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  1. Ugh, I forget the details, but a couple of reasons, one being that it would, y'know, ruin the element of surprise. Like we'd mind.... ;-) But they gave some other reasons, too. It's probably posted in this topic some pages earlier.
  2. quote from the ticket website: Competition practices are open All Event ticket holders with each day’s ticket (All Event mentioned in the ticket). So there's no way they can NOT open Sunday's men's practice. I see no reason for them to open Gala practice, however, especially since they've already stated and given reasons for not opening it. Open Gala practices are very rare.
  3. Aren't you all forgetting the most important thing here? That's four Men's practices instead of three. That's really impressive! (alright, who suspects this was partly the reason for scheduling the men's event on Sunday in the first place, raise yer hands, lol) edit: I may have to learn to drink coffee to get through the whole of Saturday, though.... and 7 am is reeeeaaaally early. *yawns in advance* Boy, I'm so glad they decided to have the seats for practices assigned!
  4. I know people said it's per day, but... Isn't that's crazy cheap, compared to previous Worlds? *slightly suspicious look*
  5. Winnie_20

    Media Day 2018

    It's probably because I'm not much into Galas... or ice shows, for that matter. (I like them when I'm there in real life, but on telly, they're mostly just background entertainment for me.) In that same vein, I remember Plushy's Nijinsky as his competition program, but have no feels whatsoever about him skating to it in recent years at ice shows (apparently, at least that's what I gather from people's comments in this thread). It sounds like that is a good thing, too. :-)
  6. Winnie_20

    Media Day 2018

    OMG like what the heck, how have I never seen this before?? HOW DID I MISS THIS?!
  7. Winnie_20

    Media Day 2018

    Otonal and Asian Dream Song/Pretender are all "modern" classical piano, but very different styles. I had an, shall we say, "issue" with Hope & Legacy, in that I was so familiar with the original two compositions that I found it surprisingly difficult to really get a good feel for the song, because I kept automatically thinking about the two different pieces. Not sure why, because I never have that problem with other 'mix' pieces. Nijinsky, for example, also has some very familiar music thrown in (e.g. Scheherazade), but there it doesn't detract. Otonal reminds me strongly of another famous piece, one that's been used often in figure skating, a zarzuela called La Leyenda del Besos. Must be some melodic lines, and of course the Spanish/Argentinian music influences. I'm a Joe Hisaishi fan (like, really, I once bought a PILE of his piano sheet music books in Japan, so good!) but if I had to make a choice, I think I'm going to be a lot happier with Otonal than with H&L, strictly speaking about the music, anyway. :-)
  8. Winnie_20

    Media Day 2018

    I would KILL to see him wear something like that. Except the hair doesn't match the rest of the whole. It needs something... something... less wild, maybe? Prettier? Oh goodness, what am I doing?! I'm supposed to be working, not thinking about someone's hair, for pete's sake!
  9. Winnie_20

    Media Day 2018

    I haven't had the chance to sit and read through the topic yet, but I guess Hanyu decided to pay tribute to his two big influences by skating to their two great programs? I vaguely remember Otonal from way back (someone give me that piano sheet music NOW, I desperately need it!), probably saw it once at the time, I guess (it was right around the time I started watching figure skating), but Nijinsky is hard to forget. Hurah to Yuzu to picking these pieces, they're lovely and I'm sure he'll do brilliantly making them into his own. As for costumes... the more flowy, the better. Hopefully let Johnny Weir create them, he knows what to do! What a great thing to wake up to on this Friday morning! I have to work this morning, but then it's HOLIDAY, yay, so a great start already! (Only, how am I going to focus on work for another four hours now?!)
  10. Winnie_20

    Prize money in Figure Skating

    Pretty sure all ISU competitions, certainly Junior and Senior, have prize money, and it’s always listed in that document. Even the small Challenge Cup in the Netherlands has prize money (heck, they even have prize money for the Skating Battle on Sunday, IIRC).
  11. Winnie_20

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Personally, I’ve followed his career since he won the JGPF in 2009, but really not sure when it went from general appreciation to ‘real’ fan (whatever that is). However, having met a Japanese fan in The Hague earlier this year who had come all the way from Japan to support a junior skater she was fan of (someone who I had never heard of before, and whose name I still don’t see show up on JGP assignments, so not a big name in that sense)... that made me really realize there must have plenty of Yuzu fans who were already fans of his before his victory in the JGPF. That’s quite a time, some nine years already, if not longer! Wow, that is long-term! I’m sure that’s normal in other sports like, say, Tennis or show jumping (! You can stay in the saddle for many decades with people to keep supporting you) but not in figure skating! (Although Plushy was around for quite a while, too, I guess, lol)
  12. Winnie_20

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Sometimes answers are also to be found less in the realm of the mystic and pretty straightforward: Hanyu won an OGM... and then kept skating. That will get you a lot of fans, simply by being in the spotlight (especially since he then continued to win competitions). and then he won another OGM. And apparently still continues skating competitions. People tend to like that sort of thing. ;-) If he had stopped skating competitions after his first OGM, public interest would be much, much less by now.
  13. Winnie_20

    [2018] JGP Bratislava (22.08 - 25.08)

    So excited! Hope to catch some stuff live today, men’s maybe in the background... work is slow today.
  14. Winnie_20

    [2018] JGP Bratislava (22.08 - 25.08)

    I'm just so worried that the Ladies era that I loved so much will come at an end... because of this sudden focus on quads and 3As. I've seen what happened to the Men and my enjoyment, or rather, not so much enjoyment anymore, and just more and more heartache with people injuring themselves. I don't need quads and 3As to love watching figure skating, and I most certainly don't need to see and hear about the ladies now injuring themselves all over the place, too.
  15. Winnie_20

    [2018] JGP Bratislava (22.08 - 25.08)

    I was gonna say I have zero interest in the Men's competition... but then I read ralucutzagy's post and really only noticed for the first time that Donovan Carrillo, Daniel Grassl and Mitsuki Sumoto are in this competition! Especially Donovan Carrillo !