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  1. Yes. I heard she changed salchow technique to the same technique as Yuzuru's to learn 4S.
  2. wpisces

    Team Russia

    I'm not sure this has been posted yet so I will post it here. News about Alina Zagitova on Channel 1 Russia and you can hear Yuzuru's words about her. " She's not a child anymore. She's becoming an adult now and maybe not used to that yet. I can understand her ( feelings) well and wish you good luck". That was the channel's translation. And what he said that I tried to hear from the video is something like:" She always feels pressure, but it's ok... ".
  3. wpisces

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Jun's expressions have been improved so much for 2 years. When I watched his junior debut at JGP Yokohama 2016, he kept an emotionless face throughout his performances back then. I'm also amazed at his consistency this season. He definitely has great potentials: solid skating skills, amazing flexibility, excellent spins, smooth jumps, no bad postures ( imo his postures and upper body movement are better than Yuzuru's) but he needs to improve the quality of his jumps because they are usually URed.
  4. wpisces

    General Yuzuru Chat

    4lo is rotated but they would have called two 3As UR along with 4T( it would have been 4 UR calls in total if they had been that strict)
  5. wpisces

    General Yuzuru Chat

    He looked like My neighbor Totoro black soot balls
  6. wpisces

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I strongly agree. I do believe his initial idea was to skate to his favorite program of Plushenko and go back to the times when he innocently enjoyed skating. But in the process, they had Nijinsky-inspired moves, Plushenko-inspired moves, Shae Lynn's interpretaion of music and "origin" theme. Then when he skated to it, he added his own interpretation throught his skating ( arm movements) and expressions. The program got stuck in too many things and it got harder to grasp the meaning/ concept. Actually, when I read Lynn's perception about "Origin", I was surprised. I remembered when his music choices were released, there were some people criticizing him for using European musics and in my own imagination, both Otonal and Origin would be something nostalgic which would bring back old yet beautiful times of figure skating or his life as a skater. But the theme turned out Japanese/ Asian things ( I didn't mean it in a negative way because I'm fond of Asian culture). So as you said, there will always be somewhat a disconnect in the program itself, as much as we try to connect all of materials. About his expressions, I do hope he can control and project it better next time because I find it too much for the program no matter the program was about.
  7. wpisces

    General Yuzuru Chat

  8. wpisces

    General Yuzuru Chat

  9. I'm not sure if the seq gives him the "sense" which is whether or not he can attach 3A, I hope it does but from practice videos, I saw at least two ( or three) 4T3A attempts where he landed 4T perfectly but fell on 3A. Normally, as long as he lands 4T, he rarely makes mistake on 2T or 3T ( without rippon). So it's still riskier than 4T2T or 4T3T.
  10. 4T 3A seq is too risky. He needs to land 4T perfectly to attach 3A. I hope he can immediately switch to 4T2T if 4T landing isn't okay enough to jump 3A.
  11. What happened with his 4lo ? He kept popping it. He wasn't truggling with 4lo that much at ACI.
  12. wpisces

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I agreed about the unnecessary side lunge. It made his programs look busy because he can't hold his position longer.
  13. wpisces

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Artistry is very subjective. Some skaters are naturally musical and artistic but they can't express that through their skating. Some aren't artistic themselves but their skating "unintendedly" brings out the artistic sense. I think it's unfair to compare one's artistry to another's. Some people find Nathan's skating more appealing, some said they failed to see artistry in Yuzuru's skating or simply can't feel his artistry. It's understandable. It might be a matter of taste.
  14. wpisces

    [2018] CS Nebelhorn Trophy (26.09-29.09)

    Kudos to Alina Zagitova to deliver 2 clean programs after struggling with puberty and nerves. Never a big fan of her skating but it was heartbreaking to see her fall and cry after disaster performances at Worlds 17 and Skate Test. Many people doubted her. I hope this gold help her regain confidence. No one except an Olympic Champion can imagine the immense amount of pressure an Olympic Champion has to deal with. I know that because my favorite skater is also an Olympic Champion like her. Marin Honda: She's inconsistent and her jumps sometimes don't work but I don't care. She's such a beautiful and talented skater. I could see her skating for a long time without getting bored.
  15. wpisces

    Costumes talk

    I watched "Hope and Legacy" fancams and also saw it in person at 4CC 2017 and the costume worked well to me. I can see the contrast of colors even when I was far away. With Origin costume, unlike H&L, Chopin, etc... it wasn't the color but the details and patterns on the costume that affect how it looks. Unfortunately, these details, which were supposed to get highlighted, were overwhelmed and barely seen due to lack of contrast. That's why the costume being seen from afar looked like a black armor, very different from what it was supposed to look like.