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  1. @SuzyQ Thank you so much for the translation Lovely inspired and inspiring phrases
  2. The posters are really beautiful What kind of phrases are those on the posters - could you please translate a few ?
  3. Dear Henni, I'm very glad to hear that your rehab is going well I keep my fingers crossed, both for your speedy full recovery and for the Wikipedia nomination As others said above: Thank you for your exemplary work and dedication
  4. I'm German, not British, but I got quite emotional on hearing the sad news. And it came so suddenly - only two days before she was on her feet meeting the new prime minister. Condolences to the family and the people. **************************** Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth ! **************************** (I too apologize for being off-topic.)
  5. That's another example of really beautiful music - could be sth for Yuzu as well (?) with a new Asian style costume
  6. Yes, I saw that clip of 'Yuzurandot' from FaOI - he's gorgeous as always "Nessun dorma" is a warhorse which has been 'done to death' in all kind of artistic areas. It IS a beautiful aria, but it's not my favourite from "Turandot" - I love those parts/ melodies which have a much more East-Asian sound and origin, especially 'La sui monti del est' (Turandot's leitmotiv), the grandiose 'Diecimilla anni' and Liu's arias. How time flies ! I hope he reaches 1 million subscribers asap, and that we may soon see a new video of/from him.
  7. This is mesmerizing !!! I assembled the two parts in 'Paint' ... and the combined effect is simply overwhelming They sure are I don't know other fanyus beyond the PH, but here everybody is super nice and friendly and welcoming I'm so happy to have found this place, which has become like a second home to me "Turandot" has been my exclusively (and fiercely loved) top-fav opera for decades now, and I would have loved to see a complete program skated by Yuzu to that music (although it's a Chinese and not a Japanese theme). But since ShUn has hijacked it , I'm sadly sure that my above wish will never come to pass
  8. Sooo ... Yuzu seems to like the songs of Mrs. GREEN APPLE During the SharePractice, the song "Boku no koto" by Mrs. GREEN APPLE was played twice (1:10:35 and 1:26:15) and both times Yuzu was singing along with great enthusiasm and abandon while skating. I think we may assume that it's (one of) his favourite song(s) atm and perhaps some day we'll see a program set to this song. The lyrics do seem to fit him in a way - here's an English subbed fanvid to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AJo5civoyU And now I have an earworm !!! I should go listen to 'Seimei' and 'Notte stellata' ; not to 'Haru yo koi' or 'Hana wa saku' , coz those have also got earworm potential for me On second thought, all music from fav Yuzu programs tend to grow into earworms in my head, and since it's terribly late here and I've already sacrificed a couple of hours of sleep, I must not listen to any music anymore but rather should go directly to bed. Good night !
  9. It's not so much the asking in itself for which I'm sort of apologizing, but for being 'off-topic' in the fanart thread Thank you, I'm also glad to have found this wonderful place, enthusiastically excited, really I'm only sorry that I didn't discover it a long time ago. In another thread, there was a post (which I cannot find right now) pointing to the respective fashion show displaying this garment - and iirc the bottom was long like drawing#2 but more open, partly revealing wide trousers underneath like drawing#3. ---------- Edited to add: It was the post by Figure_Frenzy at the bottom of https://planethanyu.com/topic/1145-general-yuzuru-chat/page/7432/ about Yuima Nakazato Fall Winter 2022-2023 Haute Couture fashion show at Paris Couture Week FW22 (July 7, 2022), https://kendam.com.
  10. So sorry to hear that you were taken ill - I hope that you will soon make a full recovery And big kudos and congrats on the Wikipedia nomination
  11. Thank you all, you are very kind and helpful This place was my 'saviour' when I was desperate for information at the end of July, and it has become like a second home to me But there's soooo much to read and discover here and I've sneaked a peek at only a fraction of all the threads (for lack of time) - I'm sure there's a suitable thread for asking all kinds of questions, but I'm afraid it will take me a lot more time to find my way around here
  12. Yes, that seems to be a tiny Haru chan there - how cute. And this pic made my eyes well up with tears, remembrances of Beijing always make me sad, and it's so sweet but also very emotional how little Zuzu comforts the older Yuzu
  13. Well then, big kudos and many thanks to @EisElle And with that, I promise to (try to) not hijack this thread anymore by going off on a tangent with all my off-topic questions. I hope you'll forgive this newbie misbehaviour
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