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  1. Personally, based on my own experiences, I think travelling by train is a lot more comfortable than by bus. By bus it takes 6-7 hours, versus 5-6 hours by train depending on route and stops. For anything longer than 3 hours I would prefer the train because you have more leg room, space to walk if you'd like to stretch your legs, and the power outlet and WiFi are more reliable. I also have problem with motion sickness on buses, and don't find it a problem on the train.
  2. Sorry I didn’t buy extra tickets so I don’t have any to sell... What I did was refresh the page right at 10:00:01, and the green tickets button popped up, I entered the FANS code and added the tickets to basket right away. I also had an Eventbrite account made already. Hope that people are able to get tickets tomorrow!
  3. Same here... My hope is that there will be a presale with notification that goes on sale Wednesday or Thursday before the Friday general sale.
  4. Not sure if waiting list was truly random or staggered based on how early you had the tab open? I had it open around 9:30am and managed to get a P1 seat in section 103. Feeling sorry for my bank account though
  5. Info just released on the new Montreal 2020 website: https://montreal2020.com/tickets/
  6. Hmm I actually quite enjoyed that! Different discipline, but Guignard/Fabbri also skated to Exogenesis, last season in fact, and the ice dancing flow and one-footed skating is simply a beautiful match for the music.
  7. You captured my thoughts these last two days exactly! The emotionally draining life of a Fanyu...
  8. I don't think there's any special pattern for the scarf, looks like it's just stockinette or maybe a 2-1 ribbing with a yarn with some variable thickness.
  9. Not sure if it's what you were remembering, but for exhibition programs in the past he certainly sings along to Hana ni Nare.
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