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  1. It really would be irresponsible of the organizers not to cancel the shows. Aside from challenges related to travel - how can social distancing be implemented in such a setup? I wouldn't want for the audience, the crew, and the skaters themselves (Yuzu especially) to get sick just because of an ice show. C'mon, even the WC was cancelled. These shows cannot be more important than that...
  2. Omg what's that translation quality The translator looked relieved when Yuzu decided to translate his own answers himself
  3. This makes me LOL a bit because if my Google Translate is not mistaken, it's a lady's backpack. Our boi is just too cute
  4. Enabling you more Link to Ticket Pia info for SOI 2020 --> https://t.pia.jp/pia/event/event.do?eventBundleCd=b1950853 As for IDs, I saw this note: "To prevent resale of special seats in the front row, it is necessary to show your ID on the day of the performance." I think this is for Twinkle ICE (fan club) members. I am not sure if IDs would be checked for the general public, though.
  5. I am seeing Men's practice clips here right NOW: http://live.qq.com/10097977 Edit: Sorry, I understand no Japanese. I guess the men's clips were shown in between the ladies' events? It is done now. I saw Yuzu's 4S, 4T combo, and a popped axel... They also showed clips of Shoma, Dai, and other guys...
  6. Perhaps the Tokyo Nishikawa thingies have been helping Oh wow, I'm loving this photo His eyes... they really always get me
  7. That's wonderful. Kudos to him. It probably won't change anything, but at least it doesn't help The Narrative if the big favorite himself makes statements like that every time questionable scoring happens... As for trying to "fix" this messy judging situation, I've seen fans (1) making a petition to improve judging in figure skating (https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/figure-skating-to-improve-judging-system.html), (2) making various technical analyses (re: TES, bias in judging, re-scoring, etc.), (3) writing directly to ISU (and even involving IOC), (4) making side-by-side videos comparing Yuzu vs. NC jumps, et al. Again, we don't know if all these would change anything, in a "sport" where accountability is basically non-existent. A selfish part of me just wishes for Yuzu to land the 4A safely/with no injury, with positive GOE, as soon as he deems it ready (with the assumption that it is what he really wants, and not because I want him to do it), and then just retire. No matter how much he loves this sport, it must be terribly exhausting/frustrating to give your all and do your best in every competition, and still get short-changed every step of the way. There is such a thing as choosing your battles - some just can't be won (on the other hand, he IS Yuzuru Hanyu, and he IS a mighty fierce warrior. How he will handle this challenge is mostly in his hands. I just hope he comes out of it whole and injury-free, if not totally unscathed ).
  8. I totally agree with all of the above. Sad, but true facts... These observations are priceless, thank you! I kinda thought NC's skating in real life would be like that, but I couldn't know since I've never seen him skate in person before, and I never really bothered to finish watching any of his programs online (got bored out of my mind in the first fifteen seconds or so) but you just proved my theory. Now I wish someone would post something like that on YT or elsewhere - NC's performances without the music, without the jumps, or even without both (that last one might be an overkill, though ). Damn right, he shouldn't have to say anything His programs speak for themselves, but the powers that be choose not to listen. I've been thinking about this for some time now... If there is someone who can speak out about this unfair scoring, and not be harmed as a result, it is the one being favored, in this case, NC, and this is only my opinion. He has nothing to lose because there is already The Narrative (which I believe goes something like this: If both Yuzu and NC skate clean, then NC wins. If NC skates clean and Yuzu doesn't, then NC wins by a landslide and/or world record score/s.) NC only has to skate clean and he wins - perhaps that's why he is a "careful", "slow" skater. In addition, it's not like there is anyone else (other than Yuzu) who can actually land the quads consistently, and endanger his position as The Anointed One, if in case he speaks out. No skater should be blamed for being favored/overscored by the judges/referees/tech specialists. However, not saying/doing anything about it, or just simply accepting the scores one is given, especially if undeserved, does not gain NC any favors from me. NC studies at Yale, so I have no doubt that he is a smart kid. He MUST know he is being overscored, repeatedly, and blatantly, at that (however, if I am mistaken, and he really thinks that he deserves those scores, then I rest my case, and all of these would be moot). I would think much more highly of him if he would only speak up (even his coach was openly surprised that he surpassed Yuzu's SS and TR scores - I saw this mentioned on Twitter, but I don't have the link right now). You might ask - but why would he even bother doing that/speaking out, when he's the one being favored? Well, I believe that everyone has basic decency and integrity - such is human nature. And if that's not enough, he's said on the press con that Yuzu is the GOAT and he thinks it's cool even just to see him in person. It's all well and good to heap praises on someone you say you've looked up to for a long time, but as far as I'm concerned, speaking out against any injustice done to your GOAT would be much more appreciated at this time. (And, hey, if he loses some points in future competitions as a result, then the scores would only reflect what he really deserves anyway .) Again, this is only my opinion Perhaps I am asking too much of NC, because if the situation was reversed, this is what I would expect of Yuzuru, as evidenced by numerous times he has given credit where credit was due.
  9. Why do I find it somewhat fitting that the bg music is "It's My Life"? It really is his life, guys, he'll do whatever he feels is right Also, Yuzu is NEVER alone, folks... we're literally everywhere! I'm willing to bet that half or maybe even three-fourths of the audience are Fanyus
  10. Space is not the final frontier... it's Yuzuru Hanyu's mind
  11. I think he was so flummoxed by the wreath on his head that his usual coordination simply left him
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