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  1. Wow! I live in Seoul now so we can try together to buy tickets and go! Also, I think it'll be easier to find accommodation for 2 ppl than 1... But I need to figure out how to buy tickets first xD
  2. Desperately try to find friend to go to WC together T_T
  3. Thank you. Plans changed
  4. Lilona

    Team Russia

    Part of Zhenya's SP:
  5. Lilona

    Team Russia

    Nastya really IS a wild child. She can pull off Believer.
  6. Lilona

    Team Russia

    Also according to the Daria Panenkova's ask (like curious cat thing) she goes through Deep medical examination (she gave blood samples for that) and some ppl said that she said very good reason to refuse to go to the ice. Also bcs of that med examination thing ppl assumed she has some troubles with her health...
  7. Lilona

    Team Russia

    Danny G: "Panenkova once again refused to go to the ice, with everyone in the locker room, she answered that she didn't want to go to the training session. Eteri told her that rather she go to the ice or she must leave summer camp. I must notice that in that day there was her mother. They chose to leave summer camp. We don't know anything else abt them."
  8. Lilona

    Remembering Denis Ten

    I can't believe it. God it's so wrong!!!
  9. If someone is willing to sold all-event ticket-I will buy it T_T
  10. Lilona

    Team Russia

    Zhenya: Love SNS, Like twitter, Instagram. And even more, I like adequate and emotionally stable people. LOVE. Also there some comment in comments with screencap from Olympic channel instastory where Zhenya eats: Commentator: Zhenya, you eats again? Zhenya: Now I mustn't eat at all?? I went through this. Nothing good in the result from it. Don't advise (this).
  11. Lilona

    Team Russia

    According Panenkova words Nastya Tarakanova left Eteri group
  12. Lilona

    Heroes & Future 2018 in NAGANO

    Sorry not sorry but Shoma's jumps are so small ;(
  13. Lilona

    Heroes & Future 2018 in NAGANO

    I'm so emotional RN I'm crying T_T