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  1. god I miss Yuzu but congrats to all medalists!! good fight!
  2. His skating and arm movements are so nice but those in-time GOE...........
  3. It can't be just me but some of those GOE seem kinda high??? like ily shoma but ????
  4. Anyways, everyone has been doing great so far despite the falls! Keep it up guys!!
  5. I have found one (1) silver-lining in Yuzu not going to the GPF for myself (aside from Yuzu actually recovering and worrying about his health, please take care Yuzu), and that's the fact that finals week is the week after the GPF. No worrying about Yuzu in the GPF means more time to study except when i start worrying about Junliet Also if Nathan's school schedule is even remotely similar to mine, god bless him because doing a huge competition like that right around finals?? Braver than any US marine, lemme tell ya
  6. Honestly, I probably should be booted off if I'm seen online. I gotta memorize the regulation of metabolic pathways (as well as all components of the pathways themselves) and talking about Yuzu won't help that, no matter how much I want it to YES Thank you very much!!
  7. Yuzu's injury broke my intent to study for a really important exam since I've been worrying about him since it happened. Time to work twice as hard today to make up for lost time If anyone's got any "Do it for him" memes with Yuzu, please send em my way! Gonna need that motivation
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