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  1. Thanks, again, for hosting I had no problems with periscope. I even replayed the finale just as soon as you finished the live streaming... As for showing skin... hmm, the less the merrier, right? Or is that the other way around? Also, may I just say... I really love his hands. Such beautiful hands for a man... even for a girl, really
  2. Sigh... I wish they had shown Shizuka's other program (the one with the fan and green dress). I saw it live and I gave a standing ovation for it. It's not shown enough in these TV broadcasts, sadly...
  3. The weirdness of Japanese commercials always gets me
  4. Same Because without my glasses, I'm blind as a bat
  5. Alina is growing up to be a really beautiful girl. I just wish she had a better choreographer Ohh, Javi! How sweet of him to be in Ice Rink Sendai with all those kids
  6. Thanks, @faeline, for hosting! Periscope is currently working fine for me. Hope it lasts for the whole show
  7. I've also booked already. Can always cancel later, in case I don't get tickets
  8. He looks adorably rumpled in the grey suit Same here
  9. I think so, yes Mad props to the guy for still being able to do this at 47, though
  10. I am smitten right along with you
  11. Love your stories. Hope you never stop writing them. Our angel boi sure inspires wonderful things
  12. Hey, we can all just pretend it's platinum (better than gold) or gunmetal gray-ish
  13. Hopefully with a better ending than that season, though
  14. I think there was another Sendai Hoso broadcast for June 15, 18.30 JST, but I could be wrong... So many clips/videos today, I'm quite confused, really. But I'm not complaining Will be patiently waiting for any upload...
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