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[2022] Grand Prix de France

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  • 2 months later...

Rough practice for Kazuki in his music run through but he seemed to land the jumps outside of it.  Highlight of today he signed my event log and I got a lovely picture.  He's adorable.


Adam.  I just love his sets.  Initial pose and start moves are so sharp.  Beautiful to watch.  Exciting Arabians towards the end.


Sihyeong just gets better and better.  His body shape makes for some stunning lines. I enjoyed watching him very much.


Mae seems to be still struggling with her injury but in between jumps really lovely and looks like she put a lot of effort into her expressiveness which has much improved.


Mana had a couple of hard flat falls both in the same place.


Haein was gorgeous and Yelim attacks her programme big time.  


In the absence of Peng and Jin? Deanna and Maxime plus Rebecca and Filippo impressed.  Filippo singing along as he skated.


In the Dance I loved Molly and Dimitre the Gloria Estefan music really suited them and got you tapping your feet.  Loicia and Theo were good too.



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