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  1. I was surprised to hear that from someone who has so much experience as a commentator and who is a former skater and a club director himself. He simply didn't realise Yuzu did two combos, and he doubled a toe-loop which means he lost 20+ points alone on TES. And it also means he didn't check before what was the current WR otherwise he wouldn't have said what he said. With Simon Reed as the other commentator at BESP Christ was kept more under control I think. He just had too much time to talk alone and he lost control + also he is not well prepared as a commentator. Sigh I grew up listening to Simon and Chris, but I am really disappointed in them in the last few years.
  2. Some of my impressions about Ladies: After watching Rika live for the first time in person I have to say I liked her skating a lot. There's a lot of multidirectional skating, good edge work, upper body movements, plenty of transitions, great speed too. What she lacks is projection of her performance but she can work on that, otherwise she is a good PCS skater. I felt her 68 PCS was low in the FS. Only 3 points higher than Trusova, the same PCS for Zagitova whose skating was much more heavier, covered less ice, she was slowish etc. The music cuts in her free skate wasn't that disturbing than I thought it would be, it flows together better I think. Her jumps look good to me, the 4S will need more time for be consistent, and I hope 3Lz will come back soon. But her health comes first and I hope she can take a bit of a rest after Nationals. The costumes look nice on pictures but the light green FS costume doesn't look that good on the ice. I loved Kostornaia and was very happy to see her getting the gold medal here. She may be the shortest out of the three Eteri girls but she has the biggest presence on the ice - by far. When she's on the ice, it's hard to take the eyes off her, she has 'it'. She's already very good at skating skills, and she covers so much ice with her skating, so easily, it is very nice to watch. And how she performs and interprets her programs at her age is also good. I liked the spring in her jumps and rhythm of them, for example that big 3F-3T that has good rhythm and are right on the music is so nice (in that 3F-eu-3S though, her euler is not really good). Her 3A is really consistent even though it is not always quite clear. It's nice. I just wish her choreographies were better, she could skate to any piece of music and any choreography. But she sells these music as much as she can that is a testimony how good she is. I preferred her angel SP here I think, the FS was also very good but she concentrated on the jumps more here than at IdF, for example. Overall I was happy that with three 3As she could win against those who have multiple quads because it shows quads are not everything if someone is very good in everything else as well. Anna is a quite a musical skater, but her SS is not very good yet and she looks so fragile that I am worried that all those jumps might hurt her. I liked her spins, though which has good positions, are fast and centered. The costume change wasn't that impressive here (was it elsewhere?) I preferred the FS here than her SP, which she still can't sell well enough, maybe I say this because I liked last season's SP a lot and her skating still looks juniorish in this season's SP. She won the FS here and if she can land the 4F consistently she will have very high chances for the shiniest medals though. Trusova..I don't like her skating and there's almost zero choreo in her programs, but she just goes out and doesn't matter if she pops a quad, or falls, she continues as if nothing happened - her mental strength is good. She landed that 4F even though I saw her attempting it only once in practice. She popped/fell from 3A often too during practice, I just think the 3A in the SP was risky if the jump is so inconsistent yet. I wish they'd work on her SS more instead of adding new hard jumps every second competition. Bradie may be less stiff than last season or before it but her skating is not very interesting to me, especially the FS with the music choice/choreo/white costume, the whole packacing of her is not very good. I think I last her previous programs more than these. She still also have UR problems. Alina....... I felt sorry for her, really. Her SP was better, she matured more and interpreted the program OK, her presence on the is also much better than say, Bradie or Trusova, but even in that program, her posture is not good and choreo is meh and she doesn't cover lot of ice (she is not the fastest skater either). The FS sad to watch She's been struggling with the jumps lately, already the 3Lz-3Lo was bad before her fall from 2A that seems to have injured her. She's going through a lot...sigh. The FS was late in the evening on Saturday. Because we went to the arena before 6 AM for men's practice we spent around 15 hours in the venue. By the time of ladies ceremony my eyes got too tired (from wearing glasses all day) and got some sort of (allergy?) attack during ladies ceremony. My tears were falling down on my cheek and I couldn't help it lol people thought I was crying for Kostornaia (I wasn't! But I loved her skate)
  3. For a second I thought it's a documentary about Tessa Virtue or something. She looks so much like her!
  4. Top 5 Results Men Name SP FS Total 1 Jason BROWN (USA) 79.44 (3) 162.95 (1) 242.39 2 Morisi KVITELASHVILI (GEO) 81.10 (2) 155.55 (4) 236.65 3 Makar IGNATOV (RUS) 72.66 (8) 156.56 (2) 229.22 4 Artur DANIELIAN (RUS) 71.50 (10) 155.91 (3) 227.41 6 Aleksandr SELEVKO (EST) 76.18 (4) 145.76 (5) 221.94 Protocols SP, FS Ladies Name SP FS Total 1 Elizaveta TUKTAMYSHEVA (RUS) 72.86 (1) 148.29 (1) 221.15 2 Viktoriia SAFONOVA (BLR) 64.35 (2) 128.14 (2) 192.49 3 Nicole SCHOTT (GER) 61.78 (3) 120.93 (4) 182.71 4 Sofia SAMODUROVA (RUS) 59.57 (4) 121.04 (3) 180.61 5 Ekaterina RYABOVA (AZE) 57.02 (6) 119.49 (5) 176.51 Protocols SP, FS Pairs Name SP FS Total 1 Ashley CAIN-GRIBBLE / Timothy LEDUC (USA) 70.83 (1) 128.60 (1) 199.43 2 Tarah KAYNE / Danny O'SHEA (USA) 66.20 (3) 128.09 (2) 194.29 3 Minerva Fabienne HASE / Nolan SEEGERT (GER) 68.30 (2) 116.79 (3) 185.09 4 Karina AKAPOVA / Maksim SHAGALOV (RUS) 60.29 (4) 115.20 (4) 175.49 5 Ioulia CHTCHETININA / Mark MAGYAR (HUN) 55.27 (6) 103.60 (7) 158.87 Protocols SP, FS Ice Dance Name RD FD Total 1 Charlene GUIGNARD / Marco FABBRI (ITA) 83.81 (1) 118.87 (1) 202.18 2 Annabelle MOROZOV / Andrei BAGIN (RUS) 78.75 (2) 112.96 (2) 191.71 3 Caroline GREEN / Michael PARSONS (USA) 74.18 (4) 112.92 (3) 187.10 4 Lorraine MCNAMARA / Quinn CARPENTER (USA) 78.39 (3) 105.08 (5) 183.47 5 Jennifer URBAN / Benjamin STEFFAN (GER) 66.10 (6) 105.77 (4) 171.87 Protocols RD, FD
  5. Some of the videos I uploaded on YT: Full Medal Ceremony (Men) Full Gala Finale Notte Stellata
  6. Turin is a smaller city with a population of only 870k, so it's normal that anyone who's flying from overseas need to transfer somewhere in a big European city (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Rome, etc) to get there. It's just the way it is.
  7. The beauty of Yuzu skating to Notte Stellata can't be described, and each time he skates to it he performs it a bit differently. He is a masterful artist on the ice. I was very touched to see the Biellmann back after such a long time. I am sure it meant so much for him to do it on the same ice where Plush won the Olympic gold medal. Thank you for this otherwordly performance, Yuzu About the closing performance: I haven't watched a second of it because I was focusing on Yuzu, who was talking to Daniil G, jokingly imitated Shcherbakova who was practicing the movements of one of her jumps and then he joked with Kostornaia and with Shun as well. It was fun to watch it all (there is fancam that I can upload later once I get home...) Today was a very nice ending of this week and I am again very grateful that I was able to witness it in person with other Yuzu fans.
  8. I almost fell asleep while watching Bradie. Rika did really well, I like how fast she is, she covers lot of ice and does so much multidirectional skating. She went for the 4S! The Axels looked great, and the new 2A-eu-3S combo. She is mentally strong! Congrats, Rika!
  9. Reading all your comments I am so glad I don't need to listen to Chris now...
  10. I liked this performance and I can't take me eyes off Madison, she is great. Did she stumble a bit in one of the elements? Someone threw a plush snake onto the ice.
  11. So far I preferred Piper/Paul's FD the most, though Stepanova and Bukin were also great. Was something invalid in S/K's program? It is 5 points lower than their PB. I can see a satellite browsing the Planet under my row...lol
  12. Well deserved victory for the Georgians! It is hard to believe USFSA got beaten
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