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  1. Jin, you are two time world bronze medalist!
  2. yess, carmen is on her knees, begging for mercy, Misha go, finish her!!!!!!
  3. GROUP 3 after zamboni: - Mikhail Kolyada RUS - Morisi Kvitelashvili GEO - Andrei Lazukin RUS - Kevin Aymoz FRA - Boyang Jin CHN - Michal Brezina CZE GANBA! and Origin in 1hr 41 mins
  4. GROUP 2 - Keegan Messing CAN - Vladimir Litvintsev AZE - Alexander Majorov SWE - Daniel Samohin ISR - Nam Nguyen CAN - Junhwan Cha KOR GANBA BOYS!!!! Jun, I want to see a smile on your face, this was your season! and Origin starting in 2hrs 37 mins
  5. lol, I'm probably only person on the planet who doesn't fing him hot. (team D1sk 4ever)
  6. Hello good to be here with you Origin starts in 3 hrs 27 mins skating gods let it be a good event
  7. fellow Satelites, 's Origin starts in 11 hours 1 minute countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20190323T210230&p0=248&msg=Origin&font=cursive http://res.heraldm.com/content/image/2018/02/19/20180219000561_0.jpg
  8. 11.00 AM in Jpn so in 2 hrs There is no way it wil be too early, we all live in Saitama time now
  9. well, it's only 12 hours 1 minute until Origin you can do it, even without decent sleep on the side note, this is so funny:
  10. hopefully only and no deaduction for Him (I'm sorry, I had to) return of the in 16 hours 57 minutes
  11. The more I read our posts the more I think that our family members could start a legit support group, something like: satelites' friends and family members fanyus' dearly beloved anonymous ghosted due to figure skating reasons eta: terrorised for fs those words do not give him justice. our Overlord is UNBURNED