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    羽生結弦, playing the piano (30th year!), horse riding, appreciation of all beautiful things Asian.
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    Something with 🖥
  1. I've always found it a bit of a cringe-worthy song, but it's... grown on me, and I must admit, there are worse things to wake up to at 6.30 on a Sunday morning. ;-)
  2. Maybe, just maybe I may actually learn some of the tech elements now. After following figure skating for eleven years...
  3. Movie and TV Thread

    In the past 48 hours I went to two Star Wars concerts in one of the best concert halls in the world, as well as the Star Wars “Identities” exhibition that’s traveling around the globe. Even more hyped now about Episode VIII than I already was. ;-)
  4. Movie and TV Thread

    Argh, 13 days until Episode VIII! *dies with nervous excitement*
  5. On the 19th and 20th, it will be from early morning to late evening. It’s probably a good idea to wait until you know the practice schedule, or risk organizing meetings during the men’s practice (which most here are probably interested in).
  6. [2017] GP Skate America - Pairs SP & FS

    Star Wars for da almost-win, woot! And the dearly beloved S/M for gold, terrific! I'm so happy. *blinks away a few tears*
  7. Team Russia

    Who was it here who said the other day that it must be nice to be a Zhenya fan? (Cuz she always skated clean and won etc). and I replied with a very casual “Oh, I dunno, did you see the tape on her lower leg?” (Paraphrased) This doesn’t really come as a surprise, alas. Still wish I’d kept my mouth shut, though.
  8. Saddened about the Anna WD news, but to be honest? I saw her FS live in Helsinki, and I hoped to never witness something like that again. Then at her GP... more pain and suffering. I am glad she is spared that now, and I am selfishly glad to be spared that sight, too, even on telly. Sakhanovich is a good replacement!
  9. [2017] GP IdF Trophy - Men SP & FS

    Oh man, this program is So Ridiculously Gorgeous. I'm crying. Again. Just can't watch it without tears. wtf is that on the ice??????? a vegetable?? lol
  10. [2017] GP IdF Trophy - Men SP & FS

    Jeepers, that's a Very high Score. Poor Shoma. :-( I really want to see him win here, but...
  11. [2017] GP IdF Trophy - Men SP & FS

    Samarin being a bit freaky good here. Too bad his skating puts me to sleep. Sorry...
  12. [2017] GP IdF Trophy - Men SP & FS

    My ears!!!!! *rushes to find the mute button*
  13. [2017] GP IdF Trophy - Men SP & FS

    He's on the ice. :-)