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  1. Selling ticket for Men FS in Section 119, Row O, Seat number 15 for original price $345.75. Selling Gala ticket for Gala in Section 121, Row B, Seat number 7 for original price $345.75. PM me if interested!
  2. Hi guys if anyone interested in buying tickets, I’m reselling my Worlds 2020 tickets for original price. 1 ticket for Practice, Ice Dance, Men Free Skate (Section 119, Row O, Seat 15) - $345.75 1 ticket for Gala/Award Show (Section 121, Row B, Seat 7) - $345.75
  3. Hi guys, I’m looking to buy one Saturday Ticket! Please DM me if you are selling one! Pleaseee🙏
  4. Hey do you happen to still have Saturday ticket? Please let me know, thank you🙏
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