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  1. Everyone has their own thing, yes. Oh yes I have!!!! I'll give it to them that they have the guts to do stuff like that. Plus running around in the Shibuya Crossing while cosplaying Naruto. Goodness me. I hope they don't roast Yuzu, saying that he may be playing a Viola.
  2. twoset--Eddy could hardly even say the lyrics of the Viola Gang song while playing the violin
  3. It's hard to tell what's he's really been though and is still going through. From what I can get from the gist of his personality, is that he hyper-focuses on the things that he can do now even when he has so many doubts about so many things. Tackling one day at a time. Trusting that everything that he is doing will lead to a great place no one has even been to before. And perhaps that is the very thing that excites him the most, the thing that has kept him fuelled. We all have our own timeline, just like the Cherry Blossoms wait for Spring even when it can actually bloom on Summer. I mean why wait for the cold Winter right? Who's to say Spring will come again? But all the more so, it is what makes the blossoms precious and beautiful. Because even when it has gone through such, its life is still fleeting. Without all of that, it wouldn't have been so significant nor symbolic. We're only here for a moment in the grand scheme of things, so it's alright to not know and to be uncertain. Delays are not denials. The reason for it is simply because it is not yet the right time.
  4. If Yuzu wanted to be a classical musician, he's got the hands, sharp eyes and more importantly the EARS for it. I won't be surprised if he can play by ear, have a perfect pitch--and perhaps even learn just by watching the movements of great virtuosos. He'd put Paganini's 24 Caprices to shame easily.
  5. Guys? Where are ya? I need to blow up ISU rn for that ridiculous, ridiculous scoring. Unbelievable. Seriously. The look on Yuzu's face like, "Again???"
  6. This. We'll definitely get to see him irl soon. Until then, I need to get used to his definition of chaosxorder
  7. I used to think that I have a strong gaydar as well. But I've seen and even know people who looked (dressed, etc.) and acted straight, but were actually otherwise. One can never really tell. At the end of the day, people will be people and they will think/believe what they want to. Live and let live. Nothing they say will ever change the fact that Yuzuru will always be G.O.A.T. anyways--His name is eternally written across the stars and his greatness sealed within the Universe.
  8. Thank youuuuuuu!!!! Edit: It's safe to assume that it's his voice he's lip syncing to right? It's not bad! ❤❤❤ We need to hear more Yuzu. Please.
  9. A lot of artists would tell you that Yuzu is their one and only muse. Because he is beautiful, there is no other word more befitting to describe him.
  10. Mmmmm nomnomnom Shinya-san will be there too. Yasssssssss. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Nah, Yuzu always looks good whatever colour he wears.
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