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Get that acknowledgement anime boy :))




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About no flip or lutz in the program, I remember for both OP at JNat, he jumped lutz combo in the practice. So the jumps should be fine and nothing to worry about. (Edit: He jumped 3Lz-eu-3S on 24 and 26 Dec, and 3Lz on 25 Dec.)


From Sponichi OP memo, date 24 Dec 2020 (https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2020/12/24/kiji/20201224s00079000254000c.html)

▽12:48 3回転ループ、3回転ルッツ―1回転オイラー―3回転サルコーを着氷。


From Sponichi OP memo, date 25 Dec 2020 (https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2020/12/25/kiji/20201225s00079000169000c.html)

▽8:33 3回転ルッツ。ゆっくりと滑る。


From Sponichi OP memo, date 26 Dec 2020 (https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2020/12/26/kiji/20201226s00079000154000c.html)

▽10:07 3回転ルッツ―オイラー―3回転サルコーを跳ぶ。


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As to the comment by Hagio Moto about Yuzuru that I posted about earlier, it seems the comment was actually made in 2019.

It was her answer when she was asked who she thought was a beautiful boy.  She said;

"Alain Delon, Al Pacino, as I'm old-fashioned"

"SMAP (Kimura Takuya)"

"Yuzuru Hanyu is like a miracle.  I cannot believe he really exists."  






"After seeing Yuzuru Hanyu's aesthetic performance on the ice about the movie based on the novel written by Yumemakura Baku, who was enthralled by the aesthetic world of the manga drawn by Hagio Moto, Hagio said, "Yuzuru Hanyu is like a miracle." It's very good to feel the world is all connected."


Anyway, as I found the videos of the NHK program this time in 100 minutes, for those who are interested.

The man on the left who is talking enthusiastically about Hagio Moto is Yumemakura Baku who is the author of the novel "Onmyoji".












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Old news can become (hot) new news if it involves Yuzu :)

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Satoh Takeru is a famous Jpn actor, known for his role in Kamen Rider, and ofc Kenshin in Rurouni Kenshin live action.

Fun fact: His agency (Amuse) also manages One Ok Rock :joy:

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Nam did an interview with The Ice Tea Podcast today and talked a little about Yuzu and Javi. (Here's the link to the podcast on Spotify, since I failed at embedding the tweet :facepalm:).




Here are most of the Yuzu and Javi bits:


On his tweets about Yuzu's programs at Nationals:

"I just felt that that it was appropriate to show appreciation for Yuzu's program. Like, obviously, I hope everybody has seen it. It's a masterpiece--both short and long, especially the long, like holy moly! The dude is like training like what, ten months without anybody, without any coaching supervision or anything, no like, external motivation. The guy just pulls that out, like butter. Like, I don't even know how he does it. That was incredible, and I just thought, you know, maybe people can share the same views as, 'Wow, that was an incredible performance.' Let's all just, you know, bask in that."


Q: "Imagine a theoretical [world] where some sort of alien lifeform comes to Earth, and they've never seen figure skating before; they have no idea what it is. It's just a completely unfamiliar blank slate. What would be the one program you'd show a complete outsider to be like, 'This is it. This is the sport. This is what we do'?"


Nam picked two performances:

"Javier Fernandez 2019 European Championship program and Yuzu's free program from 2020 Nationals...really capture the whole figure skating spirit--Yuzu's being more majestic, regal with the Heaven and Earth, and Javi with more emotional, spiritual kinda vibe with it."


He then talked about how he teared up watching Javi's final program. "And like, obviously, I split ways from the Cricket back in what, 2016? When I watched [Javi's skate], it put me back into 2015 where him, Yuzu, and I were all training together. And it was just the three of us back then. You know, pushing out our technical content and really just getting the training spirit going, and just to watch that really brought me back...Yeah, those are the two performances that I recommend, for sure."


He talked more about Javi's program and how it embodied Javi's career. "It perfectly represents his entire career. That free program was not one hundred percent clean...and I think that little hiccup perfectly represents his career and his lifestyle. Nothing is always perfect for him and yet he still can adapt to it and push through it, with a little bit of humor, because that's who he is. He's a humorous guy, and everybody who has ever met him, honestly like, should be grateful, because he's a very special person...I miss him a lot. His character is so evident through his skating...When you watch him skate, not only do you know him as a skater, you know him as a person, even though you may have never met him.


"That was kinda my whole thing. Just watching [Javi] go through his career, especially at the Cricket. Like when I first moved to Cricket, I had no idea who these people were. But then, you know, as the years go by, and you know, the emotions we share, it's like, 'Holy damn, we got something special going on,' and you know, unfortunately, it all ended, but obviously at some point in life, you have to move on, right?"


Even though Nam may have parted ways with the Cricket, I'm so happy he still looks back at the old days so fondly and that his respect and admiration for Yuzu and Javi have never changed. I mean, he picked a performance from each of them as examples of the sport, and then naturally brought up his memories from his time at TCC. You can tell he really looks up to them. :softYuzu::cri:


I hope he achieves his dream of making the Olympic team!

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New magazine


The sky blue costume stands out so well on dark blue background.


List of coming magazines/books




His phiten necklace is customized with 'YUZU' engraved on the ball



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OA sport


Figure skating, Massimiliano Ambesi: "Yuzuru Hanyu is the light, the truth, the genius"

Fabrizio Testa – January 15, 2021 (Google Translate)


"He is the best, if I ask what Hanyu is I can answer the light, the truth, the genius. One of the greatest sports men in history. There have been no skaters like this before him and there won't be after. I think that the ISU must have the intelligence to say that there will be no 2023: there will be the first year after Hanyu if he decides to quit in 2022, because in this way we will have to reason to do justice to him and how he has changed the skating. Because we are talking about a phenomenon; I hope that Japan will think of him as the last or penultimate torchbearer for the Summer Olympics, otherwise it would be a scandal. We are talking about an almost supernormal entity, it comes from another planet for real. Hanyu is to skating as Maradona and Pele, together, are to football."




Small instance of Yuzu behaving like a respectable example, and good on Yuma for picking up the practice:




Google translate:

Yumachi, in an interview I saw the other day, said, "I thought it was wonderful that Hanyu turned his body and applauded the players who were commended on the four continents, so I wanted to apprentice." I was☺️

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This is a part of the Asaichi program with Shinya-san, isn't it?


I swear, the number of J-media's Yuzu-related footages that are waiting to be released probably will last all of us for 10 years :Poohgaveup:

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Further reflections on the imagery created by Yuzu's performance of "Ten to Chi to" from an article about the composer Tomita Isao:  




My translation: 

"Tomita not only read the script and listened to the contents of the (Taiga) series, but before starting on his work (musical composition) he took a trip around the world (and took the opportunity [probably from the air flight over Japan]) to observe the banks of snow clouds stretching from Echigo to the Sea of Japan and even across to Siberia.  After returning to Japan, he actually visited Echigo region and from these experiences he developed the following vision:  "A continuous heavy snowfall through which  - emanating from the Bishamonten Temple - resonated the vibrant sound of Biwa played by Uesugi Kenshin".   The theme music for 'Ten to Chi to' was created based on that vision."


Original article in Japanese:



In another article, there was a reference to the sound of Biwa played by Lord Kenshin that could be heard on Sado Island (just across the Japan Sea).  Deep snow and misty clouds muffle all the surrounding sounds - even the rattling noise of a bloody battle - yet the vibrant voice of Biwa can cut through this heavy blanket of silence and pierce the soul.  This seems to be reflected in the flowing movements and mood of the H&E Free Program.  




Image source:  https://rolingwest.exblog.jp/10530335/
Winterscape in rural town in Niigata - Minami Uonuma 



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Sendai Masquerade (2019) video has been exploding recently, with over 1 million viewers.  Most of the recent comments are from overseas viewers, which is delighting the Japanese fans.




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Beauty is in the eyes of the fanboys :grin:


Edit: This is the translation from Shu-pa! san





She has to delete her follow-up translation tweet because she got dinged :( but it is about Kao's thought about Yuzu's jumps, which are textbook and have great height, distance and flow. Kao also likes Yuzu's 4S and 4Lz the most. The 4Lz in particular has perfect outside edge all the way until takeoff.


But also, Kao saying out loud "he is good-looking too" is such a mood :rofl3:

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