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    羽生結弦, playing the piano (30th year!), horse riding, appreciation of all beautiful things Asian.
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  1. This year CC wasn't CC as I knew it, at least not on Saturday, when it was packed! Loved that everybody came to cheer for Shoma (I'm sure there were a lot of fans for the girls, too, me included, but everybody I talked to was there for Shoma). So many people came to see him, so many came all the way from Japan even, wow! I've admired him since I saw him live at a JGP in Barcelona, and no matter how many times I see him skate live, it never fails to impress. Grenoble was such a gut-wrenching experience, (his performances there, not Grenoble itself, where I felt utterly at home, lovely town!), so I am glad that I got the chance to see him live again so soon afterwards, and such a vast difference! He was so good, wow, and seemed so happy. Like with Yuzu, Shoma just draws me in so much. The ladies, too, were amazing, all the fist-pumping action at the end of the skates said it all. The younger girls, too. I hope the Japanese fed continue to bless my little local competition by sending their stars all the way to The Hague for many, many more years to come. We have terrific ice here, we have great facilities, good accessibility to the venue, and if you do happen to get bored, you can go ice skating yourself, or play lasertag or go climbing, or even skiing! (I am so tempted to do that next time, just go a day earlier than I normally do and go indoor skiing, yay).
  2. Have they announced the clothes the volunteers will be wearing yet? I have two t-shirts of the 2004 Athens Olympics, volunteers version, and they are some of my favorite shirts.
  3. Team Japan is so awesome in The Hague! It’s wonderful to be able to sit so close to the action. Too bad about the stream, though, even my iphone’s recordings are better, lol.
  4. It was such a delight watching Shoma skate here at my ‘home’ competition, and so well!!!! After seeing him in Grenoble, I didn’t dare hope for this result. :-) Most of all, am happy for everybody who made long trips to come here. It was worth it!
  5. Exactly. I had a good basis with Latin and French, from there on.... the sky is the limit! But something like Japanese or Finnish or Korean... bwahahahaha edit: except that Japanese has same word order as Latin (!), that does help
  6. I can speak Dutch, German, English and French. Read? A whole lot more, Italian, Spanish, Catalan... and ancient Greek and Latin, oh yessss. and some modern Greek (if it’s reasonably easy, lol). Fat lot of good it does, hahaha
  7. Probably the fact that they seem so close. The differences are there, just so sneaky because they aren’t so evident. German has three definite articles, which differ greatly from Dutch. It also affects the words that follow the article, which we also don’t have in Dutch. Simple example: het groene huis de groene tuin (the green house, the green garden) english only has one (!), “the” Dutch has two (de/het) german has three, AND depending on the article, it also changes the end of the word “grün” (e, er, en, I think) and then there are differences with so many vowels and diphtongs. the problems are in the details. I can make myself understood fine in German, but it will sound like VERY bad German. ;-)
  8. German is suspiciously difficult. Well, for me, it is. I’m better at French (and English, duh) than German... which is saying something, because I come in Germany every week or two and live about fifteen minutes away by car. Oh yeah, and studied all languages for six years.
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