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    羽生結弦, playing the piano (30th year!), horse riding, appreciation of all beautiful things Asian.
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  1. I so wanted the Dutch press to eat their words. Oops. ;-) I didn’t even realize it’s 44 years after we last won. It’s never happened in my lifetime!
  2. I haven't watched Eurovision in at least twenty years, probably much longer. I don't even remember if I ever really watched the competition for real. However, all that's gonna change this year. I am going to watch tomorrow night at a friend's. Why? Because I desperately need time away from shi**y Real Life, and apparently Eurovision is so silly and bad, it's just the thing to make me forget about real life. It's entirely coincidental that the news reports here all seem to think the Dutch entry is going to win. That would actually be a reason for me NOT to watch, but hey, I got invited to come watch before I heard anything about this singer, so... Plus it'll be fun to see the Dutch press eat their words when this guy ends up ranked last or something. ;-)
  3. Canada requires citizens from many countries to obtain a visa, according to wiki, except “54 eligible visa exempt countries and territories”. So it’s not at all surprising some people may need a visa. Not being able to *get* one, however, for whatever reason, really sucks. :-(
  4. Uhm... yes it is. I don't consider it hanyuconomy, simply fanconomy, but, same thing. ;-) I fully expect a run on the all-event tickets, with the most expensive going the fastest, selling like hot cakes. I'd love to be proven wrong when the time comes, but...
  5. Oh. Well. *shrugs* Please don't take this the wrong way, but... People will pay that kind of money. They just do even if they scream bloody murder about the ticket prices, but in the end, there are always enough crazy fans willing to pay to see their hero. It's not just Yuzu, it's just the way fandoms work. Funnily enough, I was reminded of that just yesterday when browsing a website about a Supernatural convention. I mean, seriously, 1700 US dollars for front row seats, and that's not including photos with the main guests at 200 US dollars per guest. I mean, that's just a weekend convention. And people think full-week figure skating competitions are expensive.
  6. These are Canadian dollars, or American? (2,000 Canadian is about 1,500 US, I guess.)
  7. Awright, I guess that's the end of what has been no doubt that worst season ever, at least for me personally. I want to forget about this season now and focus on better taimz. Byeeeeee seniors!!
  8. Yeah, wonderful, great, but... sorry, but Sui/Han were just a class of their own here.
  9. Bummer, sounds like that bra might be a bit out of my price range, then.
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