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  1. Quoting this because the past few months have been a series of many lows and 9 out of 10 times the only thing that has kept me sane is Yuzuru's videos and I am honestly so grateful for this person and everything he represents.
  2. i'm just going to go look for that "tadaima" and replay the heck out of it
  3. One more! (there's like 50 more but one for now) If it wasn't for Zuzu, I might not have passed my IELTS with the scores that I did. I have anxiety and I am not the most fluent person when it comes to talking in general, so I was really worried about the Speaking portion of the IELTS exam. I honestly think I had all the luck on my side, because the topic that I was given was "Talk about someone you admire but haven't met IRL." Needless to say, I completely forgot about my anxiety and went way over the time limit...finally I had to be stopped by a smiling invigilator.
  4. Without Yuzu, I'd never have continued studying Japanese. I did start it because of him, but without him around I couldn't have pushed myself to continue every time I felt like giving up.
  5. We believed in you...We believed in you... Thank you for doing your best. Truly a strong person...
  6. I wasn't expecting to feel like this ever again after PC. These immediate highs and lows ...left me so blank. And I just want to wrap him up in a pooh blanket with unlimited supplies of zunda and other questionable hot chocolate recipes.
  7. HE WAS MOUTHING "GANBATTA" AT THE END THERE. You really did . so prooud of you
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