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    羽生結弦, playing the piano (30th year!), horse riding, appreciation of all beautiful things Asian.
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  1. You put a speed skater in charge of the ISU who hails from a country where just talking about figure skating automatically qualifies you as a Weirdo... just sayin’
  2. Of course, the famous Last Emperor. Fiiiiinally!!!!! Pity he doesn’t really sell it, just more jumps jumps.
  3. That was the most annoying piece of piano music I have ever heard. And I have heard many, many.
  4. Oh yes... now it all makes sense. So that’s why we call it the Rittberger here! ;-)
  5. Wish one of the skaters would have the guts to tag those kind of videos with their name instead of Yuzu’s. Look, mom, these people are all waiting in line at 6 am specially to see me!!
  6. He has deep feelings about skating? *giggles* yeah, uhm, he lives and breathes skating and has for pretty much his whole life. Deep feelings probably is a gross understatement. ;-)
  7. Eurosport from now on only air silly events like the Aurora Games. They’re useless.
  8. Oh my gosh, Daniil is so small standing next to the others on the podium! Adorable.
  9. Sorry I am watching, and multitasking. I am working on a latch hook rug featuring a Japanese landscape (with red bridge). :-)
  10. This music says: I was added to this program one minute before the program was skated. The program existed long before they remembered they also needed to set it to music.
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