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  1. No tanktop tho. The lighting made it look like he was wearing a tanktop over a t-shirt.
  2. Maybe he didn't feel D.Wilson's choreo style would be suitable for upbeat music like Masquerade. There must be a season why he had DW do choreo for lyrical prgrams only. I'm not convinced Masquerade would be his SP next season, the program's construction is simply different from competitive programs.
  3. This has the same vibe as Eunsoo SP costume
  4. I think none of two Faoi EXs would be his competitive program. For next season's EX, unless he breaks the pattern, we won't see any of those EXs with Japanese lyrics as a gala EX either. But if there are piano/ instrumental versions of those songs, then maybe they have chance.
  5. It was downgraded. So no more 4lz please.
  6. The music sounded good !!!!
  7. I already like Rika's the new music more than Beautiful Storm which I find a bit bland. From the video, the choreo has a lot potential too. Excited to see it next season.
  8. Yeah, predictable. It has been expected since he changed coach from Brian to Lee in the middle of the season and everybody knows Lee is a placeholder.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/ifsmagazine/status/1126856401681301505?s=19 It's confirmed now that Stephen Gogolev would move to California to train under Raf. It seems he and his parents are quite clear that they want a coach who can spend more time with Gogolev and bring better results and they put their faith in Raf. Lee is leaving TCC as well. So we likely get a coaching change from Galemen soon ?
  10. With a clean SP, and ONLY 1 point away from 1st place. In FS, his jumps, stsq, and spins got shaky after he took a very hard fall on 3A which took him a while to stand up and continue. Compared to Richmond, he did way better at JGPF, should we say Lee is better for him than Brian ? Absolutely no. And sorry I don't see " sudden changes" which you said. The change from his first JGF to the second was more "shocking" to me. As you said, we can't expect him to do amazingly all the times and besides that every skaters have pattern. What if it's his pattern to pick around GPF and Nats time? It's too soon to conclude it is a drop and the drop is because of having left Brian.
  11. Well, one of the reasons he left Brian at first was supposedly that he bombed hard at Canada JGP, then he won JGPF with Lee after leaving Brian. His performances at Nats weren't bad either. Though I agree he should stay with Brian for a long run, I don't think saying his results dropped as soon as he left Brian is fair, considering his outcome at Jworlds was far from a disaster like at Canada JGP when he was with Brian. and you also can't expect a 13 year- old to win JWorlds at his first Junior season when he competed with one of the most risky layout and hadn't had much experience in competing under great pressure at such major international competition like Worlds.
  12. Not really. Yuzuru would have taken the lead but judges still might have inflated Nathan's SP score so that the fight between two of them in FS would more exciting. I agree with the latter. Potentially, Yuzuru with the same ( or almost the same ) BV should have the egde over Nathan because he is superior on every aspect. But realistically with Chen getting amazingly high PCS and GOEs, both of them is nearly equal.
  13. I think so. Seemed like he was teasing Yuzu
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