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  1. Bought tickets for section C4 at both of the Men's SP and FS. Hopefully the view is okay? Wish I can attend more events but gosh, euro currency... Anyone planning on doing some sightseeing during the days not at the venue? Maybe we can hang out.
  2. Well, what can I say. My first live competition and it has exceeded my expectations. I've met and talked to many interesting Yuzu fans that came from around the globe to the event and it was so exciting to be a part of this unique group and skating culture that has made me feel right at home. Nothing I've ever watched on video compares to the live competition experience. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and it will be something to remember for the rest of my life! Trust I'll attend more skating competitions in the near future and I wish Yuzuru the best of luck for the Olympic season!
  3. Long day of work til 10 pm for me, then it's a shower, luggage double check, bus at 4 am, train to about noon, and then straight to the arena with even more bus, hoo boy. Pray for me to even be functional on Thursday
  4. omg stop enabling me!!! My sister's already got stingray, bed bug, and flu virus plushies, that bratty 22-year old has questionable taste Edit: Haha I'm sorry I'm going off topic.
  5. Fair game, I'd bring home a gecko and scorpion plush from wherever you're from too haha Yoo, there's a basket with a chickadee/sparrow and a Canadian goose lmao WHAT. and a stegosaurus!! No, I don't have that much money to spoil my little sister.....
  6. They do, although I don't think I've ever seen any in stores. If you find yourself in one of our Canadian tourist gift shops, you'll more likely find a moose or beaver plush lol I'm sure most ppl would love to get their hands on some maple syrup though!
  7. These are gorgeous! Are you handing them out or are you selling them? Because I'd definitely buy all of them a few
  8. 羽生结弦 - 中文讨论

    大家好, 在哪里可以找到带有中文评论或中文字幕的影片? Could someone please point to where I can watch Chinese commentary online or videos with Chinese subtitles? Your help is appreciated. 谢谢
  9. Crossing my fingers for the slimmest chance Patrick comes to ACI last minute I really want my other favouritest skater to be there so my life will be complete
  10. Aww yeeee Anyone got the direct source of the list? I can't seem to find it on Skate Canada's site. The full list is overdue either way, maybe I'll nudge them for the official announcement.
  11. Hello everyone, I look forward to attending my first skating competition Really happy to hear Javi will be competing there as well, I hope the full list of skaters will be published soon. Hi Ana, I'm travelling from Toronto as well. Will you be taking VIA Rail from Union?