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Yuzuru Hanyu Fan Banners


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Do you have banners that you bring to competitions? Or see banners posted by other fans? Share them here!


Here's one of mine:


And another one. This one is a lucky banner, it's only been to two competitions: 2017 Worlds and 2018 Olympics :)




I tried to find a picture of planet hanyu banner but i couldn't :O

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10 minutes ago, Old Cat Lady said:

How do you guys make these banners?  What materials do you use?  Or is there some company where you can get them made?

The first one that I posted was printed from Spoonflower, which lets you print anything on a variety of different fabrics. I printed mine on cotton. it's very lightweight and not very structured at all so you need to hold it really tightly otherwise it might fold in. The other one was printed at fedex and is more of a canvas and more structured.

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