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  1. Aw, thanks for the info. Yes, I was pretty sure I didn't pay nearly as much as these Torino prices, but didn't think the difference was that big. Yowzers! At both Barcelona GOFs I had what would be either be platinum or platinum plus category, not sure which, but even if it was "only" platinum, that would be 758 - 378 = 380 euros difference for the second GPF, and even more for the first. I like Yuzu, but, uhm... no.
  2. Anyone remember what we paid for the best seats in Barcelona? Whatever it was, it wasn’t anything like this, I’m sure!
  3. ... wow. *mutters under her breath* Please don't get injured, please don't get injured, please don't get injured.
  4. I just assumed they meant western European timezone 1 pm... like the one ITALY is in right now. But no, of course not, because that would actually have made, y'know, some sort of sense. *gasp*
  5. I dunno, but there don't seem to be any tickets at 1 pm sharp. I exhibit no surprise...
  6. And we get Wakabaaaaaaa! Which, now that I think about it, could actually be considered a rip-off by itself, considering she has been to the Challenge Cup twice in the past two years and those tickets cost 10 euros all-event. Including gala and spectacular skating battle (Sara Honda rocked!!!!!) ;-)
  7. It’s all a bit... disgusting, isn’t it. And yet... *get the popcorn ready for the VIP ticket sales rush* They will sell like hot cakes.
  8. Wait a minute... does that mean the judges side is completely off limits?!
  9. I’ve seen the Italian idea of the difference between the VIP seats and the best non-VIP seats. The non-VIP were the way better deal. The VIP were the first few rows to the ice, and thus many of the ladies were sitting with a big bar straight at eye level. Not Funny. Also, what’s the point of a VIP lounge if you barely even have time to walk there and get back to your seat? Sure, different venue, shorter competitions, cannot really be compared, but still... I’d think twice before paying that kind of money.
  10. I stole some from the men’s the first time it happened, and then brought my own the other days, and more than once ended up giving some to other ladies who were having problems. ;-)
  11. Worlds 2018 wasn’t all that bad. The worst was the severe lack of toilet paper (same venue!)
  12. What, and miss the opportunity to make the biggest profit in history?!
  13. They can because people will pay no matter what. Sad as it may seem, as long as this Yuzu madness exists, organisers can do whatever they want. ;-)
  14. I will be there, barring unforeseen circumstances (such as last year prevented me from going). Cannot wait! Meeting with various people I met earlier this year in The Hague at the Challenge Cup. :-)
  15. Source? More info? Anything? Argh!! LOL thanks, we posted at the same time, it seems. Okay, June 21st it may very well be, then. Guess I can sit back and relax. Actually, I can sit back and relax, regardless. I decided I was upset enough about missing both Finnish and French GPs last season due to sad personal circumstances, that I might just as well make up for it and buy tickets for the French GP. So I did. I don't really care who shows up (although am partial to Papadakis/Cizeron and the Russian and Japanese girls), as long as *I* show up.
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