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  1. Just a little post-reaction anecdote about my mom who usually never watches fs: We put the last two groups on the big TV to watch. My mom was present and when we said we support Hanyu, she was aghast and adamantly supported USA because yada-yada. Absolute reversal, today she's very loud about the fact that Hanyu was the best skater yesterday and the current OGM wasn't as good and his scores were too high. Obviously she knows nothing about tech, but when it comes to the beauty of figure skating as a package, even the 4 year viewers should be able to see that 100% Yuzuru Hanyu is on a different tier.
  2. Some self-reflection: My fan sister cried enough for my share yesterday after Hanyu's skate. He went for his dream 4A and not for gold, and we feel blessed to witness his skating but sad seeing the rankings at the same time. I think even though we love Hanyu and support him, the reality of his dream over a gold medal didn't measure up in our weak mind and hearts. Today I realize that I love him and admire him even more. Hanyu decides. To care about what others wanted for him is wrong. He could have made history either way, 3rd OGM or 4A and he chose HIS dream. This strength is beautiful. I'm glad that many fans understand and support him because their loud voices at this time makes it easier when emotions are high. Forever, I wish the best for Yuzuru Hanyu.
  3. Yuzu. Here for you. Go for it. No matter what I am proud. Thanks for skating.
  4. AH THIS SUCKS. I can't find a stream. Praying for Yuzu and just waiting for your comments.
  5. Wow its been several years since I've been here. I didn't realize I was so nervous until last night I dreamed about watching Hanyu's SP live and it didn't end well. I realized I need to be around more levelheaded fans, I can't solo-watch this competition. Last time I was this shaken was Olympics 2018. Time really flies.
  6. This just about sums up my feelings. I was blissfully ignoring everything about that award show. Was not going to tune in. Indifferent. But this. This just makes my blood boil. Turned my indifference to absolute hatred for the thing. I'd wreck it if I could.
  7. When Hanyu succeeded in his jump, I think the camera person forgot that this was for Sasha. Didn't even capture her landing it but moved the camera to capture Yuzu before ~OOPS gotta get Sasha. Yeah, cameraman, we know how you feel.
  8. Can I love Hanyu's skating any more than I already do? He's a gift! Repeat on blast.
  9. It's a miss and I think his skate here was great, but I would rather he break WR with a skate that no one can nitpick (already seeing some for his 322 here). We know Hanyu can do it anyway, and he'll do it with a skate that will shut everyone up.
  10. Question: Isn't this season considered Hanyu's 10th season as a senior? He literally hasn't taken a break either so it's amazing.
  11. OT: I'm not so updated on FS so I'm late with my thoughts on this. Lurking I saw that again ISU may be considering splitting the competitions into Artistic and Technical programs? As a fan of the beauty of figure skating bringing it all together, my opinion is a hard NO. But I realize it's because I share similar views on figure skating as Hanyu who perfectly brings both in one program, and he is the only currently active male skater in my opinion bringing in the flawless technique melding with strong components. Looking at the split with Hanyu in mind, even separated he can top with his technique or components alone and it'd be even better without him having to work harder than the rest to do both. Of course I still prefer the short and long programs as it is (without the poor judging) but even if ISU decides to mess it up Hanyu will still bring it. That's all I wanted to say. i just wanted to gloat about the all-around strengths of the goat.
  12. I really miss Yuzu today and so coming into PH and finding put that there would be no media day, oh the irony. After he averted my expectations with Origin and Otonal last year, I have come a long way, and now perhaps I don't quite care what a 2X OGM decides to do anymore as long he has fun and made the choice, and I really do think Yuzu has a plan. No media day is exactly like Yuzu amd his team making a very definite decision. He never fails to awe me with how smart he is so I'm looking forward to what he pulls out.
  13. Yes, Nathan had a high TES at nationals, and I think Yuzu being really on top of things probably knows of it now, but he won't totally agonize over it or is pulling his hair out because of Nathan's scores. Yuzu agonizes over his own scores and mistakes instead of other skater's scores. So I don't think Yuzu is nervous if either Nathan or Uno scores higher before Worlds. Skating is still a challenge between Yuzu and himself, what he is capable of doing and thus putting on the ice. It was like that at OIympics. I still think it is like that now. He'll think up a good plan and Yuzu knows best what he has to do.
  14. OT Anyway, I stepped away from figure skating for a while as Yuzu is still not competing. I think it did me much good. The scores at US Nats are hilarious and I know about national inflation and all, but it still makes me petty. However, the distance has temporarily allowed me some chill and I'm not that worried about Yuzu and Worlds and WRs. No matter what, I know Yuzu will put out his best and so his beautiful programs will always be remembered even if judges screw him over.
  15. Who is 1st alt for 4CC? Considering Uno might have an injury as well, I hope his team lets him rest (if true).
  16. I don't know how old this is but was just recommended to me on youtube - a Yuzu tribute!!
  17. Wow, great article! It hits very good points. Though, yeah, ISU could do much better. I mean, Jpop and Jdrama could never be mainstream either, especially with all the people who refuse to read subtitles (and yet soak up everything from the West or other countries whether they understand or not), but the effort by the j-industry and ISU to make life as a fan even harder is appalling.
  18. I tend to choose difficult fandoms to enjoy. Jpop and Jdrama and now Figure skating. These groups love to stay in its niche despite wondering why their worldwide popularity is limited. Watch ISU try to launch a Cool-FS initiative in 100 years and it'll do literally nothing. I'm. So. Angry. This sport deserves better.
  19. I wonder, maybe Dai needing minimum TES may be why they are not announcing WC and so teams at the arena this year right after nationals, or maybe it has to do with the ? with Yuzu's injury. Not sure if a date or time has been set yet for the announcement. Just a theory. Setting aside WC, what's the rules for skating in WTT? Does that have TES requirements? Dai could do WTT instead of WC and I think fans and skaters would love it, especially the younger JPN skaters skating as a team with a legend. But JPN takes WTT seriously and likes to field their best team there anyway so.
  20. The Kancho (butt poking) prank was popularized in the west by Naruto, but I think it's already a well-known prank in Japan before that anime. Knowing that young Yuzu used it on young Nam, wow, he was so mischievous lol. Makes me nostalgic and sad in a way.
  21. Whether she was aware it was Yuzu or not, she did take and upload a snip of skaters on the ice, and from above as well. Unless she specifically knew someone or the person she focused the camera on and asked, it was without the rest of the skaters' permission. We don't know the SNS rules at TCC obviously and she doesn't deserve the huge backlash but well for me this isn't only about whether she "knew it's Yuzu or not".
  22. I mean, they could have used Yuzu in his glorious sparkly black Nijinsky costume to match, but I can't say no to our overlord standing out. It was on purpose, I say.
  23. Someone in the comments said I miss THEM True. Not enough Javi AND Yuzu this season. But awwww Yuzu. Making me sad again.
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