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  1. Grain of salt. If "opinion on Twitter" knows better than "the judges" at the Olympics, "opinion on Twitter" should have become judges good enough to be chosen to go on the panel of judges. They're not. The Internet is never right, just a bunch of opinions of people who think they're smarter than a bunch of educated judges. Now, judging is still biased, but that only goes so far, and certainly not so far that the internet is less biased.
  2. Stoopid jury sport... Nah, I'm good with the result, just feel sorry for the Frenchies. 2022 it is, then. Off to get some sleep.
  3. le sigh. Oh well, cannot say I'm not a total sucker for V/Ms dances, both of them.
  4. LOL, how far behind are your streams??
  5. I'm going back to sleep, meh.
  6. 121.62 or higher? yes shoot oh well
  7. No... aw, come on, please no gold. Come on, give it to the Frenchies.
  8. they need 121.62, SB is 118.33 moment of truth time, again!
  9. I don't dare celebrate yet...
  10. 123.35 WR 205.28 WR
  11. This was soooooo gorgeous, my poor eyes cannot handle this. Please please please gold please gold.
  12. Wow, that was... I'm crying.
  13. Oh, I was gonna ask, what does Yuzu have to do with Coldplay, but... never mind. ;-) moment of truth time!!!!!
  14. Only after Saturday? (what happened Saturday?)
  15. Coldplay at 5 am? Nope. Not going to happen. MUTE.