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    [2019] World Championships - Gala

    The blonde girl looked beautiful !!!!
  2. I'm so proud of Yuzuru. I was afraid of a disaster after seeing him too tensed during practice. But he didn't make his fans disappointed. Great job Yuzuru. And bravo Nathan. Strong mental and strong technique, amazing consistency. To deliver such a strong performance like he did right after Yuzuru proved how mentally strong he is. Good job.
  3. I already saw she had a shot at Worlds medal if she skates a clean SP and rotates her 4S. I think she lost to Mai because of the fall in SP, she would have won it if she had skated clean SP there.
  4. He also worried me a lot. Yes, when you are too tensed and can't relax, it won't end up well. At this point, we just need to enjoy whatever he will do. No matter what happens, we still have a new season and ice shows ahead He will be disappointed and frustated for a while if he can't achieve what he aims to but he is defeated many times, I don't think that matters much, he will get over it easily. So instead of forcing yourself to believe in him this time ( if you can't) just take it easy, calmly wait for whatever may come.
  5. Oh yes, she isn't worth listening to, especially those unconstructive criticism. And I'm glad those skaters she dissed didn't listen to her. Otherwise, they would have jumped over a bridge listening her shitty talk. For the record, I respect her as a coach but I have enough of her biased opinions and unconstructive criticism towards skaters.
  6. Criticism is the last thing skaters need when they are at a disadvantage. Is she Eteri to punish skaters when they don't do well ? No. Does she coach any of those skaters she criticized. No either. And you aren't allowed to be happy when skaters do well if you talk shit about them when they struggle.
  7. I thought you know better ?? Just search and read what she talked about Mikhail Kolyada, Elena Radionova, Alina Zagitova... when they were struggling.
  8. Well, I remember every words from her mouth shitting skaters when they struggles. I wish she knew instead of just being happy when they do well, let's show your support when they flop.
  9. He did but it didn't go well ( ACI) and he changed his mindset. I'm okay with practice not going well. The problem is that if you don't have a decent practice, you will be more nervous in competition because you feel like you aren't ready, aren't prepared enough. I hope he calms down and find the right mental state to start with by tomorrow. I hope he can go with a relaxing and fresh mind. Leave frustation and intense behind, it won't do him any favour, in this case.
  10. Shoma, Vincent, Matteo scores aren't far behind Yuzuru's. Based on their scoring potential, any of them can take over Yuzuru with a clean free skate if he doesn't have a decent FS. He will have to fight and do well in FS, not for the win but for a medal, and of course for his own expectation and happiness. Wish him a great free skate which doesn't make him regret.
  11. And Nathan's pattern is to skate a good FS and win once he leads after Short, at least when he competes against Yuzuru. Nathan can water down his FS tech to make sure he will skate a clean FS now.
  12. His consistency on 4T and 4S and quad combo in practice seems get worse than before injury. Hope it will go well in competition.
  13. If Rika skates clean FS with planned layout like NHK, I totally can see she will win. I expected she will get 157-160 for a clean performance, her jumps when done well always get high GOEs. With their flutzes, neither Kaori nor Medvedeva should take over a clean Rika ( pleaseeeee). I don't see Alina will skate a clean FS, she has been skating well in SP but bombed free hard recently, I don't take her 1st place after SP serious. She is allowed to afford only 1-2 small mistakes to finish on the podium especially if others go clean.
  14. I think 4T1lo3S was a emergency combo because his Eu is marked << and he tried to attached Eu3S to the last supposed 3A ( which was popped into single Axel ) but realized he alrealy attached it to 4T ealier. Anyway, he only attempted once so I'm not convinced that his success rate on 4T3A in competitions is good and it is sgill a very risky combo after all.
  15. But the reason he only attempted once is that he wasn't able to attach 3A after "landing" 4T. It was planned but problem with 4T prevented him from doing this seq. That doesn't mean success rate on 4T3A is good.