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  1. I think it may refer to when Eteri said that Evgenia was rude because when she left her, she didn't come to Eteri with flowers and thanks for the years they spent together or something like that. But I might be mistaken.
  2. At least it's still top 10 and 2 spots for us, that was the original goal
  3. Go Brez and please just be happy about your skate . Medal would be nice, but just skating well is fine enough.
  4. It would be lovely if Michal medaled. The last time we medalled was in 2013 and it was Michal's bronze, so it would be great if he could bring medal back after 7 years
  5. Matyáš is making me feel nostalgic everytime he skates his FS to Verner's former SP music
  6. Czech commentator about the nosebleed: "Well, at least it matches the Addams Family theme"
  7. It's cute that the flower boy has a folk costume (is it Tracht, or is Tracht only for women? )
  8. As much as I like Matyáš I really despise his SP music cut. This is simply awful
  9. I can mute a terrible music but how to mute a horrendous costume?
  10. I am so done with our TV, that I didn't even thought about that, it's just the way it is with them
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