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  1. Result is about scores. Skating direction is about process. The way I see it those are two different things. And if by having freedom to post hopes means people should be free to post whatever they think is the ideal condition in their mind without considering the situation for the involved person then I'll just say let's agree to disagree on that. Ofc they can post, but others also have the right to comment on such opinions.
  2. I'm kinda surprised to find such posts on PH--thought I was in GS for a while. With all the hardwork done for translation on his interviews people still think he is back to Seimei and Chopin because of the result at GPF and Jnats? Add the part that he wants to keep up with Chen and I'll think you are Lakernik in disguise. Sheesh. (forcing myself to cut the rant short)
  3. I love LGC so much and rank it almost the same with Chopin in terms of "My Favorite Yuzu Programs". But I also can't see Masquerade as competition programs, although my reasoning would be a lot shallower than y'all: Masquerade needs to be done under the spotlight. 😜 Anyway, CM has the potential to be his EX, although I'll wait to see what he brings for latter parts of FaOI first.
  4. You know... Maybe he DID practice it lately for that reason since he rarely does things without plan. When will we have Sendai broadcast? Cannot wait to see. 😊
  5. Y spiral is Shizuka's trademark. Moreover, his name is Yuzuru. Given his narcissistic tendency, for me those two reasons are more than enough for him to keep his Y spiral until now even though he didn't use it in competition. The boi has enough signature moves to choose from anyway.
  6. I'm preparing my iSakura apps for tonight streaming. Cannot wait! 😊
  7. Well, too bad she is using Boyang as her profile pic. Didn't she get the memo that Yuzu's antis are now piling their expectation on a certain Yale student? 🙄
  8. Read someone said on Twitter that the account is owned by one of well-known Yuzu antis. If you read old GS thread, she is known as "Let's Talk". Just block.
  9. Naah... Yuzu has Shizuka and Mura and Nobu and Stephane (I guess) for being his angels. (Am I being OOT as well for this topic? LOL) I don't blame Johnny for being him, though. The guy needs to keep his paycheck safe. It is not like he does comments for unbiased media like Olympic Channel. It is NBC, they won't suddenly praise Yuzu to heaven when they have their own strong competitors. And Johnny actually has shown some restraint, especially if you compared him to the likes of Tara.
  10. The rumor has already started after Pyeongchang and Johnny has responded by being kinda bitchy towards Adam. (That's also why I don't put Johnny on a pedestal just because Yuzu adore his skating. Johnny is no saint.)
  11. I still think it is too risky for him to unveil Nessie on Worlds. Even his 4Lo took some comps to behave, while Nessie is a different monster altogether. At most he'll have 4Lo and try to milk GOEs from all his elements.
  12. Yuzu is one smart bean, I'm sure he'll not be offended on what Johnny said during US Nats. And with Adam nipping at his heels, Johnny cannot really afford to be less patriotic toward US skaters either. Thus I kinda ignore that comps and its commentary. I'll admit there's some worry that Nate's inflated scores will prevail during Worlds, but should that happen then I'll fully support Yuzu if he decided going pro. ISU doesn't deserve him. Well, but the showdown is still two months away. At this time I can only counting down the days to Worlds and pray that Yuzu will be fully healthy by then. Watching several performances last weekend really reminded me how much I miss the boy and why.
  13. I am really happy to see that video and it has lighten my mood considerably. Some people maybe worried on the intention of the lady who took that video and the effect of the video to the antis, but I can confirm two things: 1. Seeing how the video is not focused on Yuzu, the lady seemed to be not knowing that she has just recorded the cavemen. 2. Antis will keep hating Yuzu as long as he is still competing. They are that twisted. So instead of being worried on how antis will see that video I'll just keep rewatching and feeling thankful that he appears to be healing well.
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