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  1. Both are so great but if I had to pick one it'd be season 2019-20. It has photos of Masquerade and purple Origin (+Otonal v2) and because of the program change there are also pictures of Seimei and Chopin from 4CC 2020.
  2. Yes, Nadeau is a clockwise jumper. I loved Corey too, he is a very elegant skater. Nutcracker suits him. I liked when Roman smiled during the free skate, I thought it was lovely.
  3. Live stream for the men's free: https://vk.com/public201752835?z=video-201752835_456239029%2Fvideos-201752835%2Fpl_-201752835_-2
  4. Congrats to Roman on winning the competition! Protocols: https://skatecanada.ca/events/2021-skate-canada-challenge/#tab-id-1-active
  5. I think it was expected it'd be a difficult decision between Amber and Karen but that they'd likely choose Karen because she has more chance to place well internationally. I think the chance is very slim for US ladies to get three spots with Karen and it'd be zero with Amber...
  6. It's a fair choice imo, Karen has UR issues but she's already proven she can skate well at big events like Worlds (like in 2017) and she'll likely get higher PCS than Amber. Both skated well here but the difference between them was really slim.
  7. His behaviour is how it is, it isn't really surprising, but at least he seems to try to do something that is so blatantly obvious in Russian skating these days, and he's at least has some influence because of his name. I wish there'd be some changes but I'm a bit skeptical.
  8. Roman skated so well, he is a lovely performer. His spins are so great too.
  9. Interview with Plushenko https://tass.ru/interviews/10460895
  10. Protocols: https://ijs.usfigureskating.org/leaderboard/results/2021/27989/SEGM005.html Protocols: https://ijs.usfigureskating.org/leaderboard/results/2021/27989/SEGM001.html
  11. I was going through the pictures of Let Me Entertain You and these are my favorites that I found. It's such a fun program, it brings a smile on my face everytime I watch it! (x) High kick (x) (x) (x) He looks so happy here: (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)
  12. Konstantinova has left the Plushenko Academy https://sport24.ru/news/figureskating/2021-01-13-figuristka-konstantinova-ushla-iz-akademii-plyushchenko
  13. Official site Time and practice schedule List of participants: Men Ladies Pairs Ice Dance Jason BROWN Nathan CHEN Ryan DUNK Mitchell FRIESS Tomoki HIWATASHI Joseph KANG Joonsoo KIM Alex KRASNOZHON Peter LIU Jimmy MA Jordan MOELLER Maxim NAUMOV Yaroslav PANIOT
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