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From Zenya's last interview (make sure to delete this post when normal translation appears:smiley-laughing021:):


Yuzuru Hanyu was injured at this Grand Prix in Osaka. Do you want to tell him some words?

- Yes, very many athletes were very upset that Yuzuru was injured and couldn't perform. We don't meet in competitions often, but when this happens, then, as Misha Ge said, the three of us get along really well. Most importantly, I want to wish Yuzuru not think about anything, recover and work with fresh forces. I am sure that his relatives will support him. I wish him a speedy recovery.



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The whole passage by Adian Pitkeev about Yuzu (while commenting NHK with Julia Lipnitskaya; Adian obviously tried to find the best words as he didn't use to speak in public):

I don't know [for sure], but I think it's a bit difficult for them (skaters of the last group in men's FP) to skate now, because it could probably be hard for them to worry about Yuzuru. Because, as far as I know, the whole world of figure skating was not indifferent to this incident. And so are we. I want ... I don't know, maybe anybody from Yuzuru's fans will hear me ... I want to wish Yuzuru a speedy recovery. No one, probably, doubts that Yuzuru will overcome this difficult moment. Therefore ... Therefore, I still want to wish him luck *a deep sad sigh *. (He wanted to add something but Julia interrupted him).

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