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  1. Hi, I'm looking for 1 gala ticket in the 101-124 zones (with no view obstructions), hopefully discounted. If you have a ticket you'd like to sell please dm me. I'd much rather help a fellow fanyu than pay more money to ISU Edit: no ticket needed anymore
  2. They are nuts -.- do they even realise how many people will be there? In Milan I could get inside like 1.5-2h before the event
  3. They were going after rikas edges? Like what the? She has one of the best edges among the ladies right now. Correct lutz hello...
  4. Whatever someone thinks of the placements, I at least hope noone here writes to skaters to thank them for keeping others out of contention Yagudin can think whatever he wants, it's the ways he goes about it that is just simply low and distasteful.
  5. If anyone feels like telling Yagudin what a disappointment he is, feel free to visit his insta where he thanks Sergei for keeping Jason out of gpf, sigh... When I thought he's at least 1% less problematic than Pluschenko he has to be a douche about it. Ehhh "winter" is canceled, bye bye my childhood memories.
  6. My deepest condolences to You and Your family @ClaudiaHF @LadyLou I've hear about the raf's nonsense but not the other ones, can you please elaborate?
  7. I started attending skating section this year, but you would be surprised how even there not everyone is following the grand prix and for example do not know who Jason Brown is o. O like I was mind blown. But there's still a lot of fanatics like me so all is well in this world lol
  8. I did go and I fell in love with Dima so it wasn't that bad of a competition haha. Still, I'm glad to be able to see Yuzu for a second time. The first time is still my favorite memory of 2018, just a glorious week of Figure Skating only
  9. Wow... That's just appalling and they keep such people around? But yeah it's USFSA who am I kidding...
  10. I dug out that Williams was once suspended already by USFSA, i.e. wrong conduct etc., but I am not sure what exactly he has done to get it. Since 2017 he's unfortunately back and destroying the sport with gusto and they even designate him to judge such important competitions, geh...
  11. Actually I need detailed pics/vids of how he laces his skates for my own reference xD proper skates lacing is harder than people can imagine But I do see some pattern there, so thanks Yuzu and whoever took the vid
  12. She will probably win everything this year, which is a great achievement for number of quads in a free program, but a travesty for figure skating... If we still remember where the figure part comes from ehh
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