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Yoshiki KOGAITO's talk at Yurindo (bookstore) 

Why he took the 9 o'clock position at the ice rink of Pyeongchang Olympics (4:00 - ).  

Kogaito-san assumed where Yuzuru's emotion would explode the most when he won.



I haven't got "y" yet :crybaby:

Actually, I haven't seen "y" at any bookstore in my neighborhood since the evening of Feb. 7 (the released date).


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Dear fellow Fanyus, do you think there's any chance of a Beyond LIVE stream/archive for "Notte stellata 2024" ?  :dontknow:

Shouldn't it have been already announced if it were planned ?  :scratch3:

Dare we still hope ???  0:)


Please, Yuzu, pleeeease !  :smiley-angelic001:



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