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  1. Alina is on her way to Japan!
  2. Happy Birthday to sweet, kind, incredibly talented and most beloved Olympic Champion! May all her dreams come true!
  3. The choice was between Liza and Evgenia, not Stanislava. Liza definitely deserved 3rd spot. her score at international competitions is higher and she has 3A. There are two explanation:either RusFed is corrupted and this decision is dictated by favoritism or they are just sincerely rooting for Evgenia and totally ignored bases of fair sport. Anyway I feel sorry for Liza and wish her not to give up.
  4. Honestly RusFed is a joke. This is such a difficult season for Alina, Liza and Sofia and Federation just adds more anxiety. I feel so sorry for girls.
  5. Alina was brilliant! Seems like people are angry about her high score, but I just want to appreciate the fact that reigning Olympic champion hasn't ended the competitive career or skipped the season, she still competes and skates at such high level. I love and respect this young lady for her character, talent and wish her all the luck
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