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  1. I'm sorry, but I just had to. Just imagine what Yuzuru Era is gonna be like.
  2. Oh my!!!! I've been looking at it frame by frame but my vid got low quality. It was obvious that he lowered his head, but still!!!!!! MAHHH HEART MAHH SOULLL *screms aaaaaaaaaaaa* He really is a romanticist huh. Well of course he is. He's an artist!
  3. I'm very curious to this man's definition of "bland music by Western standards." Does he want a fanfare? An ice musical perhaps---where Yuzu would sing while he skates? *eye twitch*
  4. I understand why I'm crankier than usual today. I'm already having a Hanyu withdrawal syndrome. As for WTT...Will Shoma be okay? He really looked down during the Gala. I'm quite concerned.
  5. That was the first time I wooshed and bumped into every living thing just to get home in time for Yuzu's performance. Regardless, that was still a beautiful Otonal. Huhu I missed seeing him skate. The monsoon has returned. I wish I could've seen it irl. I have faith in Yuzu. Always. I look forward to his newly evovled Origin.
  6. Pardon me for saying so, but he's doing the cat-walk version of ice skating here It doesn't help that it's a GIF My eyes are glued to the screen
  7. Thank youuu very much! And being here with you guys, sharing panda eyes and nerve-wracking news, is just awesome!
  8. I'm done for. This is the best birthday gift the Universe has bestowed upon me. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
  9. I've been hearing the name Hanyu Yuzuru for so long, but I'm way too focused on the AsadaMaoxKimYuna era at the time. Or more precisely, I only followed the women's division when it comes to figure skating. So then, one day, comes this video in my YT homepage of Yuzuru, fixing Winnie the Pooh's scrunched up face. I've always loved the bear and was a bit surprised that someone shared the same obsession. (Basically I also have a lot of Pooh stuff, but it's nothing compared to Yuzu's Pooh forest.) Clicking on that tsundere video was the best thing I've done in my life. It's really weird idk, because I don't think I would really notice Yuzu if not for Pooh. (I wasn't too gung-ho with the idea of males dancing gracefully on the ice. It's a bad prejudice I know. Please forgive me. TTnTT) But BAM! Here comes this sweet-looking boi who proved me wrong. His passion is fiercer than any warrior's, yet he can still pull off elegance and beauty with his bird-like stature. (One more thing I am most fond of: BIRDS) There's no other word for it; he's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Yuzuru embodies well his namesake and he is able to ignite the fire in pale, forgotten hearts. I have not yet had the priviledge to see him in real life that I sometimes wonder if he's real. Perhaps I'd still think of the same thing once I do get the chance--that he's made out of sunshine, raindrops, moonlight and stardust. More than anything, Yuzu's changed my perspective in life. I'd rather hide than do half the things that he does. I admire his strong will to tread that rough and treacherous path towards his dreams. And even when he's reached those heights (he will probably go on even higher), he never forgets to thank all the people who supports him and remains humble. I deeply respect him. You will never see another man like that on this planet or this entire Universe ever. It is such an honour to be alive in the same era as he.
  10. Maybe it's just me, but I find the image of Yuzu holding a blue umbrella under the rain--quite lovely. ;A; Aimer's Ref:rain suddenly played in my head. Thank you for sharing this
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