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  1. @mercedes I don't know if anyone's posted this yet but this is more or less the (almost) full vid of the opening in Kobe(?)
  2. I know you guys all love Masquerade and I love it as well. But I have a confession to make: HOLY SHINJI THAT EVANGELION. I DIG THIS MORE I MEAN IM JUST Especially when he went solo and all the rolling on the ice and that short shirt------ Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful angel. I'm sorry, my brain is sizzling right now with wrackspurts. It still cannot accept that FAOI is over. -sobs in cactus tears- I do hope we get an actual broadcast.
  3. This officially made my day! The idea alone is driving me nuts. ONSEN? ARE YOU PLANNING TO GIVE US HEATSTROKE?
  4. I won't be surprised if he has a hidden Belles-lettres somewhere over those pages of kuyashii. I'm a sucker for Junbungaku (pure literature). And ever since I've read about Yuzu's family, I've been even more determined to follow to their footsteps. That no matter what position you have in life, always treat others as your equal and with the utmost respect. Money and fame is not the root of all evil. It only amplifies who you are. If you're a jerk, you become an even bigger jerk. If you're kind, then you'll only become even more generous. It's probably been said here for the nth time, but Hanyu Yuzuru is the one and only pure Bourbon vanilla in this entire Universe and he must be protected at all costs.
  5. He's such a simple man. *sighs in contentment* But yeah, after a long day, it's really nice to just gather around with the whole family and catch up. Pretty sure he doesn't have much time to bond with his Dad, Sister and Grandparents. ;A; And don't tell the overlord, but that metal frame looks better on him than his usual black ones.
  6. Who's to say that this isn't part of his personality all along? We only get to see one side of the coin. (Not even the whole thing. Just like 10% of it.) So the fact that he's showing this wild side--ain't it such a treat? Pretty sure Zuzu threw such a fanservice fest for all of his fans as an advanced, "Thank you for riding with me up till this far. Prepare yourselves, I am far from done."
  7. St. Peter: You planned this well, didn't you? Yuzu: *blinks* *scratches nose like a cat* I'm sorry. All of us: STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHPPPPPPPPPPPPP
  8. In re with what Toshi-san said: I honestly can't imagine what these programs would look like when Zu performs it in Sendai. It's probably going to be a massive I haven't recovered at all and the 31st is almost upon us. Bless this Sendai boi.
  9. I can't even rewatch it rn. I get stuck in the opening (where he does the removal of mask pose) and then *deds* Looks like we won't get any sleep tonight.
  10. aiyooo this boy huhu Get that hand checked pls asap! Pleaseee huhuhuhu
  11. And yet, I still call Zuzu a musician, because as a performer---he has musicality. If that makes any sense.
  12. Seems like he's experimenting between the dark, edgy prince and the shoujo manga sparkly prince. What can I say? I dibs on both.
  13. I'm game for some shining shimmery splendid. That, and the Y spiral.
  14. Don't mind me. I'm just hyperventilating rn. HE HAD TO CHOOSE RED AND BLACK. BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
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