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  1. Chinese pairs coming through with the props. The ending was certainly interesting...with practice this could be an amazing gala piece.
  2. Ooo nice split jumps Boyang!
  3. So pretty and delicate
  4. All I can see with Stay is Virtue/Moir's amazing gala at Sochi 2014. Sorry not sorry Bradie.
  5. I was referring to Cain and LeDuc's music but the wailing part was pretty much equally applicable alas
  6. Wtf is this music
  7. On a completely unrelated note, all these ice dancers are so attractive and well-proportioned...especially these tall, dark and handsome men
  8. Well what a stunning upset. Will be interesting to look at protocols, clearly there was a technical issue. Super happy for Piper and Paul!
  9. That was fun! Three great programs in a row. If anything of the final four Hubbell/Donohue have the most boring program...
  10. Ahhh close but no cigar
  11. Crossing my fingers for Piper and Paul! Their free dance deserves a medal.
  12. Good job Wang/Liu!!! Really enjoyed that performance.
  13. Big props to Andrew Dodds for competing in two disciplines!!!