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  1. Ah, yes, my ticket was for the Sendai stop (not sure about the other stops), and she did collect/print the ticket via Family Mart. Afterwards, she just sent the ticket to my hotel. Though I'm not sure if she used Pia Cloak... but hey, hope springs eternal
  2. IIRC, this year's FaOI paper tickets were also sold via PIA. I asked a Japanese friend to enter the lottery for me and the paper ticket I got had my name on it (though I do not have a PIA account)... I wonder how she did it... (and more importantly, will it be possible to do it still, with the stricter rules being implemented this time around )
  3. No need to fret, it's alright... Kast has never worked for me before. I was kinda hoping you'd be my lucky Kaster/host, but I guess Kast is really not for me
  4. Same here And yet again, may I just say... his hands are my aesthetic. No, wait, let me correct that... everything about him is my aesthetic
  5. I would have preferred seeing Stephane's full program, rather than Carmen
  6. Got it Thanks so much, @SparkleSalad. I would have to ask my friend to apply for the paper tickets in my name. I think this, for me, will be the option with least complication or risk involved. Just to share, in case anyone else experienced this... With EMTG, I was able to setup my account/get the verification SMS, and I was even able to enter the lottery for 2019 Worlds (though I lost on every try). However, there was still that one tiny error message about phone compatibility that I unfortunately was not able to take a screenshot of (one minute it was there, and the next it was gone). So now I really have nothing to send to EMTG as proof of error to inquire about, and yet there is that nagging doubt in my mind that I still might not be able to receive/display the etickets even if I do win the lottery...
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, @SparkleSalad! Here is a link to the ticket info chart: https://imgur.com/02PaDbG Once info for international fans is out and... 1) It is confirmed that paper tickets may be purchased, I am planning to apply for those myself (at which time, I'll need to know how to get the physical tickets ) 2) In case only electronic tickets would be available for foreigners, though, I might ask a Japanese friend to purchase paper tickets for me. I tried applying for etickets before via EMTG, but I encountered an error saying that my phone is not compatible with etickets or something - I'd rather not risk it. In this scenario, there'll be no problem as my friend can get the paper tickets herself and just send these to my hotel Edit: Oh, and of course, either me or my friend need to win the lottery first LOL. I forgot to mention the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR
  8. Hi, everyone! I was just reading through all your replies, checking the links provided, and trying to absorb all the info... I made this summary for myself (I'm a visual person, sometimes I need a quick overview of things). Sharing here as well, in case it can help anyone else... For your reference. Please do let me know if I misunderstood anything, though (Apologies for the format, I actually created XLS and JPG versions but I do not know how to attach a file with my reply...) 2019 NHK TROPHY November 22nd (Fri) - November 24th (Sun), 2019 INTENDED for Ticket TYPE Application Limit Electronic or Paper Lottery RECEPTION Period NOTES JAPANESE fans Pass ticket (3 days) - S only One pass ticket per person Electronic August 21 (Wed) 10:00 - August 25 (Sun) 18: 00 1) Resale of tickets is prohibited. 2) ID will be required upon entry. 3) Multiple applications for the same competition day may be invalidated. 4) Electronic tickets can only be displayed on smartphones with registered phone numbers. The smartphone becomes your ticket. JAPANESE fans Single day ticket - Arena/S/A Two tickets per person per day of competition Electronic, Paper September 11 (Wed) 10:00 - September 17 (Tues) 18:00 INTERNATIONAL fans Detailed information will be announced by end of August 2019. Ticket applications open on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 10:00 (JST) Detailed information will be announced by end of August 2019. Official Site Ticket Info >> http://nhk-trophy2019.jp/ticket.html Purchase from Abroad >> http://nhk-trophy2019.jp/ticket-eng.html Ticket Pia >> https://w.pia.jp/t/nhk-trophy2019/ EMTG >> http://emtg.jp/feature/nhkf19_p/ I also have a question - in case we opt for paper tickets, would anyone happen to know how we can get the physical tickets? Do we print them online or via Japanese convenience stores, and is that an easy thing to do for a foreigner like me who doesn't understand Japanese characters?
  9. Thanks, again, for hosting I had no problems with periscope. I even replayed the finale just as soon as you finished the live streaming... As for showing skin... hmm, the less the merrier, right? Or is that the other way around? Also, may I just say... I really love his hands. Such beautiful hands for a man... even for a girl, really
  10. Sigh... I wish they had shown Shizuka's other program (the one with the fan and green dress). I saw it live and I gave a standing ovation for it. It's not shown enough in these TV broadcasts, sadly...
  11. The weirdness of Japanese commercials always gets me
  12. Same Because without my glasses, I'm blind as a bat
  13. Alina is growing up to be a really beautiful girl. I just wish she had a better choreographer Ohh, Javi! How sweet of him to be in Ice Rink Sendai with all those kids
  14. Thanks, @faeline, for hosting! Periscope is currently working fine for me. Hope it lasts for the whole show
  15. I've also booked already. Can always cancel later, in case I don't get tickets
  16. He looks adorably rumpled in the grey suit Same here
  17. I think so, yes Mad props to the guy for still being able to do this at 47, though
  18. I am smitten right along with you
  19. Love your stories. Hope you never stop writing them. Our angel boi sure inspires wonderful things
  20. Hey, we can all just pretend it's platinum (better than gold) or gunmetal gray-ish
  21. Hopefully with a better ending than that season, though
  22. I think there was another Sendai Hoso broadcast for June 15, 18.30 JST, but I could be wrong... So many clips/videos today, I'm quite confused, really. But I'm not complaining Will be patiently waiting for any upload...
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