setting to skate to Tokyo Ghoul
  17. Hi everyone, I moved all posts about Worlds 2020 ticket to its own thread, so that the discussion is not split in different places. It'll be easier to find posts later if the discussion remains in one thread.
  18. Lol what is this? I love how he lands on the podium on number two but he climbs on the first place Lol Although he is not the alien here 😜
  19. Lol all of the submissions to the banner competition are way better than this
  20. https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/stories/news/detail/japan-s-kohei-uchimura-reveals-everything-from-the-neck-down-is-painful/
  21. There's no exact number how many skaters for S level. But we often don't see equal number of each. Last year there's 4 men and 6 ladies, its depend on the fields and potentials since Jpn ladies is stronger than men atm. I also think Kazuki deserve to be in S level, maybe he will move up later Please, most of Japanese skaters are in IMG, single out Shoma and Dai is ridiculous. This list is always follow by Nationals results since 2012. Senior Nationals medalist are always on S level for next season, that's why Dai is there. Its true that Marin didn't qualify any criteria, she's 15th at Nationals and didn't have good international results either. And why the order of the name being that important ? Its doesn't effect to the funding that Yuzuru receive. If being last in order is an add on, then you could say the same for Satoko and Wakaba. I doubt Yuzuru would care so much when he see his name is in 4th. ------ A reminder again that this list will be updated after GP assginment out. Some skaters will moved up and some junior will be added by then.
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