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He is just pushing the trolley :67638860:

So many photos !




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Has this been already posted?


Asahi Shimbun photos:




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Brian knows what we all know - there is something special about  Yuzuru, something extraordinary.  Brian calls it something on a spiritual level...I have often described it as Yuzuru having a magic about him, he is magical, and whatever that magic is it touches our hearts and our souls, so yeah, pretty much agree with Brian!

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BTW...sounds like JPN media interviewed a japanese judge, who said he disagreed w/ scoring.




Too little too late, but it finally happened.



From the account @orangesrgd on Twitter. If you are here amongst us satellites, many thanks to you :) 



Anyway, sigh.....

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Seems like Yuzu will have to go to WTT >:(.  And Shoma too, not Yuma ! I'm really worried about him since Osaka is having a major spike in the number of Covid cases, about 50% with the UK variant!  Wonder if he was given no choice.  I thought he was "safe" from going when he landed in Tokyo, rather than Kansai.  I live close enough to Osaka to try for tickets, but since most Japanese have not been vaccinated, I think it's much to dangerous to hold an event that size and is totally irresponsible.



公益財団法人日本スケート連盟 (@skatingjapan) Tweeted:

#羽生結弦 #宇野昌磨 #紀平梨花 #坂本花織 #三浦璃来 #木原龍一 #小松原美里 #小松原尊 (Tim KOLETO) #2021WTT #フィギュアスケート https://t.co/24FRTco75z https://twitter.com/skatingjapan/status/1377173536238759936?s=20

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Took them a while, but hey :mellow:



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Sorry if this is not the right place for this but Yuzu is competing at WTT?!





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I still can't comprehend this. Yuzuru Extra Hanyu has landed 50 clean triple Axels in 51 international senior short programs.

This is so f*** awesome.

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Here's the WTT schedule if you don't want to give ISU a click:




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I have to add this because king shit XXL






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That's some impressive growth on weibo (from 2018)! 


Edit: Someone shared below that it's now at 1.19 million :0 





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Wow! @Henni147, Max quoted your analysis of Yuzu's triple Axels! :2thumbsup:


And yes, I agree, how can it possibly be that Yuzu's 3As still get much lower GOEs than they should considering their incredible quality?

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  1. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ex5SOCkXEAQBYsL?format=jpg&name=large



(Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNH1xGurXqB/?igshid=15jfn711nl6rq)


Did I say lines? Because his LINES, that kneebend, that back, that posture, that outside edge, that expression :sadPooh:

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I want to cleanse away the toxicity pervading the SNS world - which is, unfortunately, the common state of the "Human Condition"...


I found it charming that the 16th generation descendant of a branch of Uesugi family has his own twitter account.  He recently found out about Yuzu skating to the theme of TTCT and was astounded to see his twitter followers increase rapidly to more than 4000.  Apparently he had not watched JNats, and only became aware of Yuzu's choice of music just before the Worlds.   In this latest tweet, he sends his greetings to the many fans of Hanyu Yuzuru who started to follow him.  He reassures us that we don't need to be particularly interested on the historic Sengoku (Warring States) period to share tweets on this site, and welcomes us to get in touch with him with a light heart.  (I think he adds this note because it can be quite intimidating to be tweeting with a descendant of one of the most fearsome warriors of the Sengoku period!)


In his twitter profile, he mentions that he is doing his best to spread Lord Kenshin's Philosophy of Virtue and to ensure that this part of history will not be erased from the (Japanese) school text book.   Quite a number of Japanese fanyus have responded and are tweeting with him.



In this tweet just before Yuzu's Free at WC, he asks: "Is it time for Lord Hanyu (Hanyu-dono) to take to the battle field?  Wishing him a (warrior's) good fortune."   
I absolutely love that he uses the appropriate old Japanese phrases for warriors heading out to battle (Shutujin and Go-Bu-un).  




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Yuzu is scheduled to be in SOI Yokohama (4/25, 4/24, 4/22, 4/23)

This will only be Japanese skaters:  Men (Yuzu, Shoma, Yuma, Mura, Keiji, Sato, Tomono, Yamamoto) and women (Higuchi, Kihira, Sakamoto, Mihara...), dance (KoKo). Sorry for the mixture of first and last names.


A bit surprised he is doing this (please stay healthy and safe) because of the Covid cases rising in Tokyo, but perhaps he was contracted to do this, from last year when it was postponed.  Sadly, not being vaccinated, I don't feel safe to go there, sigh, even if it is only a 2-3 hour plane ride.

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Credit: @orangesrgd on Twitter 


Oh, Yuzu :( 


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Sorry if already post it.


Yuzu will take part in Stars on Ice Tour...




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This thread explains the sale of tickets - it seems the deadline for refunds was 31.3.21 so many people applied for refunds - all the skaters had been announced after worlds, except Yuzuru, announced today.  It seems the plan to do this was based on getting the crowd to reduce in size given the pandemic (the tickets were sold early last year), so Yuzuru fans are cross as they were singled out and also that this is a dishonest ploy.  Japanese fans are not blaming Yuzuru for this at all.


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Brian says some really nice things about Yuzu in this latest interview. Especially that take about the "spiritual level" when it comes to Yuzu, is great.

Also, Brian's shade that Olympics are a "different beast" than Worlds :giggle:

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Yes, for me this is a much more important news (in Japan):  The 16th generation descendant of Lord Kenshin - who had been leading a quiet life back in Echigo, bravely defending the legacy of Lord Kenshin from obvlivion - finally learned about Yuzu skating to TTCT because of the WC media.  He was amazed and grateful, and then he was even more amazed to find his twitter account suddenly gaining followers in the thousands within a day or two!   




Update:  his account now has 5000 followers, up by one thousand in one single day (mostly Japanese fanyus, I think)!   He is astoniched and speechless, apparently.  He thanks the new followers but also sends his appreciation to all his followers from the earlier days.  What a kind and thoughtful person!   


The exchange is like a living legend (Hanyu) connecting with an historic legend (Lord Kenshin) through this intermediary person.   He uses a very polite, old turn of phrase, and one can imagine Lord Kenshin himself commentating on Yuzu's performance and life choices.  I look forward to following this thread in this pre-Olympic season. 





Shoma talks about the World Championship

Yuzu's part

Source (translation)





The H&E costume gets 10 score from me:67638860:


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I posted Asahi Shimbun article with photos of the Worlds earlier.

I just noticed some might not have noticed the whole photo gallery linked.  So, just in case.  


Kiss & Cry Photo Gallery 



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BTW Max's this tweet has been made into a web article with @Henni147's analysis :) 




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ISU issued a communication three days ago, about virtual skating events with remote judging.



[NEWS] ?



From Citizen weibo










Congratulations to Yuzu :clapclap4:







Wishing all satellites  HAPPY EASTER    





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And a baby Yuzu 



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Fans are tweeting about the destructive power of Yuzu when they've seen him for the first time in real life.



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I missed Figure Skate TV on BS Fuji today :sad-smiley-046:

So, thank you for the uploader of Yuzuru's interview after the Worlds shown on the program  :8122685:




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Whole interview of the video from Fuji TV in Japanese text, and rough translation by DeepL and me.



To be honest, of course I feel frustrated, but I was able to show the results of my training in the areas that didn't lead to points, so I think I was able to reap some benefits.



Also, of course, I was wondering until the very last minute whether or not to participate in this World Championships, and in March, right before leaving Japan, the earthquake happened, and I was feeling like, "Does this mean I shouldn't participate?",  or, "In the first place, should I be allowed to participate under these circumstances?", I wondered again. Well, after all I came here, but the reason why I came here was simply to win the spots and lead it to the Olympics, so my main objective was not to win or lose, but to contribute to winning Japan's spots as the national champion.


Well, actually, if I had been able to make no mistakes and win the Worlds this time, I think I would have been quite satisfied within me. But I wasn't allowed to do that, or how to say, I was going up the stairs steadily, and I think I went from the practice (before FS) to six-minute practice in a perfectly good shape, but there was a slight deviation, and the actual performance fell apart gradually. But, well... I think it was a good thing after all. I think "Ten to Chi to" was completed without Axel (4A) at the Nationals, so I felt like being told that I had to show the complete program with Axel (4A), and that's my motivation now.


You know, 

The greatest sarcasm to ISU from Yuzu without noticing :graucho: :  "I was able to show the results of my training in the areas that didn't lead to points"

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Sorry, but I just couldn't not :mischief:




PS: It might be that I forgot to count a Yuzu video... or two... gomen Yuzu!

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Talking about Yuzu's popularity in China. Chinese commentators are always full of praise and admiration for Yuzu. It's obvious they're highly professional and have excellent taste.


If you ask me, even from a completely neutral standpoint, you simply have to admire Yuzu's absolutely astonishing abilities and skills both as an athlete and as a performer, his greatness as a sportsman and competitor as well as his wonderful character. :tumblr_inline_n18qrbDQJn1qid2nw:

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I watched the CBC broadcast of the Worlds gala and thought I would transcribe the commentators' words, for those who speak other languages or who might want to translate. :) 


https://www.cbc.ca/player/sports/figure skating "Road to the Olympic Games: 2021 World Figure Skating Championships - The Gala" video


Commentators: Brenda Irving, Kurt Browning, Carol Lane


Some of the performances in this broadcast were moved around and some were cut. Yuzu was the second-last skater shown. He appears around 1:23:00.


Unlike many of the other performances from this broadcast, none of the commentators spoke a single word during Yuzu's performance.


BI: An absolutely lovely skate by the 2-time World and Olympic champion, and you know, the less I hear from the two of you, the better the skate I know it is.


KB: He had me at "konnichiwa." [A joke referring to a famous line "you had me at hello" from the movie "Jerry Maguire," which one character says to another to tell him she still loves him.]


CL: I don't really know what that was about, and I don't care.


KB: Don't care.


CL: Because it was just so beautiful.


KB: So many lovely moments, so calm, so peaceful, great acting with his face. (CL: Yes.) I think what - that story he was telling, he believes in it from the bottom of his blades. (CL: Yes.) That was beautiful.


["From the bottom of his blades": a joke referring to the saying "from the bottom of your heart", meaning he believes in what he's doing with his whole heart.]


CL: So authentic and just - joyous. There was a joyousness through the whole thing.


KB: And this triple Axel was a flourish - to have the camera that close and to be a part of it, it was so exciting.


["a flourish": Kurt probably means that the 3A wasn't even really needed but was another beautiful/cool thing Yuzu showed he could do well, on top of what was already in the program, like a "cherry on top."]




I like their comments here because it speaks to the discussion that has been happening about the use of "ethnic" or non-Western music. Some prominent people have spoken up about Asian skaters using Asian music, saying that it's a bad choice because it won't be understood by non-Asian people and therefore will not be appreciated. Carol and Kurt did not seem to have that problem at all. They admitted they had no idea what the program was about, couldn't understand the lyrics, but they loved it anyway and were captured by the way Yuzu was emoting. Kurt understood that Yuzu was telling a story and was moved by it, even if he didn't know what that story was. That is how figure skating should be. The story doesn't have to be relevant to your culture in order for you to appreciate it! :wink_star:



This seems to be a piece of news on the WTT. According to Google Translate, Yuzu is saying "Become the light of someone".


You are our light, Yuzu! :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:

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Yuzu talks in ISU's newest podcast from 21 min 55 secs:



His English is good :heart:

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Translation from Iron Klaus for Yuzu's thoughts on his message



Edit: I don't remember if this segment has been subbed before but here's a translation. 



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Aaaaand, it's in the newspapers already :D








You are our light, Yuzu :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:

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The Ice Skating Podcast - Yuzu's part. Nothing new really, he has mentioned the stuff he talked about before in his interviews, but it is so nice to hear him speak. His English is beautiful too :)


PS: It doesn't sound like he will return to TCC any time soon, but if they can make it work then so be it.

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Have this been posted? Umedon is back with a subbed video of TenChi with so many background info on the music and history. 



Now I appreciate you even more for all the hard work that went into these beautiful videos. I'm grateful for any that you have chosen to do and will archive them all. 


Edit: These little tidbits from fans are so precious. They really show Yuzu's great character, even from a young age. His family must have been so proud they raised such an upright young man!




 Edit1: More cute baby Zu



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SOI broadcasting information




If I am understanding this right, there will be live (?) broadcast on Friday and Saturday and they will broadcast Sunday too with some special content on 5/30. Hopefully someone with better Japanese will correct me and explain more...




The fanboy strikes again :gla:


Well, if Yuzu won't bring the booty shakey, we know where and whom to demand for it in the future :rock:


Edit: He mentioned a whole lot more, re: singing praises about Yuzu and the Hanyu axel. @Paskud has posted in the 2021/22 Program Announcement thread. Go check it out :rock:

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Now this is making me quite bitter. Will WTT count for points? If it does then maybe that could be the silver lining of the whole event. If Yuzu manages to skate in a good form then maybe he can get some extra points. Crossing my fingers and toes 'till they hurt!






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I love how C-chan always waxes poetic about Yuzu. But he deserves it. :girlsigh:


I have to say I liked the design of the Notte Stellata watch much better. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to buy it last year. I would've prefered for Citizen to use Origin 2.0 costume as an inspiration for the new watch. This one looks a bit plain for my taste.

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It seems the WTT time schedule is out.



[NEWS] ?

More trolly pushing Yuzu photos :laughing: in dramatic black and white.




This will surely be reported later, but Mishin was super complimentary towards Yuzu in an interview, saying that he awes people as a skater and as a personality. He mentioned his courtesy, his devotion to the sport, his introspective skating which can in its best forms grip people, his out-of this world divine figure which is ideal for jumps, but his jumps isn’t the only reason why he is popular, it’s down to his personality, which makes him godlike. 
He called his “Uzuri Hanyu” though. LOL

Adding up: “People ask what he is interested in. But he isn’t interested in anything earthly. He skates and lives in another dimension. Even his build is heavenly, he is incredibly slender, those arms and legs...”””

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The interview is just freshly out, Mishin speaks at around 16.15 about Yuzu here. No doubt it will be translated, but unfortunately it won’t be me. Gotta work. Work sucks. 



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Thank you @Fay for sharing the interview from Mishin :agree:




Thank you so much for your effort. I'm new in the FS fandom and really grateful for all the explanations /statistics about score, jumps etc. 




Yuzu's profile picture is so cute!! And his fav food is pudding! Lil pudding Yuzu :tumblr_inline_mfy936EPNF1qid2nw:




Edit: The song Horizon by back number that Yuzu likes



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So he likes pudding, gyoza and strawberries :) . Poor the anti that called him pudding something :grin:(Or is it that he is a lurker?:hihi:)
Oh and he likes "The girl who leapt through time" :). I adore the soundtrack but have never watched the movie. I'm just afraid I will cry my eyeballs off (Learning from watching "Grave of Firefly" I  suppose :Poohgaveup:).
PS: His favorite athlete is Kohei Uchimura. BB to Weir, yes? :hachimaki:
PPS: Twitter is on fire right now about the fact that he likes pudding :xD:
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Recent TV Asahi coverage on Yuzu made reference to Uchimura and his respect for Yuzu's PC Olympics comeback (after injury).  It follows that Yuzu now refers to Uchimura as the athlete he admires and respects...  The question was not "which figure skater?"  but rather which athlete do you admire...


Yuzu's favorite song/music selection is heart-wrenching... "Horizon" by back number.   It's a song calling out to those who have lost hope and are heading towards self-destruction in this time of pandemic.  This song was written in response to all the high school students who wrote to the back number members about their deep sadness and depression after the cancellation of the "inter-high school" athletic event last summer, due to Covid.  How appropriate for Yuzu to pick this song! 


The YT video link is provided in the tweet, and the lyrics are subbed.  Not for the faint-hearted... 


PS:  Horizon video has more than 61 million views!  Many comments refer to tragic events in their own lives (one makes reference to being told about his terminal illness) and how this song has helped them heal.




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Another translation if that helps:






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Backnumber's manager tweeted about Yuzu liking the song lol 



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Beautiful and thoughtful Greek commentary on Hana wa Saku Worlds 2021 :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:


This person subbed quite a few Yuzu's Greek commentated comp videos. The commentator has always been very respectful and showered him with praises. 

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I believe this is new. Yuzu is doing Hachinohe as well.

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Yes, Yuzu is performing in Hachinohe as well. 

This user gives some background info on Yuzu's connections to these two rinks. 




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Here is a website that gives a fairly comprehensive history of "purin" arriving in Japan (19th c "Podding") plus modern variations (which include some of your examples) and the detailed step-by-step recipe for making the Japanese "purin".  It's in Japanese but I think google can translate well enough? 






Since this is turning a bit off topic, let me make amends by sharing the SBS Uchimura Kohei and Hanyu Yuzuru.  Two purin princes in motion.




There are links to WTT ISU Youtube streams. Are they really going forward with the competition?



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schedule for SOI Hachinohe...welp





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This is quite an emotional depiction of what this Osaka resident is feeling about the WTT coming to the city.  Extremely worried and having nightmares about Yuzu competing at WTT.   This person is a manga illustrator - and reveals quite a complex and nightmarish depiction of the upcoming event.  Will try to translate later - it's quite long!  It is a depiction of a dream (nightmare).  Starts with the scene of a carp fish peaking in from another dimension (clearly covid virus infected side) and the carp on this side wondering what is going on.  Then goes on to remember the past performances by Yuzu - and how Osaka has been the devil's abode for him, e.g., NHK 2017.  The man in track uniform is the symbol of Osaka (recalling the runner from 1967 Olympics) who is asking Yuzu to come to Osaka and they both end up dancing with mambo.  Yuzu asks why are we dancing the mambo?  In Japanese short-hand, the medical emergency being called on Osaka and Tokyo is being nicknamed "Manbo".  Hence, this is turning into Dance Macabre...




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Exclusive interview (excerpt) with Brian in the issue of AERA



DeepL automatic translation:

Did you watch the All Japan Championships on the Internet?


More ⬇️



How did you keep in touch with Yuzuru Hanyu after he returned to Japan last March?


When I heard that last season's World Championships had been cancelled, all of my students went back to their home countries. At that time, we didn't know many things about the new coronavirus, so it was dangerous to stay in Toronto. Junhwan Cha (19) went back to Korea and Jason Brown (26) went back to the United States. During the summer, Yuzuru and I exchanged emails and discussed how to prepare for the 2020-21 season.

He chose not to compete in the Grand Prix (GP) series.

Since he was staying in Japan, he had a chance to participate in the NHK Cup, but he did not want to. He didn't want to, partly because he himself had asthma, but more than that, he was concerned about the people around him. He thought that if the fans gathered to see him, and the media and people gathered to see him, it would be his fault if a corona infection occurred at the event. Of course, Yuzuru is not the only one to blame, but when he competes, he becomes the symbol of the event, and it is reported as "pandemic at Hanyu's competition. It was his opinion that we should not take the risk.

 Did you do any online coaching?

No, he took videos of practicing and sent them to me. I would watch them and give him some advice. With Junhwan and Jin Boyang (23), we had live lessons on Zoom, but Yuzuru can make his own practice plans, he can correct his jumps by himself. He knows how to make waves in a week, so I gave him advice only on the points where he was not feeling well, or where there was something to worry about.

There was a time when he couldn't even jump the triple axel, and he suffered.  

I think that's rather natural. Usually, I know what I'm going to do in a month or a few weeks, and that's what I aim for. But in Yuzuru's case, he hasn't had any competition at all until the All-Japan Championships at the end of December last year. He doesn't need to stay strong all the time, and I think it's one of the ups and downs of a normal athlete, because it's impossible for Yuzuru to really be unable to jump the triple axel technically. It's not that he needs advice to fix his technique, but if Yuzuru himself thinks about what he's skating for, what his goal is, what his motivation is, he would have found his way.




Maybe there will be a better translation soon. :smiley-angelic001:








Thank you so much for sharing. So beautiful photos  :heart:


Little Yuzu crumb. Literally just a video version of the message from last time :smiley-laughing021:

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I believe that Yuzu will overcome all obstacles and become even stronger. :tumblr_inline_n18qrbDQJn1qid2nw:

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Another part of the interview with Brian



Thank you to @orangesrgd for the translation :agree:




"He gives off a feeling like watching a child who traveled alone and became an adult":softYuzu:





Haha he looks kuyashii in the pic

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New Yuzu crumbs  :tumblr_inline_mto5i3wxFW1qid2nw:






I hope Yuzu knows that he is already the light, joy, inspiration and hope for many people and that many people love and support him no matter what! :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:

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Comparison between the latest release and the previous one :) 

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