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  1. I agree. The hospital and the airport is the last place you'd want to visit right now. It's better for them to stay in Toronto ;A; Same here. Our community quarantine (aka lockdown) started yesterday. Things should have been busy on a Sunday but it's just woooooosh. I can get a few tumbleweeds rolling on the streets and not a soul would even notice. Stay safe everyone. I hope this passes real soon.
  2. But, but Yuzuru---I've always envisioned that your fighting spirit is Red, but your soul has been burning in Blue flames. Whack me in the head if I'm wrong.
  3. -sends Yuzu a lot of Winnie the Pooh bear hugs- ;A; It must have been difficult for him to share the surface of his thoughts. Or just have someone to talk to about various things on a deep level. Truly, what a brave young man.
  4. I'm already getting goosebumps just by thinking about the prospect of Chopin and Seimei making a sweet comeback! Make no mistake, I adore Otonal and Origin. But this is like your anime episode where the Hero uses his old tricks (albeit polished and sharper than before) as an ace up his sleeve and finishes all of his enemies in one majestic blow. GO YUZU!!!!
  5. You guys always work so hard. Kudos to you lovely people~ These are beautiful!!!! I'm not even Yuzu, but I'm overwhelmed by this enigmatic force that different individuals have gathered together, united with so much fluffy, positivity. I can only imagine the magnitude of how he felt~uwu
  6. It seems Yuzu has the talent to emulate the movement of others while watching them. He picks things up pretty fast. If I remember correctly, he learned Shae-Lynn's Masquerade choreo through a video by watching it for a couple of hours just before the FAOI itself. One wouldn't think that he had it down in less than a day with that marvelous performance.
  7. Shun: EEEEEEEEEEEP I'M SO SORRRRRRYYYYY Coach Yuzu: *blinding smile* Why are you apologizing? You haven't done anything. Shun: THAT'S PRETTY MUCH THE POINT *runs away*
  8. Yep the translation is accurate. He's said "覚悟” (like some sort of silent resolution of a monk) plenty of times, he knew that jumping the 4A during practice can cost him the competition and even get injured in the process. He's also relented that it is unbecoming for him to say that he was prepared to throw everything into the fire. But we all know he had to do it. It's become evident that by attempting the 4A, he's cleansed some of that bad juju and seemed unfazed by even the most treacherous existence that is the ISU.
  9. HERE'S THE DAMNED BS I'll only watch it because Yuzu has to go through this farce
  10. I remember what Roman said^ That if anyone lands the 4A in comp, BAM, they get the win automatically
  11. They took so long to get his score out........ I'M DONE. I'M BURNING THEM DOWN
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