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Judging system - Technical Panel Handbook

http://www.usfsa.org/content/2016-17%20 ... ingles.pdf


Special regulations and technical rules; Single& Pair Skating and Ice Dance

http://static.isu.org/media/1003/2016-s ... _final.pdf


Program Component Chart - Singles&Pairs, and Ice Dance

http://static.isu.org/media/1009/progra ... _08-16.pdf


Single & Pair skating, Scale of Values, Levels of Difficulty and Guidelines for Marking GOEs

http://static.isu.org/media/207718/1944 ... 5-2016.pdf

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RinkResults-Figure skating results



Stats on Ice



Figureskating Score Calculator



skate DB (Japanese Data Base but you can use it even if you don't understand Japanese)


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From the 2018/19 season









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Season 2019/20:



Ice Dance:

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