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  1. Oh, I had no idea Kyarha is skating at Worlds. How nice for her! Wonderful to see Loena return to competition, rooting for her!
  2. I get confused easily these days. That's my non-excuse for everything. Wait, what report? What's wrong with Sui??? Argh, panic!!
  3. Yeah... they don’t even look alike, lol. I understand where my confusion has been coming from, though. To my very un-English way of thinking, Jackie is a woman’s name, and PJ a guy’s, like TJ TeeJay or some such. And Wong, Kwong, well... shrug. ;-) I’ll try and do better, but as @yuzupon can testify, I really am hopeless with names and faces and such.
  4. Okay, now I know I’m going crazy. Now Jackie Wong is suddenly a guy again, but I clearly remember people gushing over a woman doing commentary on a stream somewhere the other day (4CC? Universiade? Something). .... and now I finally know why I have been feeling so confused. PJ Kwong. Jackie Wong. Two different people. The PJ is the woman, the Jackie is the man? Is that right? Yay, I am finally sane again... more or less!
  5. Lolz fair enough... boy that didn’t last long, did it?! ;-) But seriously, all these skaters are so media trained, I tend to roll my eyes at every interview because they always say the exact same things. I understand why, but it would be soooo cool to just once have someone go against the rules and just speak their mind, say what they really think. ;-)
  6. Just for once, wouldn’t it be nice to have a skater, any Japanese skater, go “Yeah, I will skate and have fun and let’s just see what happens with the results.”
  7. You get a poster, and you get a poster, and you all get a poster!! Unless you're not Japanese, apparently?
  8. Actually, it's only about $ 1,800... and only about 1,600 euros. That sounds a lot better than $ 2,000, right?
  9. OMG that reminds me of this morning. I was half-watching the Crufts on youtube, and there was this demo of a family in a car with a dog. Dog was not in a bench. Imaginary car crashes, and these people demonstrated what happens to the dog if they’re not sitting in a bench. So this lady THROWS the dog right through the imaginary front window of the car. I screamed! ... and only long seconds later realized it was just a stuffed toy they’d used.
  10. Winnie_20

    [2019] Winter Universiade 2019 (01.03-12.03)

    We need this magic at Worlds. *cries*
  11. Winnie_20

    [2019] Winter Universiade 2019 (01.03-12.03)

    Mai's hands gestures are... magic.
  12. Winnie_20

    [2019] Winter Universiade 2019 (01.03-12.03)

    Oh, that was the same girl who skated in The Hague the other day. She gets around, nice!
  13. Winnie_20

    [2019] Winter Universiade 2019 (01.03-12.03)

    Tale of Princess Kaguya!!!!