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  1. Yes... "As well as other types of packages, “Single Event” tickets and tickets for the training sessions open to the public will also go on sale soon." They've now had five different types of all-event packages (VIP, normal, and three "special" ones). People have had their chance to buy all-event packages. It's time they started to realize this is not what people are waiting for!
  2. There there. ((((hugs)))) It'll all have been worth it, this endless and useless waiting, when everybody has their hands on the single session tickets they want.
  3. And..... another all-event ticket carnet! Smart MilanOnTour. - A Carnet to attend the 9 events scheduled from March 21 to March 25, 2018 - Gran Turismo bus transport to and from the Mediolanum Forum - An English-language guide and an outline radio guide - An entry ticket at the Duomo (except Sundays due to the celebration of the Mass) - An entrance ticket to the Museum and Theater at La Scala Does anyone really still care about these packages?
  4. The post was made in Oberding. I.e. Munich airport, so not even Russia. ;-)
  5. Eurosport Player *will* be streaming every single second of Rostelecom inc Gala, on two livestreams. But E1 and E2 the lineair TV channels that are also (!) available in the player as streams, won’t, those only air a few events depending on where you live.
  6. That’s what they invented chromecast / appleTV for (or if you want to go the traditional way, hdmi cable). I’m truly appalled at the coverage on telly, so very glad I got an annual Player subscription for 30 euros back in the Summer. Seems like it was a good idea, after all. Considering I can only watch about half of the GPs live, anyway, maybe even less, sure hope they will be fast with upping the archived streams, though. I hate using youtube because I always end up getting accidentally spoiled about the results...
  7. Judging from the way those Eteri girls performed this JGP, that's probably too true.
  8. Wow! I was sure they wouldn't be able to get a replacement at such short notice! And Moris is quite a good replacement, at that!
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    I have no problem speaking my mind and saying I'm disappointed. Once again. Repeat Chopin, repeat SEIMEI, basically repeat the two costumes... *le sigh*. But, the man wants his Gold medal, and if this how he feels most comfortable about trying to get that, hey, go for it. I'll go watch the Ladies for the pretty costumes instead, and I'll just suffer through the gorgeous Chopin and Japanese music.
  10. You heard it here first: a century from now, Romania and the Netherlands are the leading countries in figure skating!
  11. Wow, even her English is better than mine was at that age... *slightly envious*
  12. Oh hey, Dutch girl ended 21st. There's hope for us yet!
  13. I want to hug Sofia, too, for different reasons. That was gorgeous!
  14. Please, anyone, don't take this the wrong way, but... I so want to hug her right now!