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Dear fellow satellites:satellite: and friends :tumblr_inline_nhkf0oKdhx1qid2nw:


:balloons-smiley:Yuzu’s Birthday is approaching and we would like to prepare a video with birthday messages for him!:dancingpooh: 


There is not so much time left (we all were busy with RE_PRAY :biggrin:) but now it's time to speed up. So please do participate and let us send a strong message of love together!


This year we'll also upload the video on Planet Hanyu's YT channel.  Here the instructions to participate:

  1. Send your birthday wish via email ([email protected]) OR
  2. Post your wish in this thread


  • Your wish can be text-only, but we greatly encourage everyone to get creative and add pics, gifts, fan videos, own fan art etc.
  • Please don’t forget to add your (Nick)name and country! 
  • Deadline for sending the wishes in is Wednesday, November 22. 


We are also looking for people who could help us edit the video. If you'd like to join and help, please send me a dm!!








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3 hours ago, guor said:

Dear Yuzuru Hanyu...


Seni her saniye destekliyorum

Seni her dakika destekliyorum

Seni her saat destekliyorum

Seni her gün destekliyorum

Seni her hafta destekliyorum 

Seni her ay destekliyorum

Seni her yıl destekliyorum 


Seni sonsuza kadar destekleyeceğim :angel3-smiley:


Sen bu dünyadaki en güzel şeysin

Doğum günün kutlu olsun:balonlar-gülen yüz:


Hi! Can you please add the translation in English? Thank you so much! 

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3 minutes ago, Yuzu_legend said:

MERHABA! Lütfen İngilizce tercümesini ekleyebilir misiniz? Çok teşekkür ederim! 

Oh no

Isn't it English 

I wrote it from google translate


I will write again

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Dear Yuzuru Hanyu

I will support you every second

I will support you every minute

I will support you every hour

I will support you every day

I will support you every month

I will support you every year

I will support you forever

Happy birthday ....:balloons-smiley:

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Have a wonderful 29th birthday!!! I found renewed inspiration to work hard to become my best self after stumbling across your skating just after the Beijing SP. For me, Rondo will always be uniquely powerful because of that, and I feel like your performances of it recently show that you've found power in it as well. You continue to inspire me and so many others with your skating and so many other things that you do and say - thank you. Enjoy your birthday and all these Fanyu well-wishes, who all care about you so much!



(Wisconsin, USA)

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Dear Yuzu, 


Your skating continues to be a source of comfort for me year after year, but above all your happiness is most important. I hope you have a lovely day despite any hardships the world throws at you. Here’s to a celebration of the last year of your twenties — may the next decade be even better. Happy birthday! 

Love, Hali 



I don’t have any new edits so I’ll just share this one again since last time only my other one got used! No hard feelings if you’re not able to include it though :tumblr_inline_n2pjcy6tMv1qdlkyg: 


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