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  1. This is the only fucking right thing that came from this Olympics!!!!
  2. The last lift was amazing and breathtaking but I couldn't stop myself being scared for Sui, if anything went wrong that could have ended really badly
  3. T/M with TWO consecutive clean programs???? When's the last time this has happened?? This certainly complicates things for S/H
  4. Well the last part of their music certainly "helped" to make it more like that
  5. BBC commentators: "Artistically this program seems to have no soul"
  6. A nice skate for B/K I just can't see any connection to the music, this could have been skated to any other piece of music
  7. I really don't like this type of death spiral, one of the least pleasing to watch for me
  8. Yes, I have been thinking about this since I heard it during TE but I also can't really see the difference to other pairs
  9. Czech commentator about Timothy: "He wants to be called they" Man just why, so close yet so far away from getting it and the worst thing is I don't think it was even malicious, it was "just" ignorant
  10. A really nice skate, they seem kinda young so a great promise for the future I think
  11. I love Matteo's costume but I don't get the slit at the side of Monica's
  12. Wow, that's almost 2 points more than in the TE right? Finally some fucking justice
  13. Fuck me, they got only 0.07 PCS point less than S/H in the TE, wow
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