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  1. I have 2 x IdF tickets all sessions Sector L and I near Kiss n Cry (Category 1 tickets, no seating assigned) bought for 100 euros each , now reduced by 25% - please PM if interested.
  2. Awww thanks, glad you like it! It never seems enough though, somehow...... he is MORE than I can say it seems!
  3. Yuzuru is so articulate, expressive with words as well as with movement, and his words have a poetic quality too I think. Truly a creative spirit!
  4. There is no way on this earth that Yuzu believes having good skin makes days more fun ......... is there??
  5. Trying to capture the feelings of going to watch Yuzuru skate live in competition - it’s hard to put into words really! Here’s an attempt: To our beloved Yuzuru 😊 Dreams of Feathers and bowstrings... The pull on our heartstrings, It’s you! We’re anticipating Just watching and waiting For you! And the moment that comes When you walk in the space that we share, It’s full of excitement, Electricity hums in the air. Your presence delights us! We check out your costume, Your hair! (It might appear shallow, But it’s part of our love and our care♥️) And it’s part of YOUR love and your care that you spend precious time, Making sure that every detail is perfect, Just fine. We wait for the moment of truth; You stand and prepare, All eyes are on you (but I try with my might not to stare!) You glide out on your stage And the audience cheer loud and high, The starting position, A hush descends now, Watch us die!! We get lost in the story The feelings you show, they’re a truth, And we’re right there beside you We feel the emotion with you. Of course we’re in love with you I can’t see how else it could be, For the beauty and grace and the power, that’s what we all see. As the music approaches the climax of your heartfelt dance, There’s not a dry eye in the house, we’re caught up in a trance! The stadium rings out in applause, and then up from above the Poohs they rain down on the ice as we show you our love 💕 Watching you skate like this, ever a joy, feelings true! And that, Yuzuru, is the wonder, the Magic that’s You ✨⚡️💓
  6. I read ToshI stood with open arms to hug Yuzu - but this also suggests Yuzu went to him with open arms we need to see this hug!!
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