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  1. I think there was another Sendai Hoso broadcast for June 15, 18.30 JST, but I could be wrong... So many clips/videos today, I'm quite confused, really. But I'm not complaining Will be patiently waiting for any upload...
  2. For the record, I am Asian. And I got a Japan visa, flew four hours, and rode a bullet train for two hours just to see him. I will do these things only for Yuzu. So, yeah, for me, his style of masculinity or gender-neutrality, or androgyny, really isn't a problem. I guess I just appreciate beauty (and gorgeous skating) in all its forms
  3. Was anybody able to watch the June 15 telecast? Hopefully, some kind soul would upload something...
  4. Two-faced... Yes... this is the same person who said things at Nationals, and just now, tried to say in a post that Yuzu is his idol (righttttt....) So, no more Johnny at FaOI, then? Actually, I was (just a bit) surprised that he was still invited this year...
  5. To be honest, when I saw the photo, I did a quick save and then edited Johnny out Sorry, but Yuzu is beautiful regardless of what you put/place on him
  6. I joined already (I'm not excited, I'm not)... now watching a Japanese show... I'm not understanding anything, as per usual... The things I do for Yuzu
  7. Oh, I didn't know that they sold/rented binoculars at the venue... I was planning to bring my own pair (I'm assuming it would be allowed)...
  8. @SparkleSalad I'm really looking forward to seeing places I've only just read about in the past (like Ice Rink Sendai, the Tourist Info Center @Sendai Station, Yuzuru's (and Shizuka's) monuments @International Center Station, etc.) As for Sekisui Heim Super Arena, the rink size is really confusing me. I checked out that link you posted and the blogger seems to think that the place is relatively small (granted, I only used Google Translate so I might have misunderstood the blog). But then, I also saw from another source that it's around 50m x 80m. Comparing to an Olympic-sized rink (30m x 60m, from Wikipedia), then Sekisui Heim is really not that small at all In any case, I guess I'll know for sure once I see it Thanks again for sharing all the great info!
  9. Thanks so much for sharing all these info. It would be my first ever trip to Sendai, and I'm going on my own, so these are really very helpful. After almost three years of being a fan, I'm finally going to see him live. I almost can't wait!
  10. Hello everyone, just dropping by to ask a quick question. To those who have watched FaOI shows before, or anyone who is familiar with the Sekisui Heim Super Arena in Sendai - are binoculars needed if one seats in the S section of the venue? Just wondering... thanks in advance.
  11. Hello everyone, a quick question please, for those who used proxies and won any of the lotteries, may I ask if the name of the proxy is printed on the ticket itself? Thanks in advance.
  12. Also, guys, just my humble opinion, and no offense to the winner, but..... 10 years (or less) down the road, no one would remember who won WC19, but everyone would still know who the 2-time Olympic champion is.... (sorry, not sorry)
  13. I think this sport will die a natural death sometime in the near future (esp. when Yuzu does you know what.......) Well, by then, I won't be watching it anymore...
  14. I'm not sure if this would be of any help at this point in time, but there is an FAQ on the EMTG site: http://emtg.jp/feature/emtg_faq/faq_en.html The following is one of the items listed there... Q: I entered a phone number for SMS verification, but I did not receive an SMS message. A: Please verify the following. :Is the phone number correct? :Can your device receive SMS messages? :Is SMS message receiving enabled in your settings? :Does your device reject SMS messages from unknown or foreign numbers? If you have verified the following and still cannot perform SMS verification, please check the items below. :Please wait a while and try again (our server may be busy). :Reload your SMS Verification screen. :Try removing and reinserting your SIM card (if the card is removable). :Try changing your phone settings to allow unknown and foreign numbers. *For details on how to change your receive settings, contact your SMS service provider. If the issue is not resolved by any of the above means, try reinstalling the e-ticket app.
  15. Same here. Apologies if this is quite , but I feel the need to share… Warnings for (1) a rather long post, and (2) English is not my native tongue. I have been watching figure skating since 2002. I have watched many skaters, like Brian Orser, Scott Hamilton, Kurt Browning, Alexei Yagudin, Evgeni Plushenko, etc. For some reason, however, I eventually lost interest in figure skating. Perhaps I just got wrapped up in the toxic corporate world I became a part of (and became jaded along the way). Fast forward to fourteen years later - one afternoon in October 2016, I found myself clicking on this YT video “Yuzuru Hanyu breaks Olympic Record”. I was thinking, “Who? I don’t know this skater, but the video seems interesting enough.” You can guess what happened next – there really is no turning back once you’ve seen Yuzu skate. At first, it was all about the skating – how can he jump like that? I’ve seen other figure skaters jump, and they certainly didn’t do it like that. How is he so graceful, effortless, natural, elegant, and fluid, on the ice? He is simply mesmerizing to watch. (My greatest regret right now is missing out on Yuzu for so long – why did I discover him so late? I was in Finland back in 2012, the same time he was there competing. I could have watched Finlandia Trophy live if I already knew about him then, darn it.) Later on, I read more about Yuzuru the person, and I got hooked even more. I am not an emotional being, rather I am the numbers/details/logical type. But Yuzu makes me cry, almost every time he skates. And it’s not just the artistry/skating skill (which is unparalleled, in my humble opinion), it’s the person – everything that he is, everything he stands for, everything he’s been through – that’s what makes me cry. Beauty makes people cry. So does Perfection. And Kindness. It just so happens that Yuzu has all of these attributes as well. (You can all just imagine how much I bawled when he got injured, both at NHK and Rostelecom.) To me, Yuzuru is deserving of all the blessings he has now – and more. This kid is Special AND BLESSED. He has a good head on his shoulders, and his heart is in the right place. I believe in him, in his family, and in his team. I wish for him a speedy recovery, all the good karma there is, and all the happiness and inner peace that he so rightly deserves. And to all of us satellites – if he can get through this (and he will), so can we. Cheers!
  16. May I just say how much I love Kazuki right now? I first saw him at Worlds 2018 and I thought there was something special about the kid. Turns out I'm right - other than the very promising skating skills, he's very kind and sensitive to the needs of others. He was like a mother hen to Yuzu during the victory ceremony. Thank you, Kazuki, for taking care of our bby. (And you too, Morisi.)
  17. This. Also, coming out of lurkdom to give my two cents' worth. I know it's been said countless times, but he really has nothing left to prove. Leaving the arena when the 4Lo is not working (and perhaps feeling a bit lethargic and/or shaken up), maybe thinking of making changes to his layout (one that would not threaten his safety), and having himself checked out instead of attempting even more jumps -- this is a better, more mature Yuzu. I choose to believe he is OK - I trust him, I trust his training - unless he says otherwise.
  18. I also planned on using japanconcerttickets.com, and I was mentally convincing myself that the cost would be worth it, if only I could get tickets. However, the expensive cost does not come with any guarantees, and it was just too risky for me. It doesn't end with them winning the ticket. For example, once they send off the ticket for delivery, they will not be responsible for whatever happens during delivery, i.e. lost, damaged, etc. They also cannot guarantee what the name on the ticket would be - yes, they would put a note in case another name appears, but if there is a random check made at the gate, they still will not be responsible in case you are not allowed entry. I would have been willing to pay the expense, even with all the fees/charges on top of the ticket price, but without the guarantees, I just couldn't risk it. I would be heart-broken if I (miraculously) won a ticket, and still not be able to even receive it, or not be allowed into the venue
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